Chapter 9: A Sad Clown

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(? POV)

I sat in front of my mirror at my makeup table putting on the finishing touches to my face. I thought I looked pretty good if I do say so myself. I put on some lipstick as a knock came at my door.

"Sarina are you ready?" My mother's voice asked.

"Yeah, I'm just finishing up." I said as she walked in.

I looked over at her and she smiled.

"You look very beautiful tonight." She said.

"Thanks, you look good too." I said as she wore a classy black dress similar to my dark purple dress. "What exactly is this party for again?"

"It's a charity event," She explained. "A lot of people sent donations towards Arkham Asylum and we have enough to enhance our security both supplied by Mr. Wayne and another generous donator Jayden Warney. We also have enough to hire more security guards and doctors."

"Cool, but I don't see why they need more doctors when they already have you." I complimented.

She chuckled softly and pinched my cheek.

"Thanks kiddo." She said as we both walked out of my room and out of the house. "By the way I noticed you were collecting newspaper articles on Batman. You pick up a new interest?"

"Oh, well I kind of grew to like Batman and all of the Justice League but he's the most awesome of them all." I said like a giddy fan girl. Which I kind of was. "Also, have you ever had this new guy as a patient? I think his name was…Shadow, that's it!"

"Shadow, what do you know about him?" My mother asked as we approached the car.

"All I know is that he's like an evil version of Batman only he has super powers." I said. "He's fast and strong he can shoot lighting and ice from his hands and rumor has it he was trained by Batman himself."

"That's some rumor," My mother said as we got in the car and she started it. "Anyways, no I've never had him as a patient because Batman has never captured him."

"Really, he's captured everyone even Catwoman, even though she never has made it to the asylum but he still caught her." I said defending B-Man.

"True, but I heard he had two friends of his that always bailed him out though. Trouble not prison." My mother explained. "He is interesting though."

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Well, I have studied his patterns and from what I've heard from Batman he's always trying to one-up him." My mother explained. "Whether it's fighting, catching criminals or even killing them."

I gulped at that last part.

"He kills them?" I asked in a shaky voice.

"Sometimes, but from what I've gathered on his personality he has harbored a grudge against Batman for something he's done in the past. What Batman has done I don't know."

"Wow, I almost feel sorry for him." I said in a sad tone.

"Yes it is sad, but that doesn't change the fact that killing people is the solution." My mother said.

I remained silent as we continued driving to the party. The silence was becoming unbearable as I decided to change the subject.

"You know I've met Mr. Wayne a few times but I think this is the first time I've ever heard you mention Jayden. What's his story?" I asked.

"He's a young billionaire playboy just like Wayne." My mother explained. "His mother died from cancer when he was young and his father was gunned down when he was ten. I heard he disappeared for a while and when he came back he used his trust fund to start up his own corporation making security systems for common households and even government contracts."

"Wow, so he's pretty loaded." I said.

"Yeah, he's rich smart but he's also unstable." My mother deadpanned.

"What do you mean?" I asked confused at how a rich playboy could be unstable.

"He has too much to prove especially to Bruce." My mom explained. "He's always buying things that Bruce owns and he always selling things that should at least be given some second thought. Like recently he had a whole supply of handguns with a safety device that only fires if the user is registered. Only someone stole the weapons before they were delivered to the army cargo plane."

"I don't see how that's his fault." I said.

"He rushed the delivery he didn't even know the army was looking for business but here's the thing it was a scam. There was no army base or transportation. He might as well have just given them the guns willingly, which he kind of did."

"Wow, poor guy." I said as we arrived at the party.

We went in and were surrounded by mostly doctors from the Asylum and some other generous donators. I stuck by my mom for a little while and god was it boring. None of my friends were here and I had left my phone at home the only time it got exiting was when Bruce Wayne showed up.

People went nuts over him. They were all sharks' other rich people wanted to make him business offers reporters wanted a story and women…well don't even get me started on them.

After the how do's he made his way over to us. Mom fixed my hair even though there was nothing wrong with it and greeted us.

"Hello Dr. Gibson." Mr. Wayne said in his suave tone of voice as they shook hands.

"Hello Mr. Wayne," She greeted as she motioned to me. "You remember my daughter Sarina." He smiled as he extended his hand.

"Hello Sarina." He said as I took his hand.

"Hello Mr. Wayne." I said with a shaky voice. This was really important and I didn't want to mess this up. My thoughts were broken away as a tall black haired man and a younger boy approached.

