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In the midst of the final battle, Harry Potter faces his most difficult struggle. Little does he know, he will have help. However, it will be from the person he least expected. Paths will be chosen and secrets will be revealed. Severitus DH AU.

To Know One's Father

Chapter 1

One summer evening, while sitting in his office, Severus Snape sipped a cup of tea and thought about what had gone wrong in the last three years. Ever since the Dark Lord had returned, he was subjected to the duties of being a spy once again. It was a frightening job, which sometimes left him on the verge of death. The Dark Lord was a sadistic man, who favoured the use of the Cruciatus curse when his followers failed to meet his demands, exactly as he requested them.

Sometimes he returned to Hogwarts without a scratch, but it was a common occurrence for Severus to spend time in the hospital wing. Every visit happened much the same way.

He would stumble into the infirmary, bleeding and in agony. Poppy went straight to work with bandages and anti-Cruciatus healing potions. Not a word was spoken from the moment he arrived in the hospital wing until the time he left, with the exception of the thanks that Severus gave Poppy when he left.

Only Poppy and Albus knew where Severus' true loyalties lay. Though in recent months, that was no longer true. Only a year earlier, he was asked to murder one of the only people that mattered to him. Only he knew the truth about Albus' demise and was forbidden from telling anyone about it until the time was right. He replaced Albus as headmaster and the job was filled with numerous difficulties.

He would have been able to run the school much as Albus had, but with the Dark Lord dispatching Amycus and Alecto Carrow to teach at Hogwarts, his moves were under constant surveillance.

On top of being watched at every corner, the other staff members knew nothing of the events that transpired between him and Albus. He received threats from Minerva and Pomona quite frequently, stating that if he should endanger the school, they would not hesitate to rise against him.

"How did I manage to get myself into this wretched mess?" He muttered to himself as he set his tea down on the table.

"You are in this situation because you remain loyal to me Severus." A voice spoke from behind him. Severus spun around to find himself face to face with the portrait of Albus Dumbledore.

"I have done everything you asked of me Albus. I turned spy for you, I allowed Potter to retrieve the sword of Gryffindor, and I even took your life at your request. What more do you want of me?" He cried at the portrait on the wall.

"There are but two things left for you to do Severus. That is all. Firstly, you must tell Harry the information regarding Horcruxes that I shared with you. Secondly, I need to share a secret with you, but I feel you should hear it from the person who has kept it for so long." Severus eyed the portrait confusedly.

"Look in the third drawer of my desk and you will find Marvolo Gaunt's ring. Turn it thrice in hand. When you have, the person who appears will tell you all you need to know." With that Albus leaned back in his chair and fell asleep.

Severus strode over to the old wooden desk and opened the third drawer. Sure enough, the obsidian stone lay in the dusty corner of the drawer. Severus plucked the stone from the drawer and held it in his hand. He turned it with his fingers three times. No sooner had he finished when he was faced with the one person he longed for and thought he would never see again.

Lily Potter stood in front of him, dark red hair flowing and green eyes brighter than ever.

"Hello Sev." She smiled at him. Severus looked at her in utter shock. He had cradled her dead body so many years ago, yet here she was in front of him.

"Lily…Is that really you?" Her green eyes me his own.

"Yes Sev. I'm here. I need to tell you something, a secret which has been kept for seventeen years. Do you remember when James and I got married and why?

"No I don't Lily, I left for a mission and when I came back you had already married Potter and you were pregnant with his child." Severus added with bitter remorse.

"That's the thing Sev." She said hesitantly. "I thought you were dead. I married James to keep myself and the child I was carrying safe."

"You were pregnant before you planned to marry him?" Severus questioned.

"I became pregnant in October, but used charms to prolong the pregnancy an extra month.

Severus thought about the time she had mentioned, along with the progression of her pregnancy. Finally, he pondered the date that Lily's child was born. Then it hit him.

"No!" He cried, sinking to his knees. "It's not possible; he is the spitting image of Potter." Lily would not meet his gaze.

"Sev, I was the charms student in our year if you remember correctly. It only took a few glamour charms to conceal Harry's true appearance. His real name is Harry James Snape and he is your son."

