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Summary: Mikan was kidnapped by the AAO, there she met Aoi a little girl who she has now sworn to protect. Mikan and Aoi escaped and are now starting a new life at Gakuen Alice. How will it go? Escpecially when people from their past recognize them?

Chapter One:


Mikan thought back to how she and Aoi ended up on a street in Tokyo. She thought back at the time it began…


The 5 year old, hazel eyed brunette was sitting at a huge table, and was drawing. Her mother was playing the piano, Beethoven Piano Sonata No.32-1. A wired silence accrued, but not long after it was broken by the maid's screaming. The screams ended with a 'bang, bang, bang!' Mikan knew that sound. The sound of a gun. Her mother stopped playing, her eyes showed fear and shock. Mikan's mother Yuka rushed to her, and picked her up. Yuka ran to the back of the room and hid her daughter in a closet.

"Mommy what's happening?" Mikan asked scared. Her own hazel eyes wide with fear as she clung to her mother's legs.

"Just stay in the closet Mikan. And no matter what don't come out!" her mother said with teary eyes. Yuka quickly pried Mikan off her legs and pushed into the medium sized closet.

"But-" the little girl was interrupted by a man's voice.

"They must be in this room!" a man yelled.

"We don't have the time to argue now Mikan, just stay silent no matter what!" her mother said as she closed the door to the closet firmly. Moments after Mikan could hear the living room door clash open. She desperately wanted to open the door and see what was happening. What was going on? Who were these people?

Men were yelling and again gun shots were heard. Mikan was scared, she wanted to scream but her mother's words kept her from doing so. Silent tears were falling down her cheeks. She found a heavy blanket inside the closet and moved to the furthest corner. Burying her face into the cover she used it to muffle her sobs. She tried blocked out the screams and gun shots from outside the closet.




'Mommy please, please be okay!'

The noise disappeared, and after a while she decided to come out (Even though her mother had told her not to). When she came out, all the men she had heard earlier were gone. As she looked around the room for her mother, she saw something crimson colored at the brown wooden floor. She walked closer to it, and she rubbed her eyes to make sure they didn't play a trick on her. In front of her, her mother was lying covered in her own blood. The once so white dress her mother had on was now completely crimson, and her skin was pale. Her eyes were closed, Mikan fell to her knees.

"M-mommy! Please, p-please wake up!" the little girl sobbed while shaking her mother's body lightly. Her mommy was cold to her touch and she shivered. Looking down she saw herself covered in some sort of red, sticky liquid.

'Blood,' her mind supplied her.

'Daddy!' She needed her dad. He could make her mom wake up. She was sure of it!

"DADDY, DADDY! MOMMY NEEDS! YOU WHERE ARE YOU?" she screamed, fear thick in her voice. She waited a few seconds for him to respond back but when he didn't her worry began to grow. Just when she was about to leave she remembered how cold her mother's body was. Quickly running inside the closet once more she grabbed the blanket in there and used it to cover her mother.

When she didn't get an answer, she opened the door which led to the hallway. Mikan walked to the kitchen where a male body covered in blood caught her eye. Her dad's unmoving body to be precise.

"N-no this can't be… Not you too dad. Please wake up… No more sleeping…," she whispered hoarsely from all her screaming earlier. A fresh onslaught of tears fell from her eyes once more as she hugged her dad. She cried at her daddy's 'sleeping' body, she shook him lightly and tried to wake him up, but it didn't help. "Da-daddy wake up! You have to wake up! Mommy won't wake up too! Please Daddy! Please…"

The police came 20 minutes later, apparently one maid had gotten away and had called the police. The police men came in, not expecting to see a little girl covered in her dead family's blood. One went closer to the girl, trying to get her away from the body of her late father.

"Come with me, you can't stay in here," the man calmly said to her.

She glared at him with as much hate as her five year old body could muster. "N-no! I won't leave Mommy and Daddy! They just have to w-wake up!" she sobbed hugging the body tighter.

