I have often wanted to write stories and all but never really got to the writing part...always stopped at the thinking it up part. But recently I had those ideas in my head that wouldn't go away so I decided to write it out. So here comes the one-shots, well just one for now...-_-' I think those up at work...it helps to deal with the same ennemie as Tsuna...I swear, paperwork is evil!( and it found an ally to! Crappy computer with crappy internet connection...) New stacks just keep on pooping out of nowhere when you fought you had deal with it all and it melts your brain!(After a while, I have to recite the ABC in my head to place the files right...T-T) So if Tsuna appears OOC, just blame it on the paperwork. Seriously.

Miscellaneous Stories

Of lost property box...or not.

Tsuna stared at the object lying innocently on the coffee table of his office. How could someone forget something like this? Well, he just knew who had left it here and while he couldn't be called an airhead, he was...Better drop this train of thoughts. Not like discussing the matter in his head would make it disappear. Sighting, he took the object in his hands and turned to his desk. The meeting he was at had drag on and now the stack of paper he needed to sort out was daunting him.

« Really, that Byakuran... » muttering this, Tsuna put the item on his desk.

Sitting down, he wondered how the man had ventured in his office without him knowing. And wasn't he at the meeting at the same time as everyone else? Shivering a little, he turned to the window, only for it to be closed...Strange...not so, in fact. A small sight escaping his lips again, he grabbed his pen and a sheet from the pile and began to examine it. Checking everything, he then signed and put the sheet on the side, taking a new one, the cycle repeating itself for a while in the silence of the office.

Halfway through the stack of paperwork, Tsuna decided to take a small break. He felt tired, as he had barely manage to sleep a few hours the night before, as most of its time was used to catch up on his late work. With Lambo's birthday party and all the preparations, he had completely forgot to do it ( - No, I assure you Reborn! It wasn't volontary! - But I didn't say anything, Baka-Tsuna. You did. * sound of gun security being removed* - ...!). Sensing his master's mood, Natsu uttered a small moan from the ring on Tsuna's hand. Looking at it, a tired smile made its way on his face.

« Sorry, Natsu. I have not let you out for some time, right? »

His ring shone for a brief moment and as the light faded, a full grown lion with a mane of orange flame stood before him. Natsu rubbed his head on Tsuna's extended hand, making purring noises all the while. As he scratched Natsu's head through the somehow cold flames, his eyes drifted back to his desk, or more precisely, his doom ( because it will one day be his death, no doubts. Be it directly or indirectly). Resigning himself, Tsuna sat up once again, preparing to finish his paperwork when his eyes fell on the forgotten object next to the un-checked pile. An idea came to his mind as he looked between Natsu and the item on the desk. A childish smile appeared on Tsuna's face as he grabbed it. Turning to Natsu, he said, smile still plastered on :

« You'll help me, right? »

~time skip~

Or more or less fifteen minutes later

Having finished his mission quickly, Gokudera was on his way to his beloved boss office. Juudaime will be so proud of him for returning so fast! Thinking this, he speeded up his steps, passing maids and butlers on his way, answering theirs greetings with nods and smiles ( He was in a good mood, so what!). Arriving to his destination, he threw the door open in his excitement.

- « Juudaime! I, your right-hand man, have retur...! » begun Gokudera, before stopping himself at the sight presented to him.

There stood his boss, a letter opener in hands, on which was skewered...a marshmallow! Marshmallow currently in the process of being grilled over Natsu's mane...Tsuna, startled by the sudden entrance of his storm guardian, just stared for a moment before pointing his grilled sweets towards Gokudera.

- « You want some, Hayato? »

~time skip~

The next day

Walking in the corridors of the mansion, Gokudera thought of the previous day's event. His boss actions were strange...and where did he got the marshmallows?...Wait, scratch that. Juudaime had a meeting with the marshmallow freak yesterday. Safe deduction here. But still...Shaking his head, Gokudera smiled as he remembered Tsuna's last words as he left his office.

« You want some, Hayato? »

« J-Juudaime! What is... »

« This? Grilled marshmallows. »

« No! I mean, why? N-not that Juudaime needs a reason! »

« Uhm...I guess it's...motivation? »

Saying this, Tsuna turned to his desk. Following his glance, Gokudera's eyes fell on the paperwork on the desk. Smiling softly, he sat down on the couch next to Tsuna and took one of the sweets.

« So, is this any good? »

A couple marshmallows and some laughing later, Gokudera stood up, saying something about needing to check stuff with Shoichi. As his hand was on the handle, Tsuna spoke up, a bright smile on his face.

« Ne, Hayato? Let's do it with everyone, next time. »

~Meanwhile, in Tsuna's office~

At the sound of knocking, Tsuna lifted his head on time to see the door open and reveal a white haired man with a tattoo under his left eye.

« Hello there, Tsunayoshi-kun~! Long time no see! »

« So yesterday was a long time ago? I didn't know...So what are you doing here? »

« Why are you so grumpy today? Something bad happened? »

« Yes. You. »

« I'm hurt, Tsunayoshi-kun. »

« And I still don't know what you're doing here except annoying me. »

« No fun. Okay, I forgot something here yesterday and I was thinking maybe you had found it. »

« ...But you weren't there yesterday, right? You arrived just on time for the meeting, no? »

The smile that etched on Tsuna's face was somehow sweet yet downright scary. Silence reigned in the room for half a minute before:

« ...I must have left it elsewhere. »

« Yes, you must have. If that's all the door's there...Or the window behind me, it's up to you. »

« You really are no fun today, Tsunayoshi-kun. Well then, until next time~! »

Saying this, Byakuran left the room, waving goodbye. As the door closed and the sound of footsteps became faint, Tsuna opened one of his desk's drawer and took something out. Pooping the marshmallow in his mouth, he said:

« Sweet~ »

Well, that's it...Hope I didn't make too many errors, english not being my native language (but my favorite, along with italian and japanese! ^-^- ) Don't hesitate to notify me of any error! ( no offense will be taken, quite the contrary. I hate not knowing my errors so) I have more ideas for other one-shots so I'll try writing them ( just don't know wich one first in fact...-_-') Let's hope the humor I inherited from my dad don't pops up too much...most people find it lame...Bye! Oh, and if you're reading this, you must have read the rest so: Thank You! ^-^-

Oh! Is the fact that Byakuran forgets a bag of marshmallows obvious? Tried not to. But well, it's Byakuran. Or the only guy who looks sexy eating marshmallows so...