Severus was in complete shock. He had spent the last seventeen years hating Potter's son and the last seven years tormenting the boy at school, only to find out now that Harry was his son. He was filled with terrible regret, but also anger and the fact that such a secret was kept from him in the first place.

"Who else knew?" He questioned wearily.

"I told Albus, James, and Remus. They knew of my feelings for you and they promised to do anything to protect me."

"Why could you not tell me? I am his father."

"Sev, please don't be angry with me. You are a spy for the Order. I couldn't risk putting Harry in danger as a result of you involvement in the war. I thought that Harry, James, and I would be safe, but I was wrong."

"I was in agony when you died; you were the only person who ever cared for me. It hurt me so much to know that I would never be with you again." Severus felt a tear fall down his cheek.

"I miss you too Sev, but now you have Harry to look after."

"It will do no good when the boy has to die to destroy a Horcrux!" Severus snapped. "He isn't going to be around much longer.

"Then I suggest you find him and tell him everything he needs to know and apologize for what you have put him through. I'm sure he will forgive you." Severus smiled.

"That's the thing I miss most about you Lily, your ability to find hope and kindness in everyone you meet."

"You have plenty of kindness in you Sev; it's just hidden by your spy facade. I am afraid my time is up though Sev. I shall miss you until we meet again."

"I love you Lily!" Severus cried out as Lily's body started to fade.

"And I love you Severus. Farewell." She smiled as her spirit faded.

Severus stood and placed the stone on the desk.

"Well Severus, now you know." Severus turned once again to face the portrait of Albus Dumbledore.

"Is this what you wanted Albus? For me to have to tell my own son that he must give himself up to be killed?"

"Severus, I am truly sorry, but you know it is the only way." Albus said softly.

"Damn it Albus! It's just as I said before, you raised him like a pig for slaughter. I swore to protect him for Lily and you expect me to be okay with the fact that all of my hard work was just to keep him alive so that he could die later!"

"Severus I..." Albus was cut off by a shout of pain from the potions master. Severus clutched at his left arm. A call from the Dark Lord was the last thing he needed right now.

He swept from the office and strode down the corridors. When he reached the outside courtyard, he apparated to Malfoy Manor.

The Dark Lord stood in the center of his followers. Upon seeing Severus, the Dark Lord greeted him cordially.

"Severus, how nice of you to join us. We were just planning our attack on Hogwarts. I have no doubt that it will only be a matter of time before Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts."

"When we attack the school, we will kill every last man, woman and child who should stand in our way until Harry Potter surrenders to us. When he does, I will kill him.

No! Severus thought. I need to find my son and tell him everything.

Now my loyal followers, once we attack the castle... Oh this is interesting." The Dark Lord turned and locked his cold gaze on Severus. "Would you mind sharing your traitorous thoughts with everyone else?"

Damn! How could I have been so foolish? Severus cursed himself. He had picked the worst time to lose focus while occluding his mind.

"Perhaps you would like to tell all of us how you have deceived us and have been working for Dumbledore all along." All of the eyes in the room turned to face Severus and he knew his life was probably over. "Maybe I should put you under the Imperius curse, and then force you to kill Harry Potter. How would it feel, I wonder, to have to kill your own son?

Severus froze. He knew he had to get away from there as soon as he could or he would die. He knew that he had about ten seconds before everyone realized what was happening.

Without a moment's hesitation, he pulled out his wand and cast several Sectumsempra spells to distract the group before throwing down a stone of vanishing power. He apparated before the smoke even filled the room.

Severus found himself on a barren plain of rocks and dirt next to a lake. He tried to walk forward to assess where he was, but recoiled in pain. He realized that he had been hit with more stunning spells than he had initially thought. There were quite a few slashing curses as well and they left deep gashes in his skin. He collapsed to the ground as a result of his injuries.

Severus went to work, healing his wounds and downing a potion to counteract the effects of the stunning spells. He muttered "Vulnera Sanenteur" under his breath to heal the worst of the damage from the slashing spells.

When he was confident that his condition was stable, Severus finally gave into the pain and allowed himself to pass out.

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