Blueberry jam is my favorite. I know it's stupid to say it here but there is a reason. During my vacation I found blueberries on my walk so I picked some and made jam with it! That's what inspired this one-shot. Though at the beginning it was much shorter.

So for the time line it's again 5 years later the canon story. And just so it doesn't confuseyou too much, italics is for thoughts, but I don't really say those so it's up to you! Hope it will make you laugh! ( again my humor is kinda weird sometime, not too much this time I hope!)

Miscellaneous Stories

Chapiter 3

Of Wishes and Blueberries...

Tsuna usually was a calm and patient person. Heck, if he wasn't patient he would have killed his guardians long ago and, well, the calm bit came with time. The Vongola being like, uhum... themselves, the number of odd, weird, dangerous, sometimes completely ridiculous situations he went through helped a lot. Nothing could make him lose his calm anymore...except maybe Kyoya, or Mukurou, or...the rest of his guardians. Let's say they are lucky he loves them. Most of the time. As in, when they are not hell bent on destroying his mansion ( or any other place for that matter) and pilling up those evil paper sheets of doom more commonly called bills. Like he didn't have enough paperwork on his own. Hum...he could secretly cut their pay, or block their bank account for a while...that would be suicidal. Maybe book them in the worst hotel he could find for their next missions...

As Tsuna was thinking of new ways to torture (indirectly mind you) his guardians that would make Reborn proud, he took in the scenery before him. Beautiful green hills extended for miles with for only other inhabitants, apart from the mansion and it's people behind him, a dozen of sheeps and one, no two wild horses. Meaning he was in the middle of nowhere. When he first saw the place, Tsuna had half expected to have to draw water from the well in the courtyard and lit his way with candles at night. Okay, so they had hot water and electricity. But no phone. Because apparently, secret alliance annual meeting meant mansion in wilderness and no phone. Like in a bad horror movie. If zombies suddenly emerged from a secret lab underneath the house he wouldn't be surprised. Nor scared...Unless they were Reborn zombies. Now THAT would be scary. Really scary.

Now you're beginning to wonder « What the hell?! » or « Who are you and what have you done to Juudaime?! ». Remember Tsuna is calm and patient. He has been calm and patient when he arrived and saw the place. He has been calm and patient while greeting the other bosses. He was calm and patient when he was forced to listen to those fuc...ahum...fabulous bosses exchange friendly advices and aguments (… they were fighting like three years olds wanting the same toy...minus childish cuteness) during two days whole. He was calm and patient when he was made to stay for three more days because those...fabulous bosses couldn't find a single common agreement. He was also calm and patient when he left the room and its occupants alive...okay, they were scared shitless but they were fine so yes, calm and patient he was.

So here he was, an aura of calmness surrounding him, looking at the scenery he would be stuck in for three more days...Plus one day of travel, so he wouldn't be home for Lambo's birthday. Tsuna always was home for his guardians birthday. Those willing to celebrate it mainly. The first and last surprise party they threw for Kyoya didn't end...hum...well. The pile of paperwork he got wasn't worth the risk...unless they party in a field with some kind of unbreakable tableware...that's an idea he will look into. Back to topic, Tsuna was not at all angry for not being able to celebrate his youngest guardian birthday. No murder intent were pouring out of his skin. Ah...what beautiful bushes there are here...bushes with tiny blue spots...?...Blueberries!

Smiling happily, Tsuna bent down and began collecting the berries in the handkerchief Reborn always made him store in his pocket for some obscures reasons. He would make it up for missing his birthday to Lambo by keeping at least this promise with him.

~Three days later~

In the Vongola mansion

- Open the door, you stupid cow!

- NO! I will not come down unless Tsuna-nii is here!

- You stupid, fly-attracting, milking animal! Juudaime said he couldn't leave until tonight and the place for the meeting is too far to make it in time! Are you even too much of an idiot to understand that?!

- Maa, down Hayato. Lambo is just upset...then turning to the closed door. But a birthday party without the birthday boy...that can't be... Guess all the food and cakes are going to waste now...

By the end of the sentence, an eye was watching them silently through a partly open door. Takeshi went on and on about how the chiefs had gone all out and prepared all of Lambo's favorites. Or how the gifts were waiting for him in the dining room, in all their ribbon-ly glory. Specially Tsuna's present. He had it sent to Lambo expressly but Lambo didn't want it. Surely Tsuna will be sad when he hears it. But they couldn't force him to come down if he really didn't want to.

