Chapter 8: Here To Stay part 2

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Jayden had awakened to Ally draped over him as he had awakened in his bed at home. He looked around to see both his clothes and her clothes lying on the floor. He grinned smugly as he remembered the interment moments that had happened only a few short hours ago. After their first big score the team had come back to celebrate everyone even Thomas and Ronin the two biggest sticks in the mud.

He then took Ally away from the group and went to his room and did things that will never leave the room. He pulled the blanket up to cover her and smiled as she let out a sigh of comfort. Jayden put on his robe and walked out into the living room to see Blaze face down on the couch, Sam sleeping on the floor and the rest of the crew were probably sober enough to make their way back to their own floors.

Jayden walked onto the patio to see Flynn lying in a patio chair with Hilary lying on his chest. He let out a chuckle as he saw that he was awake.

"Well looks like I wasn't the only one who got lucky last night." Jayden said.

"Shut up." Flynn groaned. "You know we can't do stuff like last night after every major bust, right?"

"Eh, let them cut loose." Jayden said. "We can't wallow in self-pity for the rest of our lives otherwise what's the point of living?"

"It'll never work out for me Jayden." Flynn said. "People like you and me we were born alone and we'll die alone."

"Not me, I mean I used to think like that but since I met Ally I don't want to die alone." Jayden said.

"How did you two meet anyways?" Flynn asked.

"How did you two meet?" He said referring to Hilary.



Higirl was currently chasing Killer Croc around the junk yard with her favorite double barrel sawed off shotgun. She had him cornered in a pile of scrap as she loaded two shells into her gun.

"See you later alligator." She whispered before pointing her gun at him.

His yellow eyes narrowed at her as she squeezed the trigger. She fired but her gun was knocked out of her hands causing her to miss. She looked up to see a cloaked man currently beating the crap out of Croc.

"He's a crocodile not and alligator." He said as he smacked the blunt side of his scythe across the side of Crocs skull knocking him out.

"I don't give a crap what he is he's my mark!" She scoffed as she drew her dual .45's. "And you're not getting in my way!"

He turned and was surprised that this girl had shown not even the slightest of fear. He stood before her wearing his skull mask and held his scythe over his shoulder as if he were death himself.

"You should go home." He said sternly as he turned to Croc.

She let out a snarl as she pointed her guns at him and fired at him. He moved like a shadow as he disappeared from her sight only to reappear right next to her. She whipped her guns around only for him to knock them out of her hands. She then took an attack pose and swiped her leg across his head. He stumbled back but quickly dashed back at her. He swiped his scythe at her but missed every time as she back flipped away from him.

"You'll have to do better than that!" She quipped.

"I don't like fighting girls." He deadpanned.

"Well, I'm not like most girls." She shot back.

She pulled out two snub noses from her ankle holsters and fired at him but ended up hitting nothing but ground. He had disappeared once again as she carefully looked around for him. Before she could continue she was knocked away by a massive fist. As she was slammed against the wall she saw Croc towering over her with his foot raised. She raised her hands in defense as she prepared for the worst.

The worst never came as Croc was on his back with Reaper standing over him. She looked at him in awe at how he had taken down Croc so fast. She was then broken from her daydream when she felt a pair of cuffs on her wrist.

"What gives?" She asked.

"Sorry, but I can't have you killing him I kind of owe him." He said as he started walking away.

"Hey, um what's your name?" She asked.

"Reaper." He said.

"Who trained you Batman?"

"No, his shadow." He shot back.

He disappeared into the night as she broke free from her cuffs. From that point on she vowed that she would learn everything about Reaper. She had met a lot of men and a lot of marks and she had gotten every one of them. She vowed that she would get Reaper to after all all's fair in love and war.

(Flashback End)

After what Flynn had just told Jayden he started laughing as Flynn grumbled at him.

"What's so funny?" He asked.

"Nothing, just amazed at how quick she fell in love for some guy who wears a mask all the time." He chuckled.

"I'm not wearing one now," He said in a low voice. "In fact this is the first time in a while I've gone this long without it. Besides who cares if I wear a mask or not or if I find someone someday?"

Jayden stopped laughing and took a more serious approach.

"Listen, there's not a lot I can teach you anymore but there is one thing I can tell you," He said. "You don't want to spend the rest of your life alone. I mean we have a good thing going now sure, we're young, athletic and tough. Then one day your surrounded by five thugs which you can easily defeat when you realize that it takes you three punches to knock the bastard out when it used to take you one and how you use to run a mile and still have energy to spare and now you can't even run a block without running out of breath."

