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A/N: This story is AU; therefore, the Phantomhive family is not the Queen's Watchdog, and Ciel and Lizzy are not betrothed, they're just close cousins

Warning: because this is AU,characters will be OCC, but not so much that they're unrecognizable (I hope). And the usual things that go along with the theme of vampires (and I don't mean "sparkling in the sun" kinds of things XD) Also, I personally would rate this as T+, because the content in later chapters isn't extremely graphic. But to be on the safe-side with all the changes, it's rated M

Chapter One

Tightly wrapping the reins around the worn fence, Ciel absentmindedly checked his small bag's contents for the hundredth time that night.

Holy cross. Wooden stake.

Satisfied, he closed the sack with shaking fingers, blaming the cold rather than his slowly amounting fear. Pulling his cloak closer to his body and patting the horse to reassure himself, Ciel glanced ahead at the small cluster of caves that waited for him with a foreboding sense of dread.

Clutching the bag tightly, Ciel started walking through the overgrown path lit by half the moon's light. Everything was silent, almost frozen in time except for his breaths that grew steadily shallower.

In the past seven weeks six young girls had been kidnapped from their beds in the middle of the night. Each had been found dead a mile or two off from their homes. Careful examination of their bodies led many to try and logically believe that some crazed maniac had escaped from the London asylum, but all evidence from the undeniable puncture wounds and completely sucked dry bodies had most believing it was the work of one of the most damned creatures of supposed myth.

A vampire.

When speculations of these murders being linked to a vampire first came up, Ciel was extremely skeptical. Such a thing was practically a fairytale, something of fiction and human imagination. However, articles recounting no escaped criminals or patients nor reports of unusual animal behaviors made themselves known, leaving the boy a little dumbfounded.

During these incidents, his parents more or less never minded the situation, busy preparing for their long month getaway to France. Ciel had brought it up to his father, a private investigator, to see whether it really should be something of concern, but the man merely said that murders such as these were more often than not cries for attention, as well as that the Scotland Yard was currently in charge of the investigations and should have it wrapped up in a matter of weeks. Ciel found himself a bit disappointed with these answers, but he didn't bring the subject back up.

Thus the murders continued, collective fear of vampires increasing each week as the same conditions were found on each of the victims. By the fourth murder, Ciel had been staying with the Middlefords while his parents vacationed. He wasn't particularly happy, feeling that a sixteen-year-old could stay in his own family's mansion for the duration of their trip, but his family, notably Elizabeth, was overjoyed to have him stay.

The fifth murder happened, and it undoubtedly put everyone in shock. The body, revealed to be one of Elizabeth's dear friends, was recovered not seven miles from the Middleford manor. His Aunt Frances and Uncle Alexis ordered three servants outside their daughter's door every night, and another four or five more guarding outside the manor just below her window.

Elizabeth had proven to be a bit more than nervous about the whole ordeal. In one sitting it seemed that her imagination had run wild, and it took Ciel a good amount of time to reel her back in, reassuring her that she was safe and that he'd definitely protect her. Enveloping her in a protective hug seemed to do the trick and she calmed down considerably. A couple tense days passed without incident and the household relaxed. However, it was relatively short lived as the sixth murder happened not even three miles away next.

Through the newspapers, there were many theories on where the vampire may be dwelling. There were a couple notable clusters of caves to the west, as well as countless abandoned households in the more remote countryside. There were open invitations to have groups go and check these locations out, but all searches had thus far proven to be fruitless. The Scotland Yard had supposedly picked up a few leads, but no major finds had been released as of yet.

With the sixth murder being as close as it had been, Elizabeth was constantly on edge. It was hard to watch her be so fearful of something that Ciel considered to be myth, but at this point Ciel couldn't come up with any other conclusions. He spent most of his time reassuring her in any way possible, and his cousin in return clung to him and her parents for protection, making them promise that she'd be protected at all hours.

It was earlier in the day that Ciel decided to take matters into his own hands. He'd seen Elizabeth practically crying in fear and pent up hysteria about whether or not she'd be next to die, as well as the grief she held for now two friends who'd been victims. Ciel vowed then and there to keep Elizabeth safe at all costs, whether he'd be facing a real vampire or some crazed, sick individual.

