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Chapter Three:


'N-nee-chan, come back.' Staring at the class Aoi couldn't help but feel nervous, scared, and sad all in one. Trying not to listen to the overwhelming urge to high tail as far away from the classroom as she could she shyly stared down at the floor. Fiddling with her bracelet she sent the classroom a shy smile and looked at her new sensei with what could only be described as anxiousness and trust. 'Nee-chan smirked at him which means she likes him so it must be ok to trust him!'

"Class this is little Aoi-chan. Please pay no mind to Mikan-chan's threat. She's just feeling a little grumpy this morning," Narumi smiled even though he was soaking wet. He was standing in front of a broken chalk board that had a Narumi-sized crater going through the middle. His desk was dripping water and broken in half, straight through the middle. Ruined paper and other supplies where scattered across the front of the room from the desk that was once whole. "Aoi-chan can you please introduce yourself a little to the class?"

Biting her lip nervously Aoi nodded as the rest of the students looked her expectantly."H-hai Narumi-sensei. My name is Aoi Yukihara and that was my nee-chan! I'm seven years old. A-ano I hope we can be friends." She bowed politely and smiled again.

"Ahh! You're just too kawaii Aoi-chan!" Narumi shouted hugging her. The rest of the class sweat dropped breaking the silence that had formed as Aoi introduced herself. Some giggled at the poor girl. Narumi grinned putting a red faced Aoi down and scanned the class until he found a certain student. "Ok Aoi-chan you can sit next to Yoichi-kun in the back. Miyuki-chan please raise your hand."

A young girl who looked to be the same age as Aoi raised her hand from the back row. She had long straight silver hair that reached her waist even in the high pony tail it was held in. She also had long silver bangs which split in the middle and reached her chin. Large bright sapphire eyes with gold flecks shined in curiosity at the new Aoi making her nervous once more.

She had a black a black cardigan over a white collared, long-sleeved shirt which she didn't bother to tuck in. On the left side of her cardigan were a small golden star was pinned. Around her neck was-strangely enough- a rosary with blue-purple beads and small white fangs. The red ribbon tie was probably replaced by the rosary. A plaid red mini-skirt that went to mid-thigh covered her lower half. On her feet were black knee length boots.

Narumi gave Aoi a gentle push on the back successfully getting her to move forward and scare her. Keeping her gaze on the ground Aoi walked towards the back desks rather slowly until she reached their row. Miyuki had previously been lying down on Yoichi's lap taking a nap and had moved over to the other seat of the edge which left Aoi to sit in the middle of the two.

"Ok kiddies! I have an errand to do in the office and since we have a new classmate I'll let you have a free period~. Kiyoshi-kun will be in charge while I'm gone," Narumi practically sang as he moved towards the door with his soaked- not to mention ruined- outfit. "Just don't leave the classroom and if you kids need anything call Kagura-sensei."

"Oi newbie what's your name?" asked Miyuki turning to her new seat mate. She placed her elbow on the table and rested her head on her palm as she faced Aoi.

"Ah my name is Aoi Yukihara," the crimson eyed girl said fiddling with the hem of her skirt. Feeling the eyes of everyone look away made her feel less nervous. "Nice to meet ya. The name's Miyuki Tashio and I'm a one star," Miyuki bragged. Although, Aoi had little to no idea what that even meant she just nodded.

"Geez, Yuki that's no way to speak to a new student. See this is why I'm the prez," winked another boy as he approached their table. Aoi looked to the new person and giggled as Miyuki simply huffed and looked away.

"Whatever Kiyo," she grumbled turning away and ignoring his presence all together.

Kiyoshi had short, curly black hair and violet eyes which twinkled mischievously. He had the boys' uniforms on. The only difference was the red plaid shorts which replaced the short skirt. Although he did have the same small golden star pinned onto his uniform too.

"It's nice to meet you Yukihara-san. I'm Kiyoshi Kazana the president of the class. I have the wind alice and a one star," Kiyoshi grinned shaking her hand. Aoi grinned back at him feeling more at ease with him than her other two seatmates. He seemed friendly and unlike Miyuki he was polite. "Call me Aoi please, Kiyoshi-san."

The boy on the other side of Aoi had yet to say anything so she gently tapped his shoulder to get his attention. "A-ano it's nice to meet you I'm Ao-"

"Urusai," Yoichi cut her off glaring at her with emotionless eyes. His glare alone made Aoi flinch away instinctively. He didn't even spare her another glance as his eyes moved to look at the window. "I didn't ask your name baka."