"These are my guest for the evening, my young associate Richard Grayson and this young man who I've taken in is Tim Drake." I shook hands with Richard and Tim only for him to take the back of my hand and place a small kiss on it.

"Nice to meet you." He said in a charming voice. My face broke out in a small blush as I looked away shyly.

"Um…Nice to meet you too." I said dreamingly. That was the first time I had met Tim Drake.

"Brucey boy!" A new voice exclaimed.

And Jayden Warney.

I looked over and saw him in a black suit with a bunch of his friends surrounding him. His date was a beautiful red haired woman who wore her hair in a ponytail and wore a beautiful backless dark blue dress.

"Hello Jayden, Ms. Alexandra." Bruce greeted as he held his hand out. Jayden grabbed it and embraced Bruce like they were good friends.

"Aw, my god it's been awhile hasn't it?" Jayden said as he pulled away. "How are you doing Richie?"

"I'm fine Jayden how are you?" Richard asked with a slight irritation.

"Good, good and little Timmy how's the rich life treating you?" Jayden asked with a slight playfulness but I could tell there was bitterness in his voice.

"Jayden, this is Dr. Gibson and her daughter Sarina." Bruce introduced.

"Ah hello, hello." Jayden greeted as he motioned to his friends.

"This is my girlfriend Alexandra," He waved to his girlfriend.

"Hello." She greeted.

"My body guard and chief of security Marcas." He introduced his big Russian friend who was wearing a classic body guard suit.

"Dobryj vyechyer." He said in Russian. (Good evening)

"My brothers Flynn and Jason." He then motioned to two young men. The one called Jason was a young seventeen year old boy and the other Flynn was a twenty or something year old. Jason looked somewhat more fun loving than Flynn who looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. "And his date Hilary." This girl looked more bored and disgusted than me. She looked beautiful but in a more rugged way like she would rather be dressed like a boy than a girl. "And last but not least Sam and Blaze." These two were strange Sam had shaggy brown hair who kept messing with his hands as if he were hiding something and Blaze was a young man with black hair and looked less than happy to be here.

"Um…nice meeting all of you." I said sheepishly. I didn't want to be rude but some of these guys creped me out.

"Likewise, likewise, hey where's the booze?" Jayden shouted as a waiter brought over a silver platter of champagne glasses surrounding a whole bottle. He took one and gave each of his friends a glass and he just took the whole bottle for himself. I heard my mother and Tim let out a grunt as he started chugging the bottle.

"Hey take it easy there." Another voice said.

I looked over to see Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbra Gordon who was in wheelchair come up next to us. She looked over at Jayden as he let out a grunt of disappointment.

"Hey Aunt Barb." Jayden sighed.

She rolled next to him and placed a hand on his wrist, he looked away ashamed but then looked at her and smiled.

Afterwards Tim asked me to dance with him as Jayden and Ally did the same. Flynn and Hilary sat at a table drinking champagne as Sam, Jason, Blaze and Marcas were mingling with guest.

"So, if you don't mind me asking and feel free not to answer but what happened to your father?" Tim asked.

I was hesitant to answer at first but I felt like I could trust him. I don't even know why I trusted him enough to tell him maybe I'm just a sucker for young good looking boys.

"I don't really have a father or I do but I don't know where he or even my mother is." I said as my happy expression dropped. "My mom told me that I was adopted right away when I was still a baby. All my mother told me was that my parents died my father of cancer and my mother childbirth."

God I sounded pathetic. Here I was with a nice boy and I'm feeding him my sob story. Now I'm just waiting for him to pretend that something came up so he can run away. It happened a few times before no one ever truly cared about my life other than my mother and a few choice friends.

"I'm sorry about your parents." Tim said in a sincere tone.

I blushed again as he held me closer to him.

"Thank you." I mumbled in a daze. So much for not being like the girls who are after Wayne.

"Having fun?"

We looked over to see Mr. Wayne dancing with another random girl as Jayden snickered next to us.

"Yeah, it looks like you're having a good time yourself." Tim said causing Bruce to laugh.

"I guess you learned from the best." Mr. Wayne said as he reached over and ruffled Tim's hair purposely embarrassing him. Time started to whine childishly causing me to laugh as well. I looked over at Jayden and noticed that his cocky attitude was now glum and depressed. He was looking at Bruce and Tim as if he was jealous or maybe remembering something.

"Are you okay?" I asked at random. I don't even know why I had asked I had no interest in being his friend or getting to know him.

"Yeah, booze just gets me depressed." He said as he and Ally walked away. "Excuse us."

