Peeta's POV

"Katniss what do you mean your not coming." I mean really this is the second time she blew me off. I'm thinking she's starting to avoid me.

"I told you Peeta , Johanna and I are having a girls night out."

"What am I supposed to do then."

"I don't know hang out with Gale." Gale is Katniss's friend from couple years back. I met him a couple times. And I think he doesn't like me. Just because I think he has a small crush on Katniss. I mean catnip. I not jealous just a little bit or lot... Well whatever that is in the past..

"He hates me."

"He doesn't hate you just go to the bar you're both more likeable buzzed."

"Haha I'll give it a try bye Kitten."

"I told you about that." Katniss giggled. I know what your think the Katniss Everdeen giggled. Well that's rare she only giggles around me. She said she does giggle because I'm like a blonde bunny cute and funny to be around. Plus I'm helping her break out of her shell.

"Bye" then the line goes dead.

Well I might as well try Katniss's idea. So I call up Gale. Something tells me he has a crush on Johanna which I'm glad that he got over Katniss cause let's face it I'm in love with her.

"Hey lover boy." Gale gave me that nickname when he found a picture I drew of Katniss with a heart around it. That was embarrassing.


"What do you want?"

"Well Katniss and Johanna are hanging out so you wanna grab a drink at victor's village."

"Yeah sure meet you at 7:00."


Off I go to hang out with Gale. Kinda nervous I mean we haven't had any interaction sine couple months ago. To mind my surprise Gale was already there drinking a beer.

"Hey lover boy."

"really Gale that nickname."

"yeah anyway sit your ass down."

Then comes the awkward silence. I mean what else can we say. Usually Katniss is here to break the ice. I mean we're barely friends more like acquaintances. He keeps looking at his phone waiting for someone to call. Katniss so owes me for this. I can't take this anymore.

"Alright barkeeper I beer."

Again the awkward silence. This is why Gale and I don't hang out that much. Hey we're at a bar anything can happened.

"You know what screw it."

"Wow easy there lover boy slow down on the beer your a lightweight."

"no I'm not."I say defensively.

"Yeah you are."

"You want a challenge."

"Bring it on snare boy!"

"It's on lover boy!"