So as he came to the mouth of the caves, Ciel pulled out his small light, shining it against the jagged rocks and trying to see what lay in the shadows. He stood at the small entrance for the longest time, kicking himself for his hesitancy. A little farther down he could see a couple twittering bats against the ceiling of the cave, their small black eyes and monstrous tiny faces sometimes catching the light.

Pulling the cross from his bag, Ciel made the first couple of steps into the cavern, his footsteps echoing off the rock floor. Irrational fear made his blood pump that much faster, and for a moment he forgot that he considered vampires to be myth. What if it was preying back at the Middleford manor right now? What if it was making Elizabeth his next meal…?

Shaking such thoughts from his head, Ciel turned to straining for any noises other than the small squeaks the bats were making overhead. His light shone down the cave into pitch darkness, suggesting that it was much deeper than he originally thought.

Moving slowly forward, Ciel jerked with a gasp when a bat flew in front of him, narrowly missing his face. He accidentally dropped his light and it went out as it hit the solid ground with a crack, the only source of illumination now far behind him and quite dim. "Shit…" Blinking to adjust his sight, Ciel turned around and found the tiny circle of light. He shuffled his feet carefully one after the other, keeping his eyes forward.

He cursed the cloud that obscured the already half gone moon when the light suddenly faded, leaving him in the dark.

'God help me.'

Taking deep breaths and telling himself that there was nothing to fear, Ciel carefully found one of the nearby walls, ignoring the sticky substance his hand touched. He continued to move forward with the wall as his guide, his other hand clenching the cross as he inwardly begged for the light to reappear.

Sebastian thought it odd when he first saw the boy. Before they had come in large groups, all equipped with the most dangerous of weapons that he made a point to steer clear of by hiding in the shadows, or far away from his current dwelling altogether. They had come and gone, at least twice scoping the place out. But this boy had come alone. Sebastian thought him to be either the most courageous of his species, or the most foolish.

He had already seen the glint of silver in that clenched hand. It was no doubt a cross, albeit a small one, but even that was something Sebastian didn't want to risk. He could only guess what else was in the boy's bag, but it didn't look like much.

Cocking his head slightly, Sebastian couldn't help but smirk. The boy was helplessly blind, groping in the dark. The cloud that shrouded the half-moon wouldn't pass for a while, and with that in mind, Sebastian moved to the entrance of the cave. Bats suddenly shrieked and loud flapping noises covered the boy's startled noise, the small animals scurrying to fly out of their dark home. Sebastian watched them go, their black silhouettes nearly invisible against the midnight-blue sky.

Silently moving forward, Sebastian could now hear the boy's labored breaths, his shoes scraping against the rock for level ground, his hand slicing through the air in search for a wall. The cross was still tightly coiled around his fingers, but his bag had been dropped and forgotten.

He scented the air, drawing closer unbeknownst to his vulnerable guest. The smell of a virgin hit his nose first, and he was surprised to find his mouth water. He'd only ever fed from young girls, as it was what he'd been taught. Their blood was always satisfying, but he had to admit that the thought of tasting this boy would be rather refreshing.

The boy fell the moment he slapped the hand that held the small cross. His fingertips tingled as they brushed against the metal, but his red eyes kept a close watch on the sprawled boy just two feet before him.

"Who…who's there?" the boy asked, his uncovered eye darting this way and that, trying in vain to see through the darkness. Sebastian had previously missed the eye patch and he kneeled down, placing a hand on a shivering knee. The boy jumped and trembled badly at his cold, unexpected touch, his breath now frantic. A whimper escaped from his parted lips, and Sebastian suppressed an amused chuckle. Reaching out, he lightly touched his fingertips against the boy's cheek, the body before him going completely rigid this time around.

"Get…get awa-away…" came the weak and barely audible command, a hand scuffling uselessly behind him, searching.

Never minding the boy's futile attempt to find his weapons, Sebastian let his fingers creep up the boy's face and slip under the eye patch. The pads of his fingers rolled lightly over long eyelashes and a smooth eyelid, and then he pulled back gently, the eye patch coming loose and falling into the boy's lap.

