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Chapter 5:

May, 2012

Evening of the First Day of Training

Kaylie and Austin's Date

Kaylie's Point of View:

"Kaylie-" Austin continued

"Wait let me say what I was going to say first." Kaylie interjected

"No I really think that you should know what I am going to say first." Austin replied

"Austin stop talking. I love you." Kaylie daid. She had been wanting to say that since her helped her get onto the World team, almost nine months ago.

"Kaylie I- uh I "

"Austin you dont have to say it back. I understand. I just wanted to tell you what I felt because you have done almost everything for me. You helped me overcome my biggest obstacle. You helped me learn what love is. And most importantly, you helped me understand that just because my parents relationship ended badly doesn't meant that my relationships have to fail, and you taught me trust again."

Austin's Point of View:

oh my gosh! she did not just say this. How am I going to say my part now?

"Kaylie I- uh I um I think that its time for us to end things, or at least take a break from our relationship, and that's why I wanted to have dinner tonight. I'm not saying that we cant be friends but I dont think that we should be any more than that." Austin replied.

Kaylie's Point of View:

she just wanted to scream. It took eveerything she had to udder those three words to him and what was her payback? a breakup. She needed to get out of here and leave now! If she stayed any longer, she would start cry and she could not give Austin that satisfaction. It wasn't that she thought that austin was a bad person, but she liked to be in control, esspecially after she recovered from her eating disorder, and letting Austin see her cry would be like giving him control.

Payson's Point of View:

"Bye Em, Ill see you when I get back and we should catch up alright?" Payson said as she left for her date with Max.

"Alright, theres so much I have to tell you. Have fun!" Emily replied on Payson's way out the door.

Payson quickly shut the door as she left the dorm room as she left Emily and Lauren alone. She felt bad that Emily would have to spend the night alone, while all of the other girls were going out. However, she could clearly tell how much the girl had changed in the time she was away from the rock. There was an amount of poise and attitude that was different than when she had left the rock. Payson still didn't know how she felt about Emily being at the Training Center with them, and she definitely didn't understand how it was possible that this girl had done so many things wrong. She had tried to do the full in full out during the meet against Denver in her first weeks at the Rock, against the advice of Sasha, resulting in them losing the meet and Emily getting kicked out for the first time. Then the girl had broken into the gym night after night, another infraction. She had come back to the gym during operating hours and done the move again, resulting in Sasha kicking her out again. Once she was let in again, she stole medication, ending in her getting arrested. She dated Damon Young for a period of time without the permission of Sasha or any other official, while the no dating rule was still in place. She had a job the whole time that she was working at the Rock. Then she got herself knocked up, permanently removing herself from the world of gymnastics, according to the Nation Gymnastics Association guidelines, yet here she was, competing for a spot on the United State's 2012 Olympic Women's Team.

How was this fair? She had worked harder than anyone else. She was the number one gymnast in the world in 2009 at National's. Then tragedy struck and she broke her back. Her whole world was over, but she never gave up hope. Everyone else had written her off. She was told by a dozen doctors that there was nothing left to do. She would never be able to compete in gymnastics or any other sport ever again. Even when her mom thought that she had accepted that when she started going to school and making friends with Heather and Ike, she was still hopeful. Some called it denial, others called it stupid, but in the end it was hope. She knew that she could come back from this, all she needed was someone else who believed that too.

When she was finally ready to start working out with the team, she was still working harder than anyone, and it wasn't because she was out of shape or because she had lost some of her skills. it was because she still had something that the rest of the girls had very little of, it was passion. In the dictionary, the definition of passion is: ardent love; bountiful enthusiasm. She loves gymnastics. She risked her life, just for the chance of being able to do gymnastics again. If she could, she would share gymnastics with everyone in the world. If anyone deserved this, it was her.

"Hey" Max said as soon as Payson walked into the pavilion where they were meeting. Payson hadn't even realized that she had already walked all the way over here. The mental exhaustion she was suffering from because of this whole Emily ordeal was to great right now.