"Oi Yoyo you can't speak to Aoi-chan like that!" Miyuki glared. The edge of Yoichi's side of the desk started to freeze over until Kiyoshi reached over and turned the ice into water and used the water as a ball which he tossed outside the window.

"Calm down Yuki. You know that's just how Yoichi is," Kiyoshi said. Turning to Aoi he gave her a sheepish smile. "Sorry about them, Aoi-chan. Yuki and Yoichi are kinda like rivals."

"Shut up," both the seven years olds hissed at him simultaneously as they glared at him. They turned to glare back at each other as they spoke at the same time. Thus began the argument of who copied who.

"It's ok. I guess," Aoi said uncertainly as she uncomfortably looked at Yoichi again only to flinch under his glare.

"Yoyo you can't do that to her! You're scaring her already!" Miyuki complained. She playfully glared at her best friend, not that either would admit it.

Yoichi switched his glare from Aoi to Miyuki in a heartbeat. His glare, however, was void of playfulness the silver-haired girl's had and of any emotion. "Shut up Miyu. I didn't ask for your opinion, you loud girl."

"Oi cut it out you two!" scolded Kiyoshi glaring at both of them feeling frustrated. He rolled his eyes when the two began exchanging 'insults'. 'Is there ever going to be a day when these two don't argue?' he wondered.

"It's alright Tashio-san it doesn't bother me," Aoi said smiling at her new friend. Her eyes closed when she smile not allowing her friends to see the emotions in her eyes. 'Not when I'm so used to it.'

"Miyuki," the blue eyed girl said startling Aoi. "Wh-what?" the raven haired girl asked in confusion. "Call me Miyuki, Aoi-chan. We're friends now, right?"

"Yeah," Aoi whispered smiling widely. 'Friends…'

"You can call my Kiyoshi too! You can call Yoichi by his first name too," the black haired boy smiled kindly. "His name is Yoichi Hijiri.

"I can speak for myself," Yoichi said cutting into their conversation. He glared at the other two and then turned his glare to Aoi who tried her hardest not to flinch under his gaze but failed again. "And I don't want to be 'friends' with someone like her; a stupid new girl."

The adopted Yukihara girl could feel her eyes sting with tears at his words and bowed her head. She shut her eyes closely hoping in vain to hold the tears back. It reminded her so much of the agents back in the AAO as they would glare at her and taunt her when her nee-chan wasn't there.


"Hey girl where's your family?"

Aoi didn't bother look to look at the man. She knew they hated her for some reason. No one treated her nicely and they were all big meanies! Yet no matter how hard she tried she couldn't help but feel hurt at his words. Where was her family? Wasn't her nii-chan supposed to be here to protect her from the bullies or her Otou-san to tell her it'll be alright? 'But they not here. No nii-chan to protect Aoi or Otou-san to tell Aoi it be ok. Aoi is alone.'

She felt her eyes start to tear up again and couldn't help the sob that escaped her throat. 'Where are you?' the six year old wondered. She had drawn her knees into her body and was covering them with her arms. Her long raven hair which now reached her knees covered most of her small body. 'Aoi wanna go home.'

"That's right, I forgot. They abandoned you didn't they gaki?" the voice sneered.

"Nuh-uh! Take that back you bullies! Aoi know they come for her!" she shouted finally looking up to glare at the speaker. Even though she had tears running down her pale face and a deep feeling of loneliness she they would come for her. They always did! "And then Otou-san burn you to-to… ashes!"

Although her control was shaky at its best she could still make a fire ball the size of a golf ball. Focusing real, really hard on his pants leg she started to sweat as a warm feeling started to build up in her chest. 'C'mon fire!'

"Ha, what are you going to do?" The voice snarled tauntingly as he walked closer. He struck her on the head making her immediately loose her concentration and cry out in pain. "Glare me to death?"

"A-ah," Aoi whimpered in pain moving her hands to cover her head. No longer did she feel confident or rebellious. Now she felt frightened and lonely. Where was her family? Weren't they supposed to be rescuing her? 'To-tou-san! Nii-chan!' A loud piercing wail escaped her lips seconds after her thoughts. She started to sob as any other frightened child would do without their parents.

"Dammit brat shut up!" hissed the member. He raised his hand to strike her again and she cried out and curled back up expecting to feel pain any moment now.

Seconds later when there was no pain Aoi lifted her gaze timidly. 'Did he leave already?'