The officer's eyes softened at the little girl. 'She's only five. She doesn't even understand death yet. She thinks they're only sleeping.' The police man picked her up in his arms, even though she screamed and kicked him he didn't let go of her. Instead he hugged tightly and whispered comforting words into her ear. That was all it took to make her burst out crying again. The police man took her outside, where a paramedic drove her to the hospital.

The last thing Mikan could remember was staring at the metallic ceiling of the ambulance as a paramedic rushed to her side and began asking her questions. Too tired to answer she fell asleep on the white bed like stretcher they had put her in.

'I hope Mommy and Daddy wake up soon.'

Soon after waking up she fell into depression once the doctors had told her, her parents had 'gone away'. When she had asked them when her parents would be returning the nurses assigned to her only started to tear up and excused themselves from her room. She didn't understand why they were crying. Her doctor just told her they weren't coming back. But why wouldn't they? They loved her, right?

Mikan wouldn't eat or talk after finding out her parents had 'abandoned her' according to Mikan. She refused to smile at anyone. Her grandfather and uncle came and visited her often while she was staying in the hospital. Mikan didn't attend her parent's funeral; it was during first four weeks later she moved out of the hospital. She had started living with her grandfather, who she didn't talk too much with either. Her uncle came once a week, and after a month she started talking a bit. But only talked to her uncle and grandfather.

A week after she had started talking again, she started at a private school in her grandfather's city; where no one knew anything about the incident. Many kids stayed away from her, because she didn't talk. The only one who wasn't scared of the new girl was the ice-cold inventor, Hotaru Imai. They started playing together, and Mikan started talking to Hotaru. Hotaru and Mikan became best friends after some time.

When Mikan and Hotaru were both nine Hotaru was moving to a school called Gakuen Alice, a school only for the 'smartest kids'.

"Why!" asked the shocked brunette, with hurt in her hazel eyes. Everyone knew that Hotaru Imai was smart- a genius-, with an IQ at 189 she was the second smartest girl at the school, while Mikan was number one with an IQ at 192*. (A/N I know it's weird but that's how it is :D )

"I'm sorry Mikan but I have to go," the raven haired girl said, with sadness in her amethyst orbs. The inventor noticed the hurt and sadness in Mikan's eyes.

"We will see each other again. I promise," the amethyst eyed girl said hugging her best friend. Hotaru stepped into the black limousine. And waved to Mikan, Mikan waved back at her amethyst eyed friend.

"Bye…" Mikan whispered as the black limousine drove off with her only friend.

When Mikan was fourteen she was once again a loner, only talking to her grandfather and uncle. She often wrote to Hotaru, and her letters got though. Mostly because her uncle was the high school principal, but she didn't receive any from Hotaru since it was against the rules. And her uncle wouldn't change that…

Mikan was walking home from her private school, her grandfather always insisted on her being driven to and from school. But she had convinced him that it was unnecessarily, she would rather walk. She enjoyed the fresh air in her face, and the birds singing.

When she finally reached her grandfather's big white mansion, she went in though the back door, as she usually did.

'Huh weird usually Koya would be here to greet me when I get home? Oh well maybe she has a lot to do?' (A/N Koya is her personal maid)

Mikan walked thought the hall, to the once so green living room. She tried to convince herself it was just another nightmare, but it wasn't.

The wall color was no longer green but crimson red. The maids were lying covered in blood on the floor. They had all been shot, in their heads. All the blood was on the walls, floor, and furniture. If Mikan hadn't known better, she would have thought that she had walked into a haunted house, but she did. God, did she know.

"K-Kyota, Emilia, Brandy?" she asked in horror calling out the names of some of the maids she knew. "H-how? I-I… N-no. This c-can't b-be… N-not again!" Mikan was shocked, 'If they are like this… That means.' Mikan ran to the library, the place her grandfather spent most of his time.

"Jii-chan!" she called out, while running. But no one answered. Suddenly a memory hit her and she stumble in the hall way she was running in.