"Max, I think that it would be best if we were just friends for now. You know how I feel about you, but right now, I am so fatigued, both mentally and physically that I don't know when we would even have time to see each other and right now gymnastics needs to be my number one priority. So, I think that we should take a break, at least until after the Training Center program is over, if not, until after London." It took a lot for Payson to say all that.

"Pay, I totally agree. I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to that. I want to remain friends, but I don't think that either of our gymnastics should suffer. However, I think you should know that I still feel strongly for you. There will always be spot for you in my life."

"Thanks Max, you should know that I feel the same for you." Payson replied, and with that they walked away, coming to a mutual end.

Kelly's Point of View:

Kelly was just about to put on her facial mask when she heard a knock on her door. Ugh as she got up she could feel the soreness in her muscles from the day of training. She would need to remember to put some more icy hot on before she went to be so that training wasn't unbearable the next day.

She opened the door and was surprised to see Kmetco standing there. She looked really timid.

"Hi.." Kelly said, surprised to see her there.

"Hey, I figured you would be here. I was hanging out by myself, and thought that maybe I would come by and see if you wanted to watch stick it?"

Kelly was completely frazzled. The girl showed up at her door, even though they weren't really friends, and then she wants to watch a movie? It just didn't add up.

"Um alright sure come in. I'll run into the kitchen and get some smart food." Smart food was one of the few 'junk foods' the girls could eat with their strict diets. "why don't you pop the movie in and get to the main screen." Kelly replied, still confused as to why the girl had come and as to what her motivation was to come in the first place.

"Emily, not that I have a problem with you being here, but why are you here." Kelly decided to be frank when she returned to her dorm room.

"Well when I was out with, well, um, you know" Emily still couldn't bring herself to talk about the pregnancy."I watched worlds on television and I could see how you changed. I know that you and I have had our differences, but I want you to know that if you are willing to, I would like to become friends. I don't know if you have noticed, but most people are still pissed at me for leaving, and I didn't give any explanation to anyone but Sasha, and Payson, Lauren, and Kaylie know about what happened to me, but they don't know why I made my decision the way that I did. I know that they probably assume certain things, but they don't know the truth."

Wow! that was a lot to drop on a girl at one time Kelly thought to her self. "Alright, yeah I am definitely willing to be friends but we are going to have to ease into this. Just having Kaylie, Lauren, and Payson as friends was a big change. Lets just watch the movie."

Kaylie's Point of View:

After all that had happened that night, Kaylie could only think of one person she wanted to go to. As soon as she fled the restsaurant, she took her heels off, and but her head up into a messy bun, and started to run. She knew exactly where she was going to go. She couldn't go to Payson, she would only point out what a big distraction boys were, and that was why the Rock had a no dating rule, and that she should have not of taken advantage of that the rule no longer applied by getting so serious so quickly with Austin.

Payson's Point of View:

Payson was getting ready for bed in the dorm room that she shared with some of her closest friends. She knew that as soon as she got home from her final date with Max, she wanted to get into bed. They didn't have training tomorrow, but that didn't mean that she wasn't going to be doing some training of her own, starting first thing in the morning. While getting in bed, she wondered where Emily was. Payson didn't think that she was close with any of the other girls, or any of the other athletes in the camp, but she supposed she could be training. This made her feel a little bit guilty about her thoughts of Emily from earlier that evening. She knew that she was going to have to make an effort, but if she wanted to be team captain, she was to have to be at least friendly with all the girls, if not that, then more than was also wondering how Kaylie's date with Austin was going, and how Lauren's date with Jake was going. She didn't know much about the wrestler, but she did know that Lauren was smittin' with him. Although she didn't approve of the serious relationships among her friends, esspecially because of the way that they let these boys change the way that they preformed in gymnastics, she was happy for them when they were happy.

Kelly's Point of View:

Someone knocked on Kelly's dorm room door. She didn't want to get up because she loved this part of the movie so she yelled "Come in!" in a sing songy voice.

Kaylie's Point of View:

As soon as she walked in, the first thing that she thought was WHAT!?

"Emily, uh oh, Kelly should I come back another time?" When she had walked in, the girls were in histerics, laughing at the scene of the gymnasts doing cartwheels around the department store in prom dresses.

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