Chapter 6 Finding Our Place

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After they had the bombs defused Shadow and his team had made their way back to their building. Shadow had to set up a few more private floors for Hitgirl, Reaper and Ronin. After everyone turned in for the night Jayden had stayed up to figure out what Two-Face was working on. He compiled all the evidence did a background check and looked for that one thing that everyone over looked.

That was the problem though this wasn't like Two-Face at all. The bank robbery sure but the bio labs at the docks, the cyber suits and Croc planting those bombs they all seemed too risky for him. Sure he was evil but he was fair he wanted order but he wanted carnage as well he was unbalanced. So what was he doing this for and why?

"Hey," A voice said. Jayden turned to see Flynn in his jeans and tank top walking up behind him.

"What's up?" Jayden mumbled.

"You are apparently," He chuckled. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to figure out Harvey's plan," Jayden explained. "It's not making any sense he's all over the place."

Flynn peered over his shoulder as he watched Jayden type into his computer. They both remained silent before Flynn broke the silence.

"So, I take it your still mad at me?" He asked.

"Mad, mad about what?" He asked sarcastically. "Mad about you leaving me after I had spent a year training you or mad about how you never left a note or even at least have the balls to tell me you were leaving?"

"Both." He said flatly.

"Yes, I am still mad." Jayden deadpanned.

"C'mon, I had to find Croc and see if I could help him," Flynn explained. "Then one thing led to another and I had run into Hitgirl and she's been following me around for a year."

"Maybe she likes you I saw her face blush beet red when you talked to her." Jayden said.

"Yeah and then she moves in for the kill." He sighed. "I'm just a mark to her."

"No, I'm a mark to her you are more to her." He said.

"How do you know?" Flynn asked.

"She acts the same way Ally acted when we first met. She always agrees with you, she only listens to you and she can't keep her eyes off you. She's in love." Jayden explained.

"Even if she does like me,"

"Love you."

"Like me," Flynn groaned. "It'll pass." He grumbled as he walked away.

"Funny, I said the same thing about Ally." Jayden chuckled.

A week later things were getting shaky with the other Shadow Warriors. Ally and Jayden had Blaze and Sam enrolled in school which was hard for Blaze because of his rough childhood of being an experiment but Sam had a much better time adjusting due to being around kids his age.

Marcas and Flynn both accepted a job from Jayden at his company. Marcas took a job as his new head of security and Flynn took a job at his R&D department. It was hard to adjust to working a straight job during the day but they were comfortable working at what they knew best.

Ronin, Thanatos and Hitgirl spent the day at the lab in the penthouse taking out petty crimes. Ronin was able to pose as a junkie and place bugs inside of drug dens and gangs hideouts and send the data to Gotham P.D. Thanatos was able to destroy any armored trucks and getaway cars from bank robberies and was always able to get away. Hitgirl was able to earn her keep by turning in any small time bounties around the city. Nothing huge though she saved those for later.

Jayden and Ally were currently in his office waiting for Marcas to secure their cars. Once he sent the all clear he, Ally, Marcas and Flynn made their way over to Wayne Enterprises to talk about some stolen merchandise. It took them a half an hour for them to reach the building but they made it and went straight to the top floor. They made their way to the boardroom to be greeted by Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox. Jayden grinned as he walked up to Bruce.

"Brucey boy!" Jayden exclaimed. "How the hell are ya?"

Bruce was stumped as he was embraced by his young rival.

"I'm fine Jayden," He stuttered. "You seem to be in a good mood."

"Of course I am. I have a more reliable chief of security and I have a new head for my R&D department." Jayden exclaimed as he motioned over to Marcas and Flynn. Fox's eyes widened as he had begun to chuckle.

"Well I be," He said. "Flynn Anderson."

"Lucius Fox." Flynn grinned as the two shook hands. Ally looked at the two confused as Jayden leaned over to her.

"His father used to work with Fox." He whispered as the young women nodded in understanding.

"My you certainly are a splitting image of your father." He chuckled. "Where have you been?"

"Away, doing some…soul searching after my dad died." Flynn explained.

"Now that we have introductions out of the way let's get this meeting started shall we?" Jayden asked as he sat down in one of the easy chair with his legs propped up on the long table. "So what's this about?"

"We were hoping you could identify this?" Fox asked as he pulled up a holographic projection of a cybernetic suit. Jayden knew that that was a more advanced version of Thomas's suit. He had also known that Tom had identified those suits to be the same ones that Bruce was showing him right now. He couldn't let Bruce know that he knew so to play it safe he acted dumb.

"Your Halloween costume?" He asked.

