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Chapter 8

Siberia, the place hadn't changed a bit. I used to tease Dimitri that this place was an artic wasteland, but as usual I was wrong. Siberia looked like it hadn't changed since I left last time. People everywhere, culture, music and shops!

We rented a car and drove to Omsk, Dimitri's home town. Of course I got hungry at a couple of points in the trip which delayed us a teeny tinny bit. Dimitri wasn't letting me drive, shocker (!). We had told no one that we were coming to Siberia except from Queen Lissa of course. All together it took us 3 hours to reach our destination. The house was surrounded by flowers and on the porch the swing moved ever so slightly with the wind. Dimitri looked at me and gave a small smile. He was really nervous. I squeezed his hand and dragged him with me to the front door.

Dimitri and I had a plan. We, well rather I, would break the news to them slowly. He was waiting in the car right now, chicken. I pressed the bell and waited. After about 30 seconds there was no reply, so I pressed again. I checked the door for any break in signs, there were none. I pressed my ear to the door and listened. Doors slammed in the house and people were shouting.

"You open the damn door Karoline, I'm changing Zoya's nappy" Sonya shouted. I stifled a laugh and continued to listen.

"Arghh, you're the best sister anyone could ever wish for Sonya. The pregnancy excuse doesn't last forever you know!"

I was about the press the bell again, when I heard screaming. Acting on my instincts I kicked the door down and ran inside. Sonya and Karoline were frozen just staring at me then the door. I quickly scanned the area to notice no threat. Then I saw that Karoline had a stepped on one of Paul's sharp toys and fell. After that examination, both of them came running towards me screaming and squealing, oh no this is not good.

"ROZA!" they both screamed. I hugged them back as they tackled me.

"Hey, I'm sorry about the door but you should really answer the door more quickly." We all laughed and cleaned up the mess I had made. I was told that Olena and Yeva had gone to get some groceries. Sonya was no longer pregnant and she had a baby girl, Rosalie Dimtri Belikova. I had tears in my eyes when she told me this. I held my niece in my hands then remembered I left Dimitri in the car.

"Hey, have you guys heard the rumour the Strigoi can be changed into their original state?" random conversation starter I know.

"Yeah they said your bond mate did it to some random Strigoi when they kidnapped her" Sonya replied.

"Well it's true I was there and so was Dimitri. Dimitri was that 'random' strigoi" Both Sonya and Karoline looked at me dumb founded and a bit upset.

"