Chapter 22: Flame in My Heart

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Many years ago

Sam Jackson was currently avoiding gunfire and taking down any troops that got in his way. His fire power wasn't all powerful but enough to defend himself from anyone. He was currently looking for his girlfriend Kris and his friend Lockpick who were currently under fire. He grimaced at the sound of children screaming and gunfire but did his best to block it out as he pursued his mission to find his friends.

He eventually found them both cowering in a corner with another soldier towering over them. Kris had tears pouring down her cheeks as she looked from the soldier to Sam. The soldier saw her glance and he turned to get a look at Sam. The man's pale face broke out in a twisted grin as he gripped the handle of his assault rifle.

"Well now here he is." He said in a British accent. "You know I've wasted a lot of time and ammo to find you. The fire conjurer, you know my boss has paid me a lot of money to get you."

"Why, what the hell do I have to do with this, what does any of this have to do with the kids you're killing and kidnapping?" Sam yelled.

"Ah, you see you possess a great gift you see." He explained. "Gifts that attracted the eyes of a lot of people who want that power for themselves in order either take out some bad people, become powerful themselves or to make an army of you little bastards. It's none of my business as long as I get paid."

Sam was disgusted at this man's behavior. How could a man be so cruel and sick to slaughter and enslave children just for some other sick man's just for power?

"How could you do this," he asked. "How can you be so cruel? You are killing innocent people and those who you enslave have an operating table to look forward too. Do you honestly feel good about yourself, that you're doing something for the greater good?" The man laughed in a high pitched voice.

"Innocent you say," He mocked. "You know you say that I just blindly do whatever I'm paid to? Well I do but I also do my homework. You're friend Lockpick as you call him has broken into over three hundred homes, fifty safety deposit boxes and twelve banks. Then there's you're lady friend there Kris who's quite the marksman with her bow and arrow. She killed three gangbangers all through the hearts."

"I didn't mean too, I was aiming for their arms and legs. " She whimpered. "I was just trying to hurt them!"

"Yeah, good job." He joked giving her the thumbs up. "And you, pyro how many wild fires have you caused in this city." Sam looked away with a guilty conscious on his face as the man continued. "You and your friends were cursed not blessed your all too wild to fully master your powers and abilities. It's best to let people who can understand them and master them in order to put them into better use."

"And let you use them for war and mayhem fuck you." Sam shouted. "You're a monster who just wants what others have!" The man's expression darkened as he aimed at Sam.

"No, I'm just a soldier doing my job." He said in a low voice. He aimed his gun at Sam and fired at him.

Sam shot up from a hospital bed and started thrashing around before Jayden and Thomas restrained him.

"Calm down Sam." Jayden said as he held him down. "Sam, calm down."

Sam looked around and saw that he was in a hospital room with Thomas, Jayden and a young blonde haired girl around his age. Sam started to relax as the girl injected him with some kind of medicine.

"There that should reduce the fever and let him sleep it off for the next couple of hours." The girl said.

"Thanks Christina." Thomas said making her smile.

"Don't worry about it. But you guys better be careful." She warned. "Those guys come from the same dark organization that created Thomas and I."

"We will and thanks again." Jayden said. She bowed and left the room as Sam stayed conscious long enough hoping to get some answers.

"What the hell, what happened guys?" Sam asked in a tired voice.

"You're buddy Leonae ambushed us at our headquarters." Jayden snarled. "He sent troops Bane and Dark Matter at us. They came in heavy too so we had no choice but to retreat." Sam's eyes widened as he jumped up from his spot on the bed.

"You mean they've taken over our home," He asked in disbelief. "We lost?"

Jayden laughed as he pulled up a chair and sat next to him. Soon everyone started to come in as Jayden continued explaining.

"We've suffered a defeat today but we'll get back at them." Jayden said. "Trust me he won't live long enough to regret it."

"But what about all our classified stuff like our identities, our weaknesses and our equipment?" Sam asked.

"Thomas and I have already taken care of that." Ally said as she continued typing on her phone. "We've sealed off all our rooms and locked our files down. Even if they have a tech expert it'll be at least a week before they even come close to cracking anything."

"And I plan to take our headquarters back by tomorrow night." Jayden said with a wide grin.

"How?" Sam snapped causing everyone to look at him. "He walked past our defenses, took me out with a single attack and chased us out our own damn home. We got our asses handed to us!"

