Summary: Takes places shortly after 'Chant Down Babylon'. The rest is AU so what happened in the show after that episode didn't happen.

Author's Note: This story came as a result of talking to some friends on FanForum.

[Prologue: Isabel's Thoughts]

"I heard Michael, I heard you. I was somewhere else but I followed your voice back."

That was just three days ago. Three days since I woke up, three days since Jesse and I came to a standstill in our relationship, three days since Jesse decided that the best thing to do was move out so that he could take some time to figure things out. Three days since I made the stupid move of coming back home to my parents place since the apartment reminded me too much of Jesse. They asked, I didn't tell. They knew though, no doubt Jesse had talked to my dad at work. Nothing like a son-in-law working for his father-in-law.

Three days since I was lost in my mind or wherever I was and heard Michael's voice. Three days since I admitted that it was his voice I followed back. Three days and I still couldn't get those moments out of my head. Constantly asking why it was his voice I had followed when his voice hadn't been the only one I heard as I was trapped in the darkness. Three days since Michael and I had last spoken. Why was my world turning upside down all of a sudden? None of it made sense and none of it seemed fair. I hadn't asked to get shot, I hadn't asked to be lost in some kind of limbo and I certainly hadn't asked Michael of all people to be the one to bring me back. Like I said, it doesn't make sense.