Moon Cat

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Batman characters. I only own my own creations.

Chapter 1: Arrival

The entire Island was on red alert, human alert, the silent alert. A bird-like man has invaded and is doing something with the elephantine contraption. An air of evil radiated off him. No one want to come near him not even other occupants of the Island well all except the birds who would not leave the bird man's side unless he told them to do this or to do that. The other cats especially stayed away, warned or experienced human cruelty no matter how tasty his bird-and-fish-like scent was.

I had to conceal myself in the beach Maple tree. Mama was hopefully with the other in the underground panic room at the House. I was at the Northern beach, the farthest from the House, the beach facing the sinister-looking and forbidden Gotham City. Not only was it the most secluded beach but the largest one of all.

It was on that beach where the strange black plane landed so very close to the maple tree, where the black clothed man, a man in tights and caped emerge from the glossy plane and raced off towards the House. Even my secluded self knew who this man was. He was the Batman.

Mama told me it was Batman who saved our Island from the face painted madman's explosion. The same explosion that killed my human parents and past staff.

Curious as I was, I climbed nimbly down from my safe camouflage of the massive tree. In my haste to quench my curiosity, warning, reaching branches raked through my short obsidian fur.

I slunk towards the slick, dark plane which, of course, resembled a bat only much more elegant and graceful looking. I circled twice, sat and stared at it for a moment then crawled under the slender gap between the pearl gold sand covered portion of the Island and the cool metal of aerodynamic body to see what made it tick.

I squeezed though the largest opening through the wiring. I could have spent hours exploring the guts of the metallic bat. In fact it could already by hours. So absorbed I get when exploring or discovering something new. No part of the Bat-mobile would have been left dissected and memorize, but before I could really begin, the mechanical bat started to vibrate and start. I heard the clicks of the cockpit transparent shell opening and closing. All this happened before I had a chance to think about escaping.

Then I was flying across polluted, gray Gotham Bay then came the unknown, Gotham City, flashing by beneath me. All this witnessed through cracks between mechanical parts. As fast as Gotham City appeared, it vanished, replaced by no so black darkness.