"No, we didn't," Ally said as she walked up to him. She put a hand on his shoulder which seemed to calm him down as he leaned back in his bed. "Now he and his troops wouldn't have penetrated our defenses if somebody," She emphasized as she turned to Jayden who grinned sheepishly. "Had bothered to put in defenses in the first place." Everyone turned to Jayden and gave him the same glare as he slowly crept in the corner.

"What, don't look at me like that it wasn't my fault." He pleaded.

"You didn't even put in a freaking alarm are you shitting me!" Hilary asked.

"Hey, I bought the mansion over a year ago." He defended. "When I first got it I spent a year cleaning it out and setting up our stuff. I was gonna put in alarms, defense turrets and shield barriers but a little girl was kidnapped by a certain clown and I spent all my time chasing her down while fighting Batman. Then there was brother who came back from the dead and fought me and Batman. When the hell would I ever get the time to even put in a damn burglar alarm let alone all that other crap?"

Everyone seemed to understand what he was talking about as they each dropped their expressions and turned back to Ally and Sam and she continued explaining.

"As for up and attacking, you it wasn't your fault." She said reassuringly. "He could have attacked anyone of us. So never assume you're weak. Also no one is perfect, trust me. The J.L.A they got beaten at one point or another and so did their junior league so, don't worry so much. We'll have them beaten and our home back a.s.a.p." She with confidence.

"Okay." Sam said.

"Good, try and go to sleep now. We need you at full strength." Ally said as Sam slowly closed his eyes with his friends slowly leaving one at a time when he remembered something.

"Hey, Tommy." Sam called out. Thomas stopped and looked at him with confusion. "Who was that girl you talked to and what did she mean by 'created you'." Thomas was ready to explain but let out a heavy sigh as he shook his head.

"Trust me if my life were a story it would take a couple chapter to explain." He chuckled as he and Jayden left the room.

Jayden was about to go get a drink when Ally ran up to him.

"What's up?" He asked.

"Right when we got here a beacon went off up in the burbs." She said causing Jayden to raise an eyebrow.

"The burbs, that's where Sam's girl lives…Kris," He exclaimed. "Where is she now?"

"Back at the mansion." She said in a low voice.

"Dammit, alright gather up the warriors we need to come up with a better plan." He said as the two left the hallway not knowing that Sam had heard every word.

The next morning Ally was walking down the hallway of the hospital with a tray of breakfast for Sam. Later tonight the team was going to retake their headquarters and take out Leonae in the process. She was able to open the door but let out a gasp as she dropped the tray to see that Sam's bed was empty. She then noticed that the tracker she had from last night was no longer in her pocket. She heard a pair of footsteps come up from behind her and turned to see Jayden and Jason walk up behind her. Jayden looked over her shoulder and rolled his eyes.

"That stupid son of a bitch." Jayden grunted as he clasped his mask on and put his sunglasses.

Gauntlet now wearing his traditional red hoodie and black jeans and boots along with his biker goggles was walking through the dark forest. He was going to save Kris even if it killed him and hell if it did wind up killing him he would take as many of these lunatics with him.

"You want to tell me where the hell do you think you're going?" A familiar voice grunted.

Gauntlet whipped out his magnum and pointed it at a tree. He raised an eyebrow before he saw some static flickering to reveal Shadow hiding behind his cloaking aiming his magnum at Gauntlet. Gauntlet let out a sigh as the two holstered their guns.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"What am I doing here?" Shadow asked rhetorically. "You fucking run out in the middle of the night and trek through a damn forest to our home to save your girl and you don't let us help you!"

"This is my problem not yours. Let's not forget, you didn't need our help when you fought Red Hood." Gauntlet snapped.

"Well if Red Hood took over our home, kidnaped Ally and wasn't my brother who use to be much nicer. Then by all means lend a hand." Shadow snapped. "But this guy is a monster. He will not hesitate to kill you he has a crew behind him and your girlfriends. You are currently over one hundred miles away from our H.Q which is surrounded by trees cliffs and isn't even accessible on foot."

"Well how the hell did he get to our home?" Gauntlet snapped.

"He used the same kind of stealth equipment on his helicopters that we use on our vehicles. It was probably a gift from Slade." Shadow explained. He then walked over to an opening in the woods and looked up into the sky where the Raven had deactivated its cloaking. "You can come with us and do this the right way or you can hike all the way to the mansion and by the time you get there we would have already taken Leonae and his team out. Choice is yours."