A teen girl was holding the hand of the AAO male in place as she looked at him emotionlessly. The girl had long mid-back length light brown hair. She wore it in a high pony tail with a black ribbon with red designs holding it up. Her eyes were a piercing hazel color which had no emotions. Like most of the members Aoi had come to see in the past three months of her captivity the teen was also wearing black clothing. A black tight turtle-neck shirt paired with black cargo pants. Black boots with no heel soundlessly moved throughout the hallway they were currently in. Around her neck was a black choker with a small red heart charm attached.

"Move you're in my way baka," the girl coldly hissed at the AAO member and tossed him to the wall in anger. He hit the wall with a resounding thud.

"Why you little-!"

Without even turning around she raised a hand and fire appeared from her hand and towards the man. Before he could scream the flames consumed him and soon nothing but a pile of ashes was left. Looking down at the pile of ash the girl stepped on it harshly with her heel. "Tch. Teme."

'Wow,' was the only thing little Aoi could say as she gazed at her savior. "N-nii-chan?" Aoi asked uncertainly as she finally stood up and gazed at the person who had defeated her personal tormenter. Her tears had dried up and now all she felt was awe and fear at the new person.

"No," the girl said picking up the six year old and moving to her own room in the prison otherwise known as the Anti-Alice Organization base. "Mikan Yukihara."

"Nee-chan?" Aoi tried again hopefully. This was the only person to ever stand up to the bullies for her.

Mikan looked down at her in surprise for a moment and her eyes widened before the surprise was gone. A ghost of a smile appeared on her face as she looked down at the child within her arms. "Yeah, nee-chan."

'Hey Otou-san, nii-chan maybe you not here with Aoi but Aoi has someone who protect her now. Nee-chan save Aoi from mean bullies so don't worry. Aoi knows Aoi will be ok.'


"Hey Yoichi I think you might've gone a little too far this time," Kiyoshi frowned look at the new girl in concern.

"Yoichi!" Miyuki growled glaring at him sharply. Although he looked emotionless on the outside Miyuki knew better than that. She had after all practically known Yoichi all her short life. She saw the way his eyes widened just a tiny bit and his hands twitching slightly in panic. No one saw any of this though, no one but Miyuki that is. "What do yo-!"

"It's ok Miyuki-chan!" smiled Aoi as she finally revealed her face. Her eyes were closed and she had a big smile on her face despite the earlier insult. To the ones who were looking at her they thought she looked so forgiving and innocent yet very fragile; like an angel. "I'm sorry for making you feel annoyed Yoichi-san. Maybe in the future we get to know each other better, ne?"

Miyuki was rendered speechless at the crimson-eyed girl's forgiveness of Yoichi's harsh words. Kiyoshi gapped at her words as well and could only look on in shock. Both had the same thought running through their heads. 'How can she forgive him that easily?'

The boy in question couldn't stop himself from looking shocked. How could that girl have forgiven him that easily?! 'What game is she trying to play? Is this another ploy by Persona?' However as he studied her closer and saw the genuine care and innocence he knew that she couldn't be another person his psychotic ability teacher sent after him to "keep him in line." "Tch," he was rendered speechless, not that he would ever admit it. A small barely noticeable blush stained his cheeks. "Sh-shut up, stupid."

Aoi hid a smile behind her hand as she tried to smother her giggles. 'He reminds me of nee-chan. They both try to be the tough people but under it all their big softies.' She could hear the embarrassment as well as the irritation in his voice yet she remained oblivious to his blush.

Miyuki and Kiyoshi after knowing him for so long, however, did notice it. Kiyoshi, the more polite of the two, coughed trying to hold his laughter in. The silver haired girl didn't even bother to hide her laughter. No, instead she let out a loud melodic laughter. Yoichi glared at her as his blush deepened enough for Aoi to see it too.

"Aw, is Yo-chan blushing?" cooed Miyuki. She only laughed harder when Yoichi glared harder. "Don't call me that!" grumbled Yoichi turning away from them all. He crossed his arms and refused to look back.

Aoi smiled seeing that Yoichi wasn't as emotionless as he let others think he was. It helped that her nee-chan was also like that. She giggled at the two's interaction. Feeling a nudge she looked up to see Kiyoshi grinning at her. "Welcome to Gakuen Alice Aoi-chan. Hope we can become good friends!" he said cheerfully. Aoi smile and spoke back with twice the cheerfulness, "Thank you. I hope so too!"

'Hey nee-chan maybe you can't be with me all the time but I have new friends who can help me. The made me feel really welcomed so don't worry, ok? I know I'll be ok.'

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