I watched the two walk over to the bar and then watched as Bruce had the same look on his face as Jayden.

There was something between the two but the question was what? I was broken from my thoughts as someone fired a gun in the air. Everyone screamed as a man in a purple suit held a handgun in the air. My eyes went wide as the man started laughing maniacally. It was then and thee I knew who he was.

"What kind of a party is this without clowns to liven it up?" He laughed again.

"The Joker." I whispered.

I had never met this guy but my mother was always the one who worked with him. Legally as a patient not a criminal. Whenever I had asked my mom about him I immediately regretted it. I would always have nightmares that he would creep up to my bedroom window and snatch me away, or that I was in a circus and he would do sick tricks on me.

I was so deep in thought that I forgot Tim was still with me actually he had tightened his hold on me. I looked over and noticed that Bruce was gone with only the frightened woman in his place. In fact Jayden and Ally were no longer at the bar with that Flynn guy or his girlfriend and Sam, Blaze, Jason and that Russian guy were all gone.

"What the hell?" I whispered as more of Joker's men started filling up the room. They were robbing both men and women as they had finally came over to us. They pushed Tim away and dragged me away along with my mother.

"Ladies and gentlemen we are tonight's entertainment," Joker announced. "I know you are all probably wondering why we are here?" He asked rhetorically. "Well it's fairly simple we are here to rob you of the money you raised for Arkham." He then took a poetic pose as he started weeping falsely. "As you know I have spent a majority of my life there and I have had many fond memories of it. Now, I here that you all want to change it with these fancy security measures and doctors I mean how's a guy supposed to break out?"

"You're not you freak." I blurted out.

Wrong move.

Suddenly I was dragged up by my hair and up to his pale white face. His breath reeked of god knows what as I remained numbed.

"Hmm, this is your daughter isn't she Doc?" Joker asked to my mother who was being held at knife point by Harley Quinn. She nodded as he looked back at me. "She has quite the mouth on her maybe I should sow it shut so she doesn't speak out at people like that or call people hurtful names."

I was shaking at what he had said he was gonna do to me. Crap why did I have to speak out like that what was I thinking?!

"She does have a nice dress doesn't she, oh and it's in my favorite color." He exclaimed in a giddy tone as Harley looked me up and down.

"Yeah sure," She said in her New York accent. "It would look better on me."

Well considering she was wearing a stupid leather outfit and her pigtails were dyed red at the ends no dress would make her look good. I started to panic as Joker aimed his gun at me. I then noticed that the trigger was glowing light blue.

"Aren't those Jayden Warney's guns?" Oh why can't I stop talking?

"Why yes they are," Joker exclaimed as he looked back at my mother. "Do you tell your daughter everything Doc?" She remained silent as he turned back to me. "Yes they are. You see I posed as one of my aliases and told him that I was a military man looking for new weapons. I gave him a tip and told him to send the truck to my headquarters. Afterwards I killed the deliverymen and stole his guns. It was way too easy. Speaking of which, where is he I want to thank him in person."

No one answered. He asked again as everyone looked around but still no one knew where he was.

"Hmm, he's just disappeared." Joker stated obviously. "Well then I guess I'm gonna have to do the usual and take a hostage. Boys!"

I looked over to see Commissioner Gordon being restrained by Joker's men along with Barbra being rolled in by her wheelchair. For someone who was being taken captive she looked surprisingly calm.

"Well, here's a familiar face," He said as he dragged me over by my hair and stood in front of Barbra. "Barbra Gordon, how's the ol' spinal cord?"

"I think of you constantly." She said in a low voice causing him to laugh. He then pointed the gun at her and I started to panic. I broke away from his grip and smacked the gun out of his hand. He let out a growl and smacked me with the back of his hand.

"You should have really raised her better Doc," Joker snapped as he picked his gun back up. "If you beat her more she would learn her place."

He then pointed the gun at my mom and I let out a shriek as he pulled the trigger. Only the trigger didn't budge. He let out a grumble and figured the safety was on and flipped a switch. He then pointed the gun again but again nothing happened. The rest of the crooks started to check their guns as their guns had done the same thing.

Just then the lights went out and people had started screaming again. Just then I heard one of the thugs scream as he disappeared into the darkness. Just then more thugs all at once started disappearing as the rest started to gather around Joker and Harley. I looked back over at Gordon and Barbra to see that they along with the thugs were gone.

"You know for a guy who thinks he's so smart maybe you should have had those guns checked before just using them like dumbasses." A voice said at the main doors.

