Chapter 75: Epilogue

Authors Note: Okay everyone the finale chapter of Shadow Warriors. It has been a hell of a ride and I hope to see you in the sequel.

Again I lost another family member my first cat Sylvester. 14 years old and he had cancer. We used to snuggle together every night and now I feel so sad without him sleeping next to me and biting my feet in the morning to feed him. I'll never be able to replace that lovable bundle of joy.

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It had been a few days since the attack on Eden. The Green Lantern Corp. had come and taken Beetle, Phantom and any other stragglers away to the prison planet while Frost remained with Phoenix. He may have been his clone but he was the only thing close to a real brother Phoenix would ever come to know.

The Shadow Warriors H.Q had been torn apart from the fight between the JLA and Shadow Warriors and the penthouse had been ransacked by Adrian's men. Bruce had been nice enough to set up the Warriors in Wayne Manor until the damages were repaired. Flynn had his Assistant Droid Jack and a few other taking care of the damages so they wouldn't have to worry about contractors or work. Good thing too, the whole experience has everyone both physically and psychologically exhausted.

For now Jayden was sitting outside the manor staring out into the grassy fields. He was sitting underneath his tree just feeling the cool morning breeze grace his skin. His eyes were closed when he started to hear footsteps come up from behind him. He knew by the weight and smell that it was his old friend Alfred.

"Hey Alfred." Jayden greeted.

"Master Warney," He greeted. "You really shouldn't be out here you'll catch cold."

"I've been through worse." Jayden snorted remembering all those times he fought against Freeze.

"Indeed." Alfred stated. After a moment of uncomfortable silence Alfred finally decided to speak.

"Just so you know the Joker has been sent to the prison planet along with the rest of the criminals." Alfred explained.

"How's Sarina?" Jayden asked.

"Exhausted, this whole ordeal has left everyone quite depleted." Alfred said. "She's thinking of hanging up the cape for now."

"And Tim?"

"Where she goes he goes." He said softly. Jayden had to give Tim props for that. He thought back to Ally and how she always stood by him since the first day they officially met. He then remembered how Joker got the better of him and how Adrian had beaten them at every turn.

"Dammit!" Jayden snapped, grabbing a clump of grass off of the ground and throwing it away. "I fucked up everything. I let Joker back us into a corner I helped Adrian summon Trigon and nearly killed every last one of us." Jayden smacked the tree swiping some bark off and looked out to the sky. "I really let everyone down."

Alfred waited another minute to see if Jayden was done talking. When Jayden chose to remain silent Alfred continued the conversation.

"Master Warney," Alfred started. "Do you know how many times I've heard this speech?" Jayden looked down at his feet as he listened to his old friend. "Your father fell many times over the years, but you know what happened after he fell?" Jayden had to chuckle at that remark.

"He got back up." Jayden said with determination.

"Precisely, and once you find your courage you too will get back up." Alfred encouraged.

"I'm not going to sell out my beliefs Alfred." Jayden quickly snapped. "He may be my father and the Titans were my friends but I will continue with my work. I may not be able to stop crime but I can slow it down faster than Batman ever could."

Jayden was expecting another lecture but instead he only heard laughing. Jayden thought he had lost his mind, but when he turned around he was proven wrong when he saw the old man laughing to his heart's content.

"Master Warney, I couldn't talk your father out of his cape, what makes you think I could convince you to give up the sword?" Jayden let out an annoyed grunt and looked back at Alfred.

"Why are you here again?" Jayden asked hopefully trying to change the subject. Alfred smiled at him while placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I told you master Warney, to keep you from catching cold." Alfred reassured.

Jayden rolled his eyes and smiled at his old friend's humble generosity. The two slowly walked back inside Wayne Manor. Being led inside by his butler made Jayden smile on how some things never changed.


After a week everyone started to settle down and relax after their long battle. Max had decided to give up being Ronin for a while and focus on being Maxwell Daniels. He spent a lot of his time with Kei and focused on his relationship.

Maria and Leon were out dancing and continuing their relationship as happy as can be while Mark took Carmen out to meet his sister Selina for dinner. Everyone else was just comfortable with sitting at Wayne manor claiming the large living room for their own.

One night Tim and Sarina came home late from their date and walked in giggling madly. Sarina held a tin foil swan under her arm while Tim held Sarina in both his arms.

"You know it is Friday night." Tim mused. "We could just hang out in my room all night if you want?"

"We could do more than hang out." Sarina wiggled her eyebrows in anticipation. Tim quickly leaned in and made to kiss her when they heard a loud crash come from the living room.


Tim and Sarina rushed back to the living room and instantly regretted it since the warriors had made it their own space. The floors were littered with chip bags and soda cans while the furniture had been positioned in a circle around multiple plasma TV's. The warriors had hooked up their xbox's and were all playing call of duty.

"Ahem." Sarina said with minor annoyance. Everyone remained glued to their TV's paying no attention to either one of them. "Ahem!"

"Shut up!" Hilary shouted before Zack stabbed her from behind. "Crap!"

"It's what you get for camping!" Zack chuckled.

"I'm a sniper it requires me to camp, unlike somebody who keeps running around with the shotgun!"

"Hey shut up!" Blaze snapped.

"Guys, can we just have a friendly free for all." Sarah giggled before blowing up Thomas with a grenade.

"You guys are planning on cleaning this up right?" Tim asked.

"Sure, if you're planning on being horribly disappointed." Flynn muttered.

"Guys…" Sarina seethed.

"Beat it Sarina we're in the middle of a game!" Sam grunted. He quickly changed his tune when he noticed the tin foil swan under her arm. "Oh, but leave that I'm starving."

"What no get away," Sarina quickly ran off with Sam following after her.

"Hey wait a damn minute I said I was hungry!" Sam shouted chasing after her like a rabid dog. Everyone else just shrugged it off like it was nothing.

"Boy loves his tai food." Kris said sipping her soda.

"So does Sarina." Tim sighed, rubbing his temples in frustration.

"Hey Tim take Sam's place please we're about to start up."

"Yeah sure, knowing Sarina she won't give up her left overs without a fight." Tim sighed before sitting down in Sam's spot. Tim looked around and noticed the gang was a few members short. "Where is everyone else?"

"Sleeping, Max went out with Kei and Maria is out dancing with Leon to celebrate his promotion as Gordon's right hand man."

"And Mark?"

"He's having dinner with Selina."

"So are you guys retired?" Tim asked as the game started up.

"Nah, we're just taking a leave of absence." Christina explained. Thomas wrapped an arm around her and held her close.

"After that memory spell Megan used on us a lot of us started thinking. Now that we've buried our old wounds like Bruticus and Blackbeard we figured we'd try living our own lives for a little while."

"What do you mean?" Tim asked confused at what they were saying. "You guys were living your lives just fine."

"Were you not there when you ransacked our home because of a couple of false leads?" Flynn asked rhetorically.

"Or a few months back when we were all under Ace's magic and pitted against one another?" Jenny chipped in.

"Or when Ally turned into a cat woman and Jayden into a werewolf?" Blaze said.

"Okay, okay I get it." Tim groaned in annoyance. His character got stabbed and he let out a huff. "Sarina and I are taking it easy too. After what happened we just want to calm things down for a while."

"And you're cool with that?" Jason asked actually surprised.

"Yeah, Sarina is important to me just like your girls are important to you guys."

"Yeah, well we got a lot on our plates, Jayden and Ally are getting married soon and then they will have the baby. Good times all around." Thomas smiled.

"Good times."


Jayden was pacing back and forth frantically in the church's waiting rooms. His best man Flynn was watching him with a smart ass grin plastered on his face.

"Dude you really need to relax." Flynn chuckled. He walked over to his friend and checked his collar. "Just take a deep breath and calm down."

"I don't know man, I've done a lot of things in my life but this is the biggest commitment in my life." Jayden groaned. "I'm freaking stressing." Flynn looked at him in disbelief.

"I just got a text from Jenny, she that Ally is fine." Flynn deadpanned. "And she is also pregnant, what's your excuse."

Jayden let out a heavy sigh and sat down on one of the spare chairs in the room. He ran a shaky hand through his hair and felt himself starting to calm down.

"I'm gonna be a husband and later a father I'm a little stressed out." Jayden groaned. "I can barely be a boyfriend. How the hell am I going to be a reliable father and husband when I'm you know, me."

"Hey, you helped raised a bunch of delinquent kids and you've been Ally's boyfriend for years. If she wasn't sure you weren't up for the job then we wouldn't be here."

Jayden let out a heavy sigh and shook his hands as if he were getting rid of his jitters. He clapped his hands together and nodded at his friend.

"Okay, I'm good."

There was a knock on the door and Jayden told whoever it was to come in. Sarah walked in wearing a dark blue maid of honor dress. Her brown hair tied in a bun.

"We're ready." She said sweetly.

"Okay, let's do this."

Jayden and his boys stood at his side as he over looked the audience. His friends were here, some of his trusted employees were here and even the justice league had come. On Ally's side there were a lot of her models, designers and a lot of her students from beauty school. It made Jayden smile to know that his girl was never alone.

The music started playing and everyone stood to their feet. The flower girls scurried out and gently dropped flower petals down the aisle. The bride herself walked down the aisle with Bruce walking with her every step.

Every doubt Jayden had just washed away when he saw her. Her dress was snow white and it did a good job hiding her baby bump. She still looked beautiful no matter what. Bruce finally handed her off to Jayden and the reverend begun the ceremony. After a few minutes he announced that they had written their own vows.

"Ally," Jayden started. "I've never met any girl who is as passionate about life as you. Before I met you I was bitter and angry at the world for being the way it was. Then one day I was lucky enough to meet you. You gave me something that I thought didn't exist inside me. Not just love and happiness but hope. There is no one else in the world that could ever make me feel the way I do when I'm with you." Everyone let out 'awws' and sniffles as they continued.

"Jayden, grumpy." Ally joked which made everyone giggle. "When I met you, you were angry and you were unhappy. Anyone who met you, you scared off because they didn't see what you were on the inside. I knew you had the potential to be a better man a good person. You will always be my grumpy boyfriend but from this point on you will be my grumpy husband."

Jayden looked at her with gentle eyes and had to restrain himself from just lifting Ally up in his arms and taking her away. The reverend waited for everyone to settle down before he continued.

"Do you Jayden Thomas Warney take Alexandra to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"And do you Alexandra Lilly Kinsley take Jayden to your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do."

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride."

Jayden lifted the veil and the two slowly leaned towards each other and gently kissed each other. Everyone clapped and cheered at their happiness as the two were lost in their love.


Jayden and Ally shared their first dance while the Shadow Warriors and Titians held hands and circled around them. They were all forgetting their past problems and fights and just enjoyed today for what it was.

Bruce was sitting at the main table sipping ginger ale as if it were champagne to keep up his appearances as a playboy. He was happy for his boy and envied his joy when he suddenly felt steely fingers rub against his face.

"Hello Talia." Bruce muttered unimpressed. She was dressed in a black dress that left little to imagination. "Nice dress."

"Thank you, my daughter in law made it." She giggled.

"Why are you here?" He asked.

"To see my son is happy like you." Talia insured. "I would never be as cruel to miss my own son's wedding."

"There is more to you than that." Bruce said. "What is the real reason you are here?"

"Jayden's memories haven't fully returned." Talia warned. "You and the rest of the team know it. I want to know if you will tell him the truth."


"About him and Cyrus being best friends."


Later that night Jayden and Ally were lying next to each other naked in their bed. Jayden woke up and couldn't fall back asleep. He just sat there running his hand over Ally's round belly. He could feel his child sleeping inside her. He needed distance away from Shadow and the JLA and the League of Shadow's for a while. The rest of his team agreed as well.

Jayden's only goal was to see his wife and child were safe. His eyes drifted over to the large window overlooking Gotham. The sun was still behind the horizon giving the buildings a gentle glow as they shadowed over him. He always loved that backdrop but he always felt like something was staring back at him.

There would always be something bad out there looking back at him. He didn't like to admit it but it was true. Adrian was dead, Trigon was sealed and all his friends had settled their debts and yet there was still something evil looking back at him.

It was never over.