Gauntlet stood there thinking for a minute before nodding and getting on board the jet. He saw that everyone was there and already in costume. He took a seat next to Phoenix who was already forgiving him for ditching him. Gauntlet got a few stares and the cold shoulder from Hitgirl, Dusk and Thanatos but he didn't care. When he got Kris back then he could start feeling guilty about ditching them.

Within a few minutes they had already set up their plan to take back their home and take out Leonae. Leonae was already redecorating the mansion with flood lights and mechanized guards at the front gate. Shadow ran up to the front of the Raven's cockpit and looked on the monitor that was linked to the camera on the outside.

"Hey Thanatos, come up here will ya?" Shadow ordered as his friend walked up next to him. "What are these suits they look a little low tech to be anything like your suits." Thanatos looked closely at the monitor before typing something in his wrist mounted computer.

"They are somewhat low tech compared to my suit." He said as a holographic image of it appeared over his wrist. The mechanic suit was nine feet tall, colored purple, had a bulky body obviously not built for speed and not for strength. The head, was a sheet of bullet proof glass cover the upper half of the body allowing the driver to see outside and for weapons it had a minigun for a right hand and a missile launcher on the left. "They are called Atlas mechs. They are mobile suits easily fitted for soldiers. These will soon replace tanks in the future but for now they are just used for guard duty."

"I also take it they are heavily armored plated." Hitgirl asked.

"Yes, it will take some heavy fire power to take them out." Thanatos said. "Leave them to me."

"They are weak in the glass observation area as well I take it so." Shadow said as he walked over to a metal crate and popped it open. He pulled out an M82 anti-materiel rifle and a few cartridges of armor piercing rounds. "So aim high Hitgirl" Shadow said as he handed her the rifle. She looked at it with eagerness and started examining it.

"Where do you get these wonderful toys?" She asked.

"Ebay," Shadow said as he opened the door of the jet. "I need you to be my eyes and ears so get into position okay?"

"Okay." She said as he took her new toy and hopped out of the jet.

"Alright, Breeze how's that power coming?" He asked as she continued typing into the on board computer.

"In one minute it'll be lights out." She said smugly.

"Okay, Gauntlet Kris is locked in my office possibly with Leonae." Shadow started. "He most definitely has Bane with him as well so you and I will go in through the roof while everyone else handles the lower levels, but I need to know if you are on board with us right now."

Gauntlet was still a little uneasy about this. Last time he went up against Leonae he had lost his home and nearly all of his friends. It was one of the reasons he wanted to come alone so nobody else would be in danger for his problems. But he knew deep down that he would need his friends to help him stop Leonae and save Kris. He pulled out his magnum and rolled the chambers ready for battle.

"You can count on me Boss Man." Gauntlet grinned.

"Good to hear, Reaper is in charge of the ground team which consists of him, Dusk, Phoenix, Ronin and Thanatos. Breeze you take care of any hacking they might have installed in our home and Red you have the sky."

"Da." Red said.

"Okay everyone, let's get our home back." Shadow said causing everyone to cheer.

Reaper and his team were set down in the forest on the outskirts of the mansion while Red used the stealth system to hover near the mansion.

"Breeze, you sure you're not picking up any detection from the inside?" Shadow whispered.

"Is that doubt I'm hearing in your voice?" She asked rhetorically. "I installed these computers they could pick up an email I'm sure they could pick up a scanner."

"Okay Hitgirl, I'm looking at the roof. There are a total of ten guards on the roof. Five on the-"

"I see them all just tell me when to shoot." Hitgirl snapped.

"Well," Shadow said offended. "Breeze shut down the power in exactly ten seconds."

"Gotcha!" She said.

Red had the Raven hovered above the mansion as Shadow opened up the door and prepared the on board mini-gun. He aimed low at the mechs down below and waited for the lights to go off.

"3…2…1…lights out." Shadow whispered. Just then the power was shut down and the lights went off. "Now Hitgirl."

Far out on a cliff perched on the edge Hitgirl grinned as she gripped the handle and gave the trigger a squeeze. The gun roared like thunder which is what the unfortunate guard mistook it for as the bullet ripped through his head and sent him flying across the roof. The next guard didn't have time to mourn as he shared the same fate. The rest of the guards started blind firing all around them.

