2 years later

Tonight was date night and I was more than looking forward to it. Bella and I both had been so busy lately. Bella had decided to go back to school to get her Master's in English Literature and I had taken on a few classes to help me get my auto-mechanic business up and running more smoothly. Hence, we were spending less time together, much to both of our dismay.

But the saying was indeed proving to be true. Absence did make the heart grow fonder. The nights Bella and I did spend together when we weren't preoccupied studying were nothing short of magical…

Besides, time was on our side. Granted, we didn't have eternity like some of our friends, but we had long enough. Dr. Cullen continued to study Bella's condition and came to realize that she was aging approximately a year every two years. With her venom-tainted blood, she was in perfect health and she was immune to typical human illness. With that, her human life expectancy was well into her 90s, possibly even early 100s. Add in her slowed-aging and we were looking at Bella living to be between 180 to 200 and something years old.

At her current age of 25, she still had plenty of time.

Furthermore, as proof that Bella and I were meant for each other, my own aging seemed to have also slowed to match hers, as confirmed by Dr. Cullen. Sometimes I wondered if I had imprinted on her all along, beyond the talisman that she still continued to wear on the bracelet around her wrist.

Thus, with over a century ahead of us and quite a large portion of our youth left, Bella and I made a promise to go for whatever goals and achievements we wished to have under our belts. So taking time out for school to acquire some extra degrees was nothing.

Plus, it made date night something to look forward to.

I paced our apartment, tidying up things here and there as I waited for Bella to return. I wasn't quite sure what we were going to do tonight. We usually didn't plan ahead too much, preferring to keep things spontaneous.

As time went on though, I was beginning to feel at little anxious. It was getting late and I didn't want tour options limited by places being closed.

A part of me was slightly worried too. I hadn't seen Bella since the morning and she had reported that she was feeling a bit strange. I had thought nothing of it at the time, thinking that more than likely, it was just time for her to have another drink.

She said she was going to stop by the Cullens' after she got out of class and I had assumed that she was going for a quick hunt with them.

But it was taking too long…

I had tried calling her, but she was quick to say she'd call me right back before hanging up.

She hadn't called back yet.

I was just about to try calling her again when I heard the front door open.

In walked Bella.

"Bells," I said, feeling relieved.

She smiled at me and I immediately noticed that there was something timid about the way she did so.

"What's wrong, baby?" I asked, approaching her. I wrapped my arms around her and she rested her head against my chest.

Instantly, I knew.

The very gravity that bound me to this earth seemed to have shifted and bound me to something else entirely. Something within Bella…

Invisible strands were already holding me to her.


Bella was pregnant with my baby girl. My daughter. I don't know how I knew this, but I knew it was true without a doubt. I felt it. I had just imprinted on my unborn child. Clearly there was a whole dynamic to imprinting that I hadn't been aware of…

But it all made sense. Bella and I were destined to be together and this proved it more than anything. For the rest of my life, I was bound to love and protect my wife and daughter…

My daughter.

What would she be? Human? Vampire? Werewolf? All three?

I continued to hold Bella in my arms, my mind whirling.

Suddenly—the reason for imprinting came to my mind. Imprinters were guardians. My daughter was going to need my protection from something…

I thought back to a conversation with Bella a couple years ago when she finally confided in me what Trudy had said to her. Bella somehow had remembered Trudy's strange words verbatim.

"You have power. Don't be afraid of it, you understand? You will not be the last and some people aren't gonna know how to handle that. But you will have to know how to handle it. You've been made into a strong part of the balance. But just because you've got balance, don't forget that there are plenty of folks who like things crooked."

Bella, though a half human hybrid, was extremely powerful due to the weapon that was her blood.

Our child would no doubt have that blood, hence, Bella wouldn't be the last of her kind…

If our child carried my wolf genes too…

She was going to be a lethal weapon against a typical vampire—at least those who didn't share Dr. Cullen's venom.

And who would be most likely to have a problem with this? It was now suddenly very obvious.

Alice had a vision of Alec and Chelsea quite some time ago, bidding their time and attempting to rebuild Volturi followers after the loss of such key members…

They would eventually plot revenge. Now, 50 years from now, or 100 years from now. Who knew?

"Jake," Bella said, her voice hesitant.

"Yes," I said, as she brought her hand to my face. I turned my head and kissed her palm.

"I went to see Dr. Cullen. It seems that something…something interesting has happened. I wasn't sure that it could happen to be honest, but…I guess it can because I'm-"

Bella was starting to ramble. I interrupted her talking by kissing her, and then I placed a hand on her belly.

Her expression was shocked at first, but once I smiled reassuringly at her, she began to smile too, an excited and nervous glow coming into her eyes.

"Everything is going to be fine," I said. And I meant it.

I was married to a very powerful woman and was about to have an even more powerful daughter. Plus, my pack was strong and now included the Cullens.

I didn't know when Alec and his new followers would attempt to strike again, but they would be in over their heads when they did.

I lifted Bella off her feet, spinning her around as we both laughed in pure joy over excitement of the special new life we were about to bring into our world.


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