Everyone including me looked over to see a whole group of people armed to the teeth.

They all looked like assassins. They wore mask and had a unique weapons and outfits. Two were girls one was holding two special design .45s and wore a black mask over her face like Zorro and the other was wearing a matching set of dark blue leather clothes with a staff.

The rest of the group consisted of a young man with biker goggles and gauntlets who had a strange magnum. The other kid next to him wore a punk biker outfit with a black mask and a phoenix design on the front. Another was a tall blonde haired man wearing a black army camouflage uniform and a bandana around his mouth and a pair of sunglasses. There was also a guy wearing a black ski mask with no mouth piece and orange tinted sunglasses. He wore a leather vest with a red long sleeve shirt underneath.

The most unusual was a guy dressed like a grim reaper he had a cloak, a skull mask and even a sickle thing. The final guy I had already known who he was.


"Those guns have been tagged," Shadow said. "Those guns were meant to be given to local guns shops and police precincts. The only people who can use those guns are good honest people and you and your boys are sure as hell not on that list." Shadow chuckled. "I had Mr. Warney sell me those guns to lure you out. Then I had two death row inmates blackmailed into delivering them to you so all you did was do me a favor by killing them. By the way did you check that truck for a tracker or did you keep it at your hideout which is the old amusement park that was abandoned due to an earthquake that happened five years ago. How am I doing?"

Joker was growling and gritting his teeth but then cleared his throat and straitened his collar.

"I've heard about you," Joker said. "You and you band of merry men…and women." He said eying the girls. "You guys are supposedly professional assassins bent on killing in the name of peace. Ugh, the idea alone makes me want to vomit." He groaned.

"We're not here to talk about our fucking jobs." Phoenix snapped. "Just surrender peacefully and we won't roast your ass alive!"

"You better tell your little fire cracker to cool down otherwise I'll blow him up myself!" Joker grunted.

"You aren't making this any easier on yourself Joker, surrender now." Reaper said.

"You freaks are gonna have to do a lot better than show up in Halloween costumes acting all tough when your just scared little kids." A random thug said causing more of the thugs to laugh.

I looked over at Shadow and saw that his expression, even though he was wearing a mask, hadn't changed. He then turned his head over to the big guy with blonde hair and nodded at him.

"Red." He said.

The guy called Red remained still for a minute before his eyes underneath his shades started glowing red. They almost looked like crosshairs.

He then stomped a few feet towards the guy who insulted them and before I could even blink he was sent flying across the room. The rest of Joker's goons looked at him in shock as Joker ordered his men to kill them.

They pulled out knives and bats as they charged at the warriors. Red made short work out of them due to his strength as the rest got their fun. Gauntlet and Phoenix fired light fire streams at their legs and crippled them bad. Hitgirl and Breeze used their agility and flexibility to take down their guards and Dusk and Reaper used their weapons to beat the crap out of the remaining grunts.

The only ones left were Harley and Joker as Shadow slowly walked towards them.

"You know you and your friends are no fun," Joker pouted. "I know a certain someone who could of handled this ten minutes ago with his bare hands…and a few batarangs."

Shadow let out a growl as he drew his black sword and charged at Joker. He brought his sword up ready to kill him as I looked away in panic. I heard the blade connect with something so cautiously I slowly opened my eyes.

Shadow's blade was now tangled in Batman's spiked gauntlets.

"Now here's someone who aims to please." Joker squealed.

Batman pulled his arm back yanking Shadow's sword out of his hands. His blade went flying across the room as Shadow raised his fist to punch him. Batman ducked and sent his fist straight into his stomach knocking him back. He then raised his foot kicking Joker in his face knocking him into Harley, freeing my mother and me.

Dusk and Reaper rushed in to fight Batman when Robin and Nightwing dropped in out of nowhere and blocked their path.

Dusk brough his tonfa's down onto Robin's staff as Reaper swiped his scythe across Nightwings clubs. The four fought as Breeze and Hitgirl rushed at Batman. Breeze brought her staff down on him but Batman grabbed it with his left and pushed her back with his right. 'Guess he has a soft spot for girls.' I thought.

Hitgirl on the other hand brought her fits across his face but he grabbed her hand and twisted it. She let out a grumble as she pulled out her .45 and pointed it at him. She fired as he let go of her hand and ducked dodging her bullet. He swiped her legs and knocked her on the floor as Phoenix rushed in.