"No, this is a modified exoskeleton designed by an unknown company," Bruce explained. "Its name is unknown but we do know this. It can be operated by one man, it's capable of flight, has the fire power to destroy small buildings and level city blocks. It's fast, tough and dangerous in the wrong hands."

"And why do I get the feeling that I'm to be blamed for something?" Jayden asked rhetorically.

"Jayden," Bruce said in a stern tone. "There are only three of these suits kind and they were recently stolen. I need to know, did you take them?"

"No, I didn't and all honesty if I did it wouldn't be any of your fucking concern considering that you didn't even own them." Jayden snapped as he got up. "And personally I'm insulted that you would even think that I would. You think I need to steal from you in order to compete?"

"I didn't mean any offense." Bruce defended. "We just need to be careful. If these suits get into the wrong hands and someone manufactures their own these things will be in more service than tanks."

"Well I don't have them Bruce and I don't know where they are." Jayden grunted. Ally walked up and placed a file in front of Bruce.

"These are all of our records from our recent picks and your suits are not on the list. We also have the seller's statements to confirm it."

Bruce looked over the files and nodded a few times before returning them to Ally.

"Thank you Ms. Kinsley." Bruce smiled as Ally took the forms back. "Okay, I guess we are all set then. Again I'm sorry if I offended you and your friends."

"Whatever Bruce." Jayden scoffed as he got up from his chair. He motioned for his friends to follow when Bruce stopped him.

"By the way have you talked to Barbra?" He asked. Jayden froze in his tracks as he didn't dare look at Bruce.

"I haven't spoken to her in a while I've been busy." He said with a hint of depression.

"She's worried about you, you know?" He asked.

"Yeah, I know." He said as he and his friends got in the elevator and left.

Jayden was tiredly sipping his scotch as the limo slowly made its way back to the penthouse. He sat next to Ally while Marcas and Flynn sat at the other end.

"Can't believe the balls of that prick," He grumbled. "Always blaming me for his faults."

"Jayden, grudges aside those suits looked a lot like more advance copies of Thomas's suit." Flynn said.

"Yeah I know Two-Face has them. We find him we find the suits." Jayden groaned as he polished off his second glass. While he went to fill up a third glass Ally had just clicked off her cell phone.

"Jayden, its Blaze." She groaned.

"Oh joy, what did he do now?" Jayden grumbled.

"Jason and Sam watched him in school like you said but when some bully started harassing him." She explained as Jayden saw what she was going at. "Before they could get to him Blaze had already broken his nose and was hauled away. Now, thanks to the psychiatrist reports we forged they are letting him off with a warning but now he's talking about quitting."

"We'll talk to him when we get home." He grumbled as he started his third glass.

Blaze sat on the couch with a pout on his face as Ally and Jayden sat in front of him. Sam and Jason did nothing as Marcas and Flynn left them alone and they did the same.

"Look, we know that you were mad at him for what he said," Ally said soothingly. "But you are not Phoenix at school you are Blaze and you cannot go around breaking people's bones."

"It was self-defense." Blaze grumbled.

"And it's the only reason you're not behind bars!" Jayden shouted.

"Jayden…" Ally cringed.

"No, fuck it he needs to get yelled at." Jayden snapped as he turned back to Blaze. "All we've done is trying and help you. We try to help with your controlling of your powers we try to give you a life, a home and all you do is bitch and act out."

"So, I didn't ask to go to school," He grumbled. "You said 'go to school or get a job' that's all you said to me. That freak in the robot suit doesn't have to go to school and he's only a year older than me. Then there's that ninja guy and we don't even know who he is and last that hillbilly bitch who does nothing but shoot crap and fawn over your other brother."

"Those three pull double shifts for the Shadow Warriors during the day and have done a good job." Jayden snapped. "They also take the time to train and keep their skills in check. You on the other hand I haven't seen once try to work on your power or fighting skills."

Blaze was starting to get pissed at Jayden's insults. Who the hell was he to say these things he didn't ask him to make him apart of the team. He also didn't ask them to put him in that stupid school.

"Fuck you," Blaze snapped. "You don't know what I've been through!"

"I know, I lost my father too," Jayden told him. "And even though I don't know what it's like to get experimented on I can only imagine that it is not something I'd recommend. Everyone on the team has a story and they are all bad, but we try to move one and put those burdens to rest."

"Whatever," Blaze scoffed. "You know what I'm done being your whipping boy I'm out of here.

Blaze got up to leave and made his way to the door. Ally who was gripping Jayden's arm was digging her nails deeper into his flesh as he just sat there with his arms crossed.

"Fine leave we don't want you if you're gonna act like this anyways." Jayden snapped causing Blaze to stop right in front of the door. "But we aren't treating you any different from the team or our family. We all do what we can to pitch in. Jason, Ally and I Flynn, Marcas, Ronin, Thomas, Sam and even Hilary do our part to help out. All we ask is the same of you."