When she didn't get an answer, she opened the door which led to the hallway. Mikan walked to the kitchen where a male body covered in blood caught her eye. Her dad's unmoving body to be precise.

"N-no this can't be… Not you too dad. Please wake up… No more sleeping…," she whispered hoarsely from all her screaming earlier. A fresh onslaught of tears fell from her eyes once more as she hugged her dad. She cried at her daddy's 'sleeping' body, she shook him lightly and tried to wake him up, but it didn't help. "Da-daddy wake up! You have to wake up! Mommy won't wake up too! Please Daddy! Please…"

She reached the library, but it was in worse condition than the living room. Books were lying at the floor ripped to pieces; the once blue carpet was now crimson red. The spot her grandfather was lying at. She fell to her knees, and cried for the first time since she was 5. Her grandfather had been shot, she leaned on him crying. And she was now covered in blood herself, but she could care less. She wondered why the world hated her so much. Why it kept taking her loved ones. First her mother and father had been killed then her best friend moved, and now her grandfather had been killed to. She had lost another family member, who would do this to her, who hated her that much!

'Who and why?'

'Why, why, why?'

"T-this can't be…no not again," she shook her grandfather's body a little, the way she had done it to her mothers. Her hands got wet from the crimson colored blood her grandfather was covered in. Suddenly over ten men appeared out of nowhere. She quickly related them to the death of her grandfather and the maids. One thing she couldn't get was how they came in.

"Who are you!" Mikan demanded to know. She looked for their leader. Soon she spotted him, not that it was hard to because he was standing right in front of the other nine men. She glared looking at a man with purple eyes and orange hair, the man looked amused.

"Us?" the man with orange hair asked sarcastically. He wasn't frightened at all at this fourteen year old child.

"Who else?" Mikan snared grabbing her grandfather's body protectively.

"We're the AAO and we've come here for you," the man stated pointing at her. Mikan stood up, looking the man in the eyes. She gently placed her grandfather's body down.

"AAO? Me? Why me?"

"You got some very rare alice's," the man said smirking.

'What the heck is an alice?' Mikan had never heard of such a thing.

"A-alice?" Mikan asked suspiciously.

"An alice is a special ability, a little like having super powers. Very few have these alices, and those who do usually only have one. But although it's very rare some people get multiple alices. Like you," he said. "AAO stands for Anti-Alice Organization."

Mikan's hazel eyes glared at him in disbelief. This guy, how stupid did he think she was? That wasn't possible. Super powers didn't exist! "Are you kidding me?" Mikan snarled at the man, who was amused that she was mad. "That's the stupidest thing I ever heard! Superpowers don't exist! Even if they did exist why would a group of people with these 'alices' why would you call yourself the Anti-Alice Organization?"

"Alice's do exist. You have very rare alices that you inherited from your parents. You have the nullification alice, the SEC alice which is like three alices in one. The SEC stands for the steal, erase, and copy alice. You also have the teleportation alice," he said walking circles around her like a predator would to his prey.

Mikan rolled her eyes at him. "Yeah, right!"

"Anyway, you're coming with us!" the man smirked, and it made Mikan shiver in fear and disgust.

"No way!" Mikan sneered at him, watching as his green eyes were filled with anger and amusement.

"Take her!" he ordered the other men. One of them lifted his hands which made Mikan fly. Her eyes widened in disbelief. The man smashed her to the floor, and another man came to her and pined her to the floor, while another man used the 'sleeping alice' to knock her out.

She felt her eyes fluttering close and with the last of her energy she looked at her grandfather's body which wasn't too far from her. Stretching her hand out to him she touched his hand for one last time before she was taken to her prison.

'I promise you Jii-chan that I'll avenge your death. I promise you.'

When she woke up next morning, it was in cage.

"Let me out!" She snared, at the guard.

The man from yesterday walked slowly to her. He placed his hands on her face, and caressed her cheeks gently. Mikan slapped his hands, and glared at him with all the hatred she could muster.