His fists were on fire as he assaulted Batman with a barrage of punches. Batman was careful as he casually skipped back avoiding his punches. His luck then ran out when he bumped into a wall and Phoenix raised his fiery fist for one final attack. Batman then pulled out two capsules and threw then at his face. They blew up revealing to be some kind of liquid metal which did something to Phoenix because it caused him to blow up on the spot. He was okay but unconscious as Gauntlet rushed over to treat him.

Shadow let out another roar as he lunged at Batman. The two countered each other's attacks as everyone stood there watching the two go at it. Batman then knocked him back as he pulled out a magnum and pointed it at Batman. I looked over to See Dusk pointing a glock at Robin who had some kind of shield coming out of his staff and Nightwing and Reaper staring each other down. I then looked over to see that the big guy from before was just standing there looking as if his only duty was to take down Joker the rest was none of his concern.

"Drop it son."

I looked over to see Gordon pointing a snub nose at Shadow while he still aimed his gun at Batman.

"I save your ass and this is how you repay me?" Shadow asked bitterly.

"Yeah well you're the one who started picking fights with Batman and his gang so you're the only one to blame." Gordon said.

"Dad," I looked over to see Barbra sitting at a table with a pleading look on my face. "He did save my life just now. Please just this once let him go?"

Gordon had a puzzled look on his face. He couldn't let this guy go even if he did save us Joker said it himself he was an assassin. Just the out of nowhere the big guy who was just standing there was now gripping Shadow's wrist as he held his sword in his other hand.

"Boss, we should go now." He said in his cold tone. "The clown is done and we have what we came for no more blood tonight."

Shadow's hand started to shake as he held his gun up and Red grabbed him by the shoulders.

"This isn't over Batman not by a fucking long shot!" He snapped as the rest of the Shadow Warriors retreated.

"I've heard that many times before." Batman mumbled.

Outside as my mother held me in her arms they had started dragging the clowns away and finally gotten to Joker. His gaze was trained on me as I held my mother tighter.

"See ya soon Doc." He said in a dark voice which then turned bright. "Oh, why don't you bring the kid to your next appointment we'll have loads to talk about then." He laughed as he was thrown into the back of the truck and driven off to Arkham.

I felt really cold all of a sudden no surprise since it was October but I felt it was for a different reason.

A darker reason.

I then felt warm as someone wrapped my coat around my arms. I looked behind me to see Tim who had a few bruises on his face.

"Oh my, what happened to you?" I asked as he smiled.

"A few of those goons tried to stop me when Joker held you hostage." He explained. "Batman pulled me, Bruce and Richard away when those weirdoes attacked Joker's men."

"Oh, are you alright?" I asked.

"I was about to ask you that." He smiled. I blushed a little as I nodded. "Listen I have to go. Bruce is really sensitive about these things especially involving guns. His parents were gunned down when he was a kid so he avoids a fight, but um can I get your number?"

I felt a little light headed when he asked me that. No boy really ever bothered to ask me for my number so I didn't know what to say so I nodded. He gave me a pen and a piece of paper and I wrote down my number along with my name. I even dotted the 'I' with a little smiley face as I handed him the paper. He gave me his number and as a cute little gesture he dotted his 'I' with a heart. I giggled as he smiled back at me.

"I'll see you later Sarina." He said as he walked over to his limo.

"Bye, Tim." I swooned.

"Aw, how cute." The drunken slurs of one Jayden Warney said.

I looked behind me to see him being supported by Ally on his left and a bottle of champagne on his right.

"Where the hell where you and all of your friends when this went down?" I grumbled.

"Well, I can't speak for everybody else but I was in the bathroom throwing up five hundred bottles of Champagne." He slurred.

"Unbelievable." I groaned.

"I know this crap never gets me drunk." He snapped as he took another swig. "I think 'hiccup' I think Joker spiked it to get my money."

"Or maybe it's because you drank an entire bottle of Champagne all by yourself." I shot back.

"Don't be paper-no um…don't be pepper…dammit what's that word?"

"Preposterous?" Ally stated bluntly.

"That word, ugh…Okay…time to go. Hey Marcas give me the keys I'm driving!" He shouted as he ran over to the limo.

"No, you are not. Marcas do not give him those keys!" Ally yelled as she chased after him.

"Moron." I mumbled. I think I finally understood what my mom meant when she said he was mentally unstable.

I shook my head from the dizziness of the event that had happened tonight as my mother came back from talking to the police and led me to the car.

Good thing it was Friday I would definitely not be getting any sleep tonight.