The two Atlas guards down below looked up at the commotion and were ready to fire when Shadow aimed his weapon at them and rained bullets down on them. The bullets bounced off them as the two guards inside started to target the jet. They opened fired their own mini-guns at the jet causing the warriors to retreat, but were so busy dealing with them that they didn't see Thanatos bearing his sword.

He ran his large blade through the drone's bullet proof window killing the driver on the other side. He then drew his energy gun and fired it in the face of the second drone. When they were taken down the rest of the team broke through the doors and an all-out battle between the Shadow Warriors and King Leonae's men broke out.

Ronin out matched every guard that came his way. He caught the man's fist and broke it as he stabbed a shuriken into his back. He then aimed his wrist at another guard and fired a stun shuriken into another man's chest knocking him onto the ground. He grinned under his mask as he pulled out his scalers and continued his assault.

Reaper ran in and swung his scythe across a few guards' chests. Using his stun scythe he was able to reduce the death toll as the rest of the team fought. Thanatos made short work of the guards as they were unprepared to fight a cyborg with a grudge. They opened fired on him but the bullets bounced off of him as he menacingly walked towards them. Their guns clicked empty as Thanatos started to cut them down one by one with his sword.

"All too easy." He gloated.

"Thanatos, calm down!" Dusk shouted as he smacked his tonfa across another guards face. "We need some alive for questioning."

He still wasn't listening as Phoenix started to attack the remaining guards with his fire attacks. He had his fist lit up and increased the damage to his attacks. As he fought he saw the remaining guards try and escape. As quickly as he could he charged up as much energy he could and fired a stream of fire at their legs. They all let out screams of pain as they fell to the ground clenching their ankles.

Reaper looked around to see multiple bodies both dead and unconscious as he regrouped with his men.

"There are probably still more around the mansion." Dusk said. "I haven't seen Leonae anywhere."

"Don't worry, Gauntlet and Shadow will have to handle him." Reaper said. "C'mon lets continue cleaning house."

Meanwhile while Reaper and the team cleaned house Shadow and Gauntlet had their magnums drawn and leaned next to the door frame that lead to the office.

"Okay, no turning back now." Shadow whispered.

"Yeah, but leave Leonae to me." Gauntlet sneered.


They broke down the door and rushed in to see Leonae standing next to Kris. She was currently sitting in the main chair gagged with Leonae holding his claw up to her throat.

"Now, isn't this quite rude of you." He said in a calm tone. "Breaking into my home and killing all of my men. Didn't your parents beat any manners into you?"

"You tried to kill my friends, took over our home and kidnapped an innocent girl." Shadow stated blandly.

"And my parents were two drunks that just beat me. So no they didn't teach me a goddamn thing." Gauntlet snapped.

"Well, nobody's perfect." Leonae shrugged. "I knew you would come back once I kidnapped the girl."

"Why, what does she have to do with this?" Shadow asked. "She's just an innocent girl!"

Leonae let out a high pitched laugh as he took his other hand and gripped Kris's cheeks.

"This little dove innocent?" He chuckled. "She's known as the Huntress. She was an expert archer who always left an arrow in a man's head where ever she went. Why do you think I was after her along with you all those years ago?"

"What is this really about?" Gauntlet asked.

"This is about me and you." He snarled. "You cost me everything that day my rank, my face and my life. I still have a mission to complete and that is to kill you."

"Well, you want me here I am." Gauntlet snarled. "Now. Let. Her. Go."

"Okay, Bane!" Leonae shouted.

The ceiling broke open allowing Bane to separate the two warriors. Shadow charged up his power and attacked bane while Leonae escaped with Kris. Gauntlet staggered to his feet and looked to see Shadow fighting Bane.

"Gauntlet go after him, I got Bane!" Shadow shouted.

Gauntlet didn't need to be told twice as he chased after them. He followed them down to the garage where he hopped into a small recon jet and flew off.

"Dammit!" Gauntlet snapped.

He looked around when he saw Shadow's jet bike sitting in the center of the garage. His face lit up as he mounted the small vehicle.

"I always wanted to drive this baby!" He shouted as he revved the engines.

He messed around with the controls and activated the jets on the back. He held on tight as he flew out of the garage and into the night.

And after Leonae.