"What's your point?" Flynn asked getting irritated at Jayden's statements.

"My point is that we aren't gonna stay young forever. We can beat anyone or anything that comes our way but we can't beat time. Me I found a girl I want her and I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with her. Batman, he's gonna be alone forever and when he's old he's gonna have nothing. No Batman, no wife nothing."

"So, you're saying I should just fall in love with Hilary out of fear of being alone?" Flynn asked.

"No, I'm saying don't waste a good thing especially love." Jayden said.

The two said nothing as the sun rose in the horizon and Hilary still slept on his chest. Flynn thought many times to just push her off or get up instead he just let her rest on him. She made soft stirring noises which he would admit he thought were cute as he thought about what Jayden said.

Later that week after a day of school Sam Jackson had just gotten done with his classes for the day as he walked over to his bike. He looked around at all the teenagers as they laughed with their friends and the couples shared small kisses. Sam let out a sigh of depression as he was about to put on his helmet when someone caught his eyes.

Her shot blonde hair her bright blue eyes and the way her body looked in her plaid purple mini skirt and tank top.

"Kris…" He whispered as he ran after her.

Before she knew what had happened a hand wrapped around her waist and a figure spun her around lowering her down. She looked up to see Sam causing her eyes to widen.

"Hey baby." She whispered as the two kissed.

Sam and Kris sat at a little café sipping coffee as the two caught up. Sam had been careful not to go into too many details about Jayden and his friends but told her about being a Shadow Warrior.

"Wow," She said. "You've been really busy."

"Yeah, what about you though Jesus I thought you were killed they said all members were killed." Sam expressed.

"I thought you were killed too, but I managed to get away thanks to Mr. Wayne," She said. "Just before one of the guards tried to kill me he appeared out of nowhere and took him out. No joke Bruce Wayne beat the crap out of him and dismantled his gun under like five seconds." She chuckled as Sam raised an eyebrow. He never would have guessed a playboy billionaire like Wayne would ever get into a fight or stick around for one at that. He always ran the hell away as Jayden said before Batman showed up and beat the crap out of everyone.

"So, what happened after Bruce saved you?" Sam asked.

"He then left me with some friends of his they were happy to take care of me," She explained. "They also worked for Wayne and had more than enough money to send me to school and that's what I've been doing ever since."

"Great you said you wanted to be an architect right?" Sam asked.

"I'm going to college next year, what about you?" She asked.

"I'm not sure yet I wanna focus on graduating before I think of that," He said. "Maybe I'll go to law school become a lawyer and get into politics. Then maybe I can find the bastards who ransacked our home and kidnapped all of our friends."

The mood suddenly darkened around them as Kris looked at him with disappointment.

"And then what kill them?" She snapped.

"Well, I don't know I swore on Vulcan that I would." He said as he showed her his gauntlets.

"Jesus Sam," She hissed. "What if that things manipulating you?"

"It's not I am the new demi god of fire." He said with a little broadness.

"No, you're an idiot messing with things you don't understand." She admitted. "You always fucked around with your power even before you got those gloves now you're even more unstable."

"Hey," He snapped. "I'm trying to control them bit by bit and I will soon master these gauntlets just like Vulcan did. Also I'll have you know that I'm only thinking of killing those assholes because of what they did to us, or are you so into your new pampered life that you've forgotten where you really come from."

Kris splashed her piping hot coffee in Sam's face but didn't flinch as Kris breathed heavily. He could tell that he had pissed her off and right now she was trying her best to keep herself contained.

"I light myself on fire all the time sweetheart coffee is nothing but water to me." He deadpanned.

"You haven't changed a bit. I haven't forgotten where I come from but it didn't do me any good either. All it did was bring me pain and misery and I don't want to end up back there. You though are hell bent on finding them that your willing to endanger yourself and your friends just like you did back at the museum. Ugh, look I got to go alright."

She got up from her chair and gathered her bags and stormed off she walked a few feet before turning back to face him.

"It was really nice seeing you again," She mumbled. "You put one of my worries to rest today."

With that she walked off leaving Sam alone. He sat there with a blank expression on his face for a few minutes as he just stared at a lone rose sitting in the middle of the table. He blinked and the flower was now engulfed by a small flame. He watched as the flame slowly melted the flower until it withered until it was nothing but ash. He slowly got up and left the café with only the burden of his past on his shoulders.

Shadow had led his team to a mansion on the outskirts of Gotham in a secluded area. The mansion was out fitted with high tech equipment and expensive furniture as Shadow had led his team back to the main room.

"What do you think?" Shadow asked.

"This place is awesome!" Phoenix exclaimed.

