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Chapter 3: Katniss

Rue and Katniss were snuggled tightly in Katniss' sleeping bag, the extra pair of socks on the younger girl's hands.

She was still thinking of ways to talk dirty, but judging by the way Thresh had laughed at her first attempt, and the way Cato had looked at her, she knew they were failed attempts.

She noticed that Katniss was still awake. Maybe she could practice her tactics on her ally. It was just an idea, and Katniss wouldn't take her seriously.

But what was she supposed to say? She'd used up all the dirt, mud and sticks related insults she could think of.

The wind picked and she sneezed softly, attracting Katniss' attention.

''You okay?'' Katniss whispered. She nodded, and then it hit her.



''Can I tell you something? Promise you won't be mad.'' She pleaded. Katniss frowned and nodded.

''I'm going to sneeze all over you, and cover you in snot! And then put some soft paper on you. But you can't wipe it off! And then, I... uh, I'm gonna blow my nose into your hair! And keep you from washing it! And, uh... It's gonna be nice and sticky and pudding-like!''

''Rue?'' Katniss interrupted her. The younger girl quivered. Katniss was a bit green, she noticed. She didn't know if it was a good thing or not.

''Yes?'' She asked carefully, unsure of what to expect.

''What're you doing?''

''Talking dirty - Chaff said I should...'' She trailed off. Katniss snickered.

''Never listen to Chaff again, okay?''

Rue just nodded, abashed.

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