"Feisty are we?" the man said amused with her actions, he pointed at himself. "My name's Reo Mouri. Hope you like it here, 'cause you will be training here for a while," he said with an evil smile. A smile that scared the living hell out of Mikan…

1 ½ years after the kidnapping:

Mikan had just killed the last one of the guards, she was caring Aoi at her back. She had taken care of Aoi since she arrived at the AAO as a four year old, when Mikan was fifteen she was now five and Mikan was sixteen. Mikan and Aoi were not the only prisoners who were brought to the AAO base but all Mikan was worried about was Aoi and her.

The sound of a siren was heard throughout the whole base as a red light flashed in every room. Mikan's eyes widened and she knew she had to get Aoi and her out of here before they sent more guards. She wasn't sure she could take any more of them on. At least not with Aoi on her back. She may have numerous alices inserted into her but she was still human with a human body that had its own limitations.

She couldn't really use her left arm any more since a loyal AAO member decided it would be funny to use her 'wind alice' to send blades made of wind to severe Mikan's arm off. Luckily it only made a shallow cut on her upper arm but at least her arm was still attached to her. She had other small cuts and bruises on her body but that was her biggest wound. Since she was using her right arms to carry Aoi alices were her only defense at the moment.

"All Anti-Alice Organization members Mikan Yukihara is trying to escape again. Capture her at all costs but make sure to keep her alive. I repeat keep her alive. She has taken the fire alice user Aoi as well. She is of no use anymore. Do what you want with her but keep Mikan Yukihara alive."

Mikan looked over her shoulder to see Aoi trembling in her hold with eyes wide in fear. She looked deathly pale and her shaking was making it hard for Mikan to keep a grip on her. "Aoi," Mikan whispered harshly trying not to be heard. "Calm down. If you keep shaking like that you'll fall and alert them where we're at. Don't worry. I'll always protect you no matter what. Remember our promise?"

"Ye-yeah but I'm sc-scared," Aoi whimpered as she buried her head on the crook of Mikan's neck. Her shaking had reduced so she wouldn't fall but she still couldn't keep the fear from her voice. Mikan's eyes softened although she couldn't see.

"I'll protect you Aoi. And I promise to never leave you alone," Mikan said seriously as she walked towards the only window in the room that was five stories high. "But I need you to trust me. Can you do that for me Aoi?"

"Look she's over there!"

"By the window!"

"Don't let her escape!"

"Think of what the Boss will do to us!"

They paused at the window to hear heavy footsteps coming their way. There looked to be at least fifty to seventy guards in the crowd. They were all armed with various weapons and they had their alices ready to be used at any given moment.

Aoi tightened her hold on Mikan's neck to hold on better but not enough to chock the teenager. She nodded her head. "Yeah. I trust you nee-chan."

Mikan smiled. A smile only Aoi had been able to coax from her. "Good." With that being said she jumped through the window ignoring the shouts of anger. She thought she distinctly heard a shout above the rest. From a voice she knew all too well.

"Run all you like Mikan, but remember that we will always catch you in the end. You are a weapon and nothing more."

Using her amplification alice she fused it together with her teleportation alice to escape her prison for the past year and a half.

To escape the place of her bad memories.


"Nee-chan where are we going?"Aoi asked Mikan. She wasn't scared now that they were away but curious.

They were getting weird looks as they stood in the middle of a street that led to the most famous school in Tokyo. A school made only for 'geniuses.' Mikan had almost forgotten about her arm had it not been for a random passing by lady who screamed at the blood dripping down her arm.

"Can you remember what I told you about Gakuen Alice?" Mikan asked in a soft voice ignoring the adult's concerned shouts around her; Aoi's eyes lighted up with hope and happiness. She activated her healing alice and soon the wound had healed itself. The only way any could tell it had been there was her bloodied arm.

"Are we going to Gakuen Alice?" the little fire user asked. Mikan gave her a soft look.


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