"Yeah, great headquarters." Gauntlet said.

"I like this mansion." Red Crosshairs said.

"Most adequate." Thanatos said in his monotone voice.

"Great find Shadow." Reaper said.

"I can chill here for now." Hitgirl said hiding the fact she wanted to be there.

"I'll stay too for now." Ronin said.

"Yeah we sure came a long way from what we used to be." Dusk admitted.

"Just think of all the good we can do here." Breeze said with hope.

"Great, then this place will be our main headquarters." Shadow said. "Now, we need to get ready the Justice League are coming tonight."

Everyone went silent as they look at their leader for answers.

"What the hell are they coming over here for?" Hitgirl snapped.

"Well, I can probably shed some light on the situation." Breeze said. "We being professional assassins are on Batman's shit list. Also, after picking up all of the Leagues blacklisted members they probably want to make sure we aren't ready to cause a war."

"What a bunch of assholes." Gauntlet grunted.

"I know right," Phoenix snapped. "They didn't give a crap about us until Jayden brought us together."

"I saw we go to war on them." Red Crosshairs said.

"People, people, people relax," Shadow said in a calming tone. "As much as I hate the bastards they are the most respected heroes and we can't go around killing them."

"He's right the public would be all over our asses," Ronin explained. "The people, the government and especially the mystery man who Two-Face was talking too."

"Crap, I had forgotten about him." Shadow groaned. "Look, we'll try to form a truce. It won't be strong granted but it will keep them off our asses for the time being."

Shadow had let them all to a large conference room with a large window overlooking the forest with a cliff in the distance. Shadow had the table face the door with the window facing the door in the distance.

"Okay, Red in case things go sour very doubtful but just in case," Shadow said as he gave him a rifle clip filled with bullets with a small green shimmer. "These are Kryptonite bullets I had them made just in case. They aren't easy to make and the materials are extremely hard to come by." He said in a stern voice. "So be freaking careful not to miss."

"Don't forget who you're talking to boss." Red gloated as he took the clip. "I'll be on the cliff just give me word when you want Man of Steel dead."

"Okay, everyone else get ready they'll be here soon." Shadow said.

It took a few hours but a jet landed on the landing pad next to the mansion as the League made their way into the Mansion. After a few short minutes the League was standing in front of the Warriors with Shadow sitting at his desk.

"Well hello everyone how are you today?" He asked as he observed the League.

Superman of course, Wonder Woman, Hawk girl, Green Arrow, Red Tornado, Black Canary, Martian Man Hunter, The Flash and of course the star of the show.

"Batman." Shadow mused.

"Shadow." Batman responded.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" Shadow asked playfully. "Are you all here to thank us for doing your job in taking down Two-Face?" He then waved his hands around lightly. "Don't worry we just did our community a proud service."

"You know that's not why we're here." Black Canary said in a stern tone.

"Careful little birdie, my darling Breeze was trained by a notorious cat burglar. You do know cat's eat birds don't you?" He asked coyly.

"I'm named after a bird doesn't mean I am one." She grunted.

"Okay, I'm sorry I didn't mean to speak cryptically that's Reapers job." He nodded towards his cloaked companion. "Anyways what's up?"

Batman leaned forward and gave Shadow his trademark stare. It would have affected most people but Shadow was never going to be intimidated by him ever again.

"We want you to stop what you are doing." Batman ordered.

The team of Shadow Warriors remained silent for a few minutes before laughing hysterically. They completely ignored the stares of the League as they regained their composure.

"Ugh, sorry we always laugh when someone suggest something stupid." Shadow chuckled as he sat back in his chair.

"We're not Joking Shadow," Batman growled. "You're killing people and your harboring fugitives. It won't be long before you go overboard and we'll be forced to take you down."

"You can try." Phoenix snapped as Gauntlet held him back.

"See what you're doing you're upsetting my brother." Gauntlet snapped.

"We didn't mean to cause trouble," Superman intervened. "It's just your harboring potential threats to the peaceful citizens of Gotham."

The team looked at him with blank stares as Dusk spoke up.

"Have you been to Gotham," He asked. "There are twenty good people and the rest are either killers, psycho's or both."

"And ever since you freaks got here all you've been doing is insulting our team." Ronin said.

"We don't mean to insult but we have been after you guys for a long time." Flash said.

"You're team is very unstable that's why we're here." Wonder Woman explained.

Red Tornado then pulled out a holographic data pad from his wrist.

