Startled, the teenage girl opened her eyes to reveal pure darkness, along with the rain she could hear pouring on the rooftops. She wondered if it was just thunder she heard just now. Until, a deep cry came from outside her bedroom door. She kicked off the covers and dangled her legs over her canopy bed, until her feet touched the cold hard wooden floor, she reached the door knob and turned it cracking the door wide enough for her see through. She gasped at the sight, her eyes wide with fear.


She saw her mother on the ground in the hallway who seemed to be knocked out cold, shattered glass from an antique vase was scattered all over the carper as well as clothes that was in a suitcase, she noticed blood stains making a small trail towards her body. Her long blonde hair covering her face, the monster who brutally did this to her was her father, who had a bottle of whiskey in one hand, he took a swig and wiped his wet mouth with his free hand. "I can't believe you!" He exclaimed with uncontrollable anger. The girl knew her dad had an alcohol addiction. Sometimes he would spend his work money on just going to the bar, or to the casino. But she had never seen him act this way before. So violent. The teens face was pale, and she was trembling out of her wits. What could she do? She held her breath watching him kneel down beside the woman, who started to move a little, groaning until his large strong hands reached for her neck and slammed her hard against the wall, choking while feeling the air being sucked out of her lungs. She squirmed trying to get him to loosen his hold on her. "Apologize!" He growled, "You're not leaving me Sarah no way in HELL!" Her lips were turning faintly blue and purple losing circulation. "Dad what are you doing? Let go of her, LET GO!" The daughter swung the door fully open, and lunged a fist at him, and getting hit right in the jaw, he staggered back letting go of the grip he held on Sarah. "Mom? Are you okay?" She wrapped her arms around her waist tears stinging her eyes. Blood drizzled from the father's mouth, "Get away from her Keira." He sharply ordered. "Never you bastard!" Keira screamed at him gritting her teeth with rage.

"What did you say young lady?"

"I said NEVER!"

He walked towards Keira slowly Sarah holding on to her protectively, "Don't you dare touch her Allen." She warned in a shaky voice his face was inches apart for Sarah's, his hot breath smelled of beer and cigarettes. His hand swung back getting ready to slap her across the cheek, but Sarah beat him to it, but it was with her black stiletto instead, he cried out in pain holding onto his ear that was covered with blood. "You son of a bitch!" He hollered, as Sarah let go of Keira telling her to go. Allen grabbed the collar of Sarah's shirt, getting ready to give her a piece of his mind Kiera's eyes were rimmed with fresh tears.

"No mom, I can't what about you!"

"No just run Keira RUN!" Keira didn't have a choice with one final sob she hurried out the front door her dad calling her name from behind.


Don't worry you guys, this is just the beginning. And sorry it's so short, but this is just the prologue and prologues are supposed to be that way. But it'll get better/longer later on when we introduce Keira to the residents of Whipstaff. *Evil laugh*