"So, it's alright if I stay?" He asked timidly.

"Well, all honesty do you even have anywhere else to go?" Jayden asked.

Blaze's ankles started to shake as he fell to his knees and started sobbing. Ally switched to her motherly side as she wrapped her arms around him.

"I don't know what I'll do if I was alone again!" He sobbed.

"Well then you won't alone as long as we all stick together in these troubled times." Jayden said in a calming voice. Ally and Blaze stayed like that for a while until he fell asleep and Jayden carried him to his room. He may be a crazy super kid but he was still a kid. The next week Blaze went to school and Jayden didn't get a single call.

The next day Jayden and the team went to the training zone and honed their skills. Blaze and Sam each helped each other with understanding their powers but the rest of the team wasn't exactly getting along all that well. Jayden was trying to levitate a metal crate using the magnetism of his electricity powers when Jason and Flynn started arguing.

"Screw you asshole!" Jason yelled as he gripped his tonfa.

"Hey, don't be mad at me just because I was Jayden's first brother. It's not my fault you came second." Flynn snapped.

"At least I didn't ditch him for some fucking alligator." Jason snarled.

"Crocodile moron it's even in his name 'Killer Croc' and you wouldn't know your father left you on the street without even giving you a name." Flynn snapped back.

Jason lost it as he tackled Flynn to the ground and started punching him in the face. Jayden and a lot of others started to break up the fight as he took a spot above them.

"Listen to me you guys," Jayden started as everyone started calming down. "I don't pick favorites and I don't value anyone any more than the others. I asked you all to come with me to help me. Jason I love you I named you after my dead brother and gave you my last name. Flynn You were the first on the team. You needed my help to see if you could take down Croc. Marcas, Thomas, Hilary, Ronin, Blaze and Sam. I took you all under my roof when it was just me, Ally and Jason. I brought you together it's up to you guys to work together."

"You're our leader though," Ronin said. "Isn't your job to make us work together?"

"I can't make you love each other or like each other, but I want you to work with each other. We don't have to be a family but we do need to be a team and if you can accept that and screw me or this team up in anyway," He then pulled out his magnum and set it down on the table next to him. "I will not tolerate any of your crap on the field. At home you can yell and hate each other all you want, but on the field you follow my orders, work together and act as a team. You need to trust each other and that's something I can't help you with."

With that Jayden left the training facility leaving his team to settle their differences. Jason stared at his feet for who knows how long before he turned to Flynn. He saw that he was doing the same thing as he turned to him.

"Sorry about what I said about Croc." Jason said. "Hell, you know him better than Batman does."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about bringing up your parents, it was low. They were wrong to leave you." Flynn said as he held out his hand. "Jayden is lucky to have you as a brother." Jason looked down and took his hand.

"He's lucky to have all of us." Jason said.

Ally and Hilary also buried the hatchet when Hilary said Ally was too girly and Ally told Hilary she wasn't girly enough. Then everybody started to warm up to Thomas and Ronin when they worked with them more on some jobs and saw them as wounded souls.

"So they killed my grandfather in front of me and hurt my girlfriend to the point where she bled to death." Ronin said in a grim tone. "He had taught me all that I had needed to know and from that point on I became what you see before you."

"Damn, that's rough man." Blaze said.

Everyone nodded solemnly as Jayden walked in wearing his Shadow uniform. Dusk and Reaper stood at his sides as everyone looked up at him.

"We've finally found Two-Face," Shadow said. "He's hiding out at an old steel factory on the outskirts of town. You guys ready to make your bones?"

Everyone grinned ear to ear as they got into their costumes. Red crosshairs and Hitgirl snagged a few sniper rifles and silencers as Thanatos checked his armor to make sure it was fully repaired. Ronin sharpened his scalers and Gauntlet checked his gun and readied his chain whip. Breeze walked up to Shadow and looked between him and the team.

"You sure we're ready for this?" She asked.

"Only one way to find out." Shadow grinned as all his crew walked up to him.

"We ready?" Gauntlet asked.

"Yeah, when we get there we get there I'll tell you who goes where and what to do we clear?" He asked. He got mixed responses but grinned knowing that they were ready. "Alright, let's go Shadow Warriors."

They all went down to the hidden garage underneath the penthouse and went to their respective vehicles. Jayden, Breeze, Dusk and Gauntlet got on their bikes. Phoenix got a ride with Gauntlet as Reaper and Hitgirl rode together in her personal Lamborghini which she modified. Red Crosshairs got into his Ferrari with Ronin and Thanatos was his own ride as he activated the stealth mode on his suit.

The heroes rode off into the night ready to take down Dent and prove their worth to the world.

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