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She twirled herself in front of the full length mirror, straining to hold her eyes on the reflection for as long as possible. Dazzled by the colors flashing and melding together, she could only imagine the effect it would have later that night. She was going to an arranged ball that her parents arranged for her. She is the princess of the Ari and it is required for her to get married by 21. She was 20 right now. So that meant she would have to find her husband tonight at the ball. Her dress was a gorgeous full length black ball gown that had a ribbon that tied around her waist. She had raven black hair and purple eyes. She tied her hair up with a black satin ribbon and took one last look at herself in the mirror before heading downstairs for the ball. She was at the top of the stairs and was just about to enter the ballroom. The doors to the ballroom opened and she was revealed. All eyes were on her, but only one gaze caught her eye. It was a boy about 21 and he had blonde hair and blue eyes. She recognized him as the prince of Relian. "Figures she thought "Of course my parents would choose a prince to come tonight." He walked up to her without breaking the gaze. "Dance with me?" he asked her. She took his hand and he led her out to the middle of the floor. When he grabbed her hand, it was like electricity gone through both of them and they pulled away from each other, scared of their feelings. He pulled her back to him uncertainly, but she was fine with it. They danced the whole night and she knew. "He's the one." She thought before going to bed that night. "I'll tell my parents first thing in the morning." Little did she know that he was thinking of her as well, it was love at first sight