As they turned to head to the dining room, the door finally opened. Lambo stared at the ground a moment before passing by them at lightning speed saying:

- The fried chicken is all mine!

Smiling softly after the disappearing figure ( thought it will be strongly denied by a certain storm), Takeshi and Hayato proceeded to follow. As announced, the table was covered by plates and plates of food. Lambo was already piling up all sorts of things on his plate, while I-Pin scolded him for the usual monopolizing. Thought, with the big smile on her face, the effect was grandly disminished. They ate, laughed and drank ( juice for non-legal of course! ) for a while. But when Chrome brought the cake in, they stopped and eyed it suspiciously...because cake decorations aren't suppose to wriggle and wave like real vine, right? And it was purple...

- Bianchi-san helped me make it, said Chrome smiling softly.

Ah...this explain that...God help us...!

- Ne, why don't we open the present now and eat the cake later? suddenly exclaim Takeshi in an overly cheerful voice. I'm sure Lambo is impatient!

- Oh, yes! The presents, the presents! saying this, Lambo jumped out of his sit and ran to the table holding the wrapper up goods.

Nice - Baseball freak/to the EXTREME/Takeshi-nii/Takeshi - !

After opening all presents (and stopping an hysterical Lambo when Mukurou's was opened), a mysterious little box remained. Looking at it from all sides, no clues were given. As they were discussing the probability of it being a trap and blowing it up would be safer, Reborn reentered the room.

- I leave the room for five minutes and you already want to blow something up?! Plus, that's your boss affection for you you're going to blow up. Tsuna sent this to Lambo for his birthday, said something about a promise...

- Tsuna-nii sent it?

Quickly unwrapping it, the box opened to reveal a small jar of jam and a card. Lambo began to read it aloud.

« To Lambo. First, Happy Birthday! Sorry for not being here. But during a walk I found those so I made you a little jam! I know you wanted a pie but I was afraid it wouldn't like the transport. » didn't found enough berries, right...?

« Once again I'm sorry. I swear I will make it up to you! »

There were eraser marks here and the previous words were still slightly visible. « I will make them pay... » was what Tsuna had written first...Luckily, Lambo didn't notice.

Note to self. Do not anger Tsuna when he comes back...

The end of the letter was Tsuna wishing them all a good day and asking them to be nice to each other...

...Stop anything from bothering Tsuna when he comes back...

- So Tsuna made this? said Takeshi looking at the jar. Wonder how it taste like...

- It's mine! Tsuna-nii made it for me! You won't have any! cried Lambo, taking the jar from the box and pressing it against him for protection.

- You stupid cow! You have to share things with others!

The storm guardian then began to run after Lambo trying to take the jar from him. Seeing this, Takeshi sweatdropped and stopped Hayato.

- Hayato...are you seriously trying to steal a ten year old's birthday present...?

- I am not stealing it! I am taking it!

...That's the same!

It continued for a while until a certain someone had enough of this. They all calmed down as Reborn switched off his gun security. The party continued ( with the jam safely stocked in Lambo's hair) and they ate the cake after blowing the candles ( a normal one, the previous cake having « mysteriously » disappeared). Laughter could be heard from the dining room until late in the night.

~The next day~

Just as Tsuna opened the door, he was engulfed in a hug by a very happy Lambo. Whishing him a late happy birthday, Tsuna returned the hug. After Lambo thanked him, they stayed like this for a while until...

- Tsuna-nii! I love mango pudding!

- Eh...? was all Tsuna could say as he stared at his youngest guardian.


Another three days later, in Tsuna's office

- Juudaime, the written agreements from the last meeting are already here.

- Oh! Good! Who send it? asked Tsuna without looking up from the paper he was currently working on.

- ...Well...all of them. All the other families already sent it...Can I ask you a question?

- But of course, Hayato! Go ahead.

- What did you do during the meeting...?

At this, Tsuna finally looked up, smiling innoncently.

- You know Hayato, they say sometimes the truth is better left unheard, said Tsuna, still shooting an angel-like smile at him.

- …..

- …..

- …..Would you like some coffee?

- That would be lovely, thank you.

At that, Hayato left the room. As the door closed behind him, he let the shivers he had managed to tune down run through his spine...Yes...never anger Tsuna...

And voilà! I was kinda anxious 'cause I couldn't find a good ending but I think it turned out good...Again thank you very much for reading! Until next time! (hopefully I will update with less time span between each chapters,just need inspiration!)