An oddly uninjured eye fluttered open, confusing Sebastian for a moment. Both eyes now darted back and forth frantically, fruitlessly seeking out the obvious danger before him. Sebastian licked his lips as his hand that rested on the boy's knee inched upward, causing the boy to lurch back into a patch of jagged rock.

Sebastian couldn't help the chuckle that tumbled from his lips, his senses already detecting the aroma of fresh blood. He moved forward against the boy's quivering form, one hand pressing down on the uncontrollably rising and falling chest, the other cupping the boy's chin and holding him in place. He let his instincts take over for a moment as he buried his face in the boy's exposed neck, a tongue pressing against the delicate skin and hunting down the racing pulse. Sebastian inhaled the boy's delicious scent, his fangs impulsively beginning to extend in preparation.

"…please, I-I…" the boy's broken sentence just barely whispered, bringing Sebastian in a little. He drew back reluctantly, but kept his hold on the boy all the same. Large eyes looked directly up at him, even though they couldn't properly see him. His lips trembled, unable to form words…pleas.

Smoothing the skin under his thumb, Sebastian taunted playfully, "Aren't you a little too young to be hunting vampires?" The boy's breath hitched as it was obvious his suspicions were confirmed, his outstretched hand still floundering at the solid ground futilely. "…or have all those fiction stories gone to your head?"

"N-no, I…ah-!" Sebastian didn't give the boy time to answer as he pressed his face back into that vulnerable neck, his holds tightening to the point where it hurt the boy enough to cause him to cry out involuntarily. Deeply inhaling the intoxicating scent of rushing blood tinged with adrenaline, Sebastian took careful time to map out the section he'd bite with his tongue, blatantly ignoring the boy's sudden struggles beneath him.

His fangs tingled and Sebastian bit into that soft, warm flesh. An explosion of blood filled his mouth, the taste something he'd never sampled before. His eyes rolled back in pure delight at the new flavor as he sucked in more, the world around him disappearing for all but a moment…

Sebastian drew back sharply with a pained hiss. Precious blood dribbled down his chin and onto his lap, but he could hardly care about the mess. The agonizing pain bloomed relentlessly from his neck, and he suppressed a howl by biting down on his lip. A hand tentatively fingered the burn mark and he susurrated again, his red eyes moving to glare at the fearful boy before him.

Eyes wavered yet held a surprising sternness just behind them. An arm defensively held out the small cross pinched between fingers, the other pressing against the small wounds in his neck. Sebastian nearly snarled at the sight, but held it back as he focused on the boy's blood that continued to flow through his fingers. The burn was starting to fade little by little, and he pushed past the pain, something about the display the boy was showing rousing him.

This time he used his shoe to more or less kick the cross from the boy's feeble hands, and he made sure it was a good distance away. The boy tried to scramble away from him, his body hitting the pile of toothed rocks again and making him cry out. Sebastian managed to grab him and pull him forward, his mouth already gravitating to the leaking blood.

As much as he wanted to make the wound bigger and feed until he held an empty husk, Sebastian restrained himself and licked up the excess liquid, seizing the trembling boy close to him. The body was starting to go slack in his arms, but Sebastian could tell that he was still awake. What little movement between them was starting to unconsciously calm the boy down, his adrenaline being replaced with exhaustion.

His fangs retracted as Sebastian licked the leftovers from his lips. The boy stared tiredly somewhere over his right shoulder, still unable to see his assailant. He twitched a little when Sebastian ran his hand tenderly along the curve of his jaw.

"…you're not…going to kill me?" the boy asked, panting softly.

Sebastian observed the boy who was staring quizzically up at him. Should he just kill him? His senses screamed at him to drain the boy, but in a way he knew he'd regret it later on. And just a moment ago, something interesting just beneath the surface flickered…it was why the boy was alive this very minute.

Coming to a decision, Sebastian stood up with a smirk. At his feet his victim's eyes closed with fatigue, his body going completely lax. As if he were picking up delicate chinaware, Sebastian scooped the boy up into his arms, observing the paling face.

"Not quite."

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