"Your team consist of Thanatos the killer mech, Ronin the stealth assassin, Gauntlet the demi god of fire, Phoenix the fire conjurer, Reaper the supposed grim reaper of Gotham, Hitgirl the assassin, Dusk the bruiser of your team, Breeze the thief of your team and of course you Shadow with your DNA splicing power you call Adonis which grants you super speed, strength, the power to shoot electricity, fire and ice from your body and small healing properties." Red Tornado finished as it looked like he was pondering. Even without a face he could tell he was thinking. "You are missing one of your crew members Red Crosshairs."

Batman's glare then hardened on Shadow as he looked over at John.

"Go ahead alien," Shadow said. "Tell them were my friend is."

John remained silent for a moment before spilling his guts to everyone.

"Red Crosshairs is on the cliff hidden in the forest." He explained as everyone but Shadow was surprised. "He is currently aiming a high-powered rifle loaded with Kryptonite bullets right at Superman's head."

Shadow grinned under his mask as he looked between Batman and Superman. The rest of the League had to restrain themselves from attacking Shadow.

"Careful, with one word your friends will be mopping up Superman's brains and leaving with their tail between their legs." Shadow sneered.

"We aren't here for a fight," Superman reassured. "We just want you to stop causing harm unto others."

"Harm?" Shadow asked sarcastically. "We are only doing what you guys failed to do. Like stopping the insane experiments unto innocent children like Phoenix and Red Crosshairs, or prevent the deaths of families like my friends Ronin and Reaper have suffered through. You know the people you blacklisted as criminals on your precious League."

"It wasn't like that we just didn't think they could be trust worthy," Black Canary reassured. "We always kept an eye on them."

"Yeah, to lock our asses up and make us out to be vicious criminals." Phoenix said. "You're always there to catch the criminals when they are robbing banks or causing big explosions that you can see from space. Which you guys are stationed at but when it comes to people like Damien Cole who experiment on innocent kids your nowhere to be found."

"Or how about when they slaughter our families in cold blood." Ronin said.

"Yes, Batman knows all about failing the little guy don't ya?" He asked playfully as Batman grimaced. "Like when you let my brother Jason Todd get kidnapped, beaten and blown up or when Barbra took that bullet for you she didn't die but she'll never walk again and let's not forget me. I did what you failed to do and went after the bastard and took a bullet to the head."

"And now you have a team hell bent and unstable about revenge just like you." Batman growled.

"Look, enough of the back and forth here," Jayden said. "We want a truce. Believe it or not I do have respect for you and your team, even those little young justice kids you have. But that doesn't change the fact that these kids behind me trust me with their lives and they are my team. So here's the deal, we won't kill no solid guarantees like let's say we're in a life or death situation but we won't kill. We'll do our part and keep the community safe but here's our part." Shadow said as he cleared his throat. "We. Don't. Fucking. Work. For. You. Understand?" Shadow said in a stern voice. "We don't answer to you, we don't take orders from you and we sure as shit aren't apart of your team. Understood?"

Batman looked at his team as they all had the same stare as him. They didn't like what Shadow had promised and they didn't like the team he had. They were all unstable and could snap at any moment but, they all had an undying loyalty to Shadow and they would die to protect them as he would for them.

"Fine," Batman said as he stuck his arm out. Shadow got up from his chair and shook his hand. "But this doesn't change anything. If you get out of line once we will be back for you."

"And we'll be waiting." Shadow said as he sent some jolts up Batman's arm. Batman let out a grunt but remained stable as he squeezed Shadow's hand and crushed it. Shadow staggered back as he held his hand.

"Insulated armor, not bad." Shadow grunted. Batman and his team took their leave as Shadow caught up with Batman. "Listen, I don't hate you…much. Anyways, I do have some respect for you but know this. This is my team and you have no say over it."

"Shadow, these kids are unstable I'm not being cruel." He said. "But, do you have what it takes to handle them when they do snap?"

"Of course, they are like me and I can help them when and if the time comes." Shadow said. "I'll let you go now."

"Thanks," He grunted before stopping again. "Have you seen Barbra?"

Shadow's blood froze in his veins as his shoulders slumped down.

"No, I haven't seen her in a year." He mumbled.

"You should give her a call. She's been asking for you." He said as he finally left.

Shadow stood there for a little while as he watched the League leave. He radioed over to Red to tell him he could come inside as he went back to his team.

Later that night at the penthouse Jayden sat in his living room zoning at the T.V. He had a phone in his hand as he took a deep breath and dialed the numbers. He held the phone up to his ear as the ring tone repeated a few times before someone answered.

"Hello?" A soft voice asked.

Jayden took a gulp before answering.

"Hey Aunt Barbra."