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Rue talks dirty

Rue stood in the training centre, her head held high as she watched the other tributes learn to fight and survive. She was sick of being sneered at and looked down upon, just because she was small. So she decided to do as her mentor had advised her, she was going to talk dirty.

She walked up to Cato, her tiny chest stuck out in pride. The career turned to her, a smirk in place. He didn't talk, he just looked down at her. And she hated it.

''Cato, I'm going to throw mud at you.'' She said, her voice clear. ''And then I'm gonna cover you in dirt.'' She went on. Cato stared at the young girl, his mouth wide open in shock. Clove stopped her actions to watch the girl from 11. ''And then I'm gonna throw some rocks at you!''

Thresh stopped to listen too.

''And maybe I'll add some plants, put in your hair and smash your face into it! And then some more mud, stick them down your neck... And then spray you with water, so you get all brown and sticky!''

Marvel joined the starer's too. Rue just went on, ignoring him and Clove, her eyes fixated on Cato.

''I'm going to put leaves in your hair and sticks up your nose!''

She nodded, satisfied, before turning to leave. The careers looked at the tiny, sprite-like girl in confusion.

''What... What the heck?'' Cato said, his voice lacking the usual fire.

''That, district 2, was Rue talking dirty.'' Thresh answered, falling to the floor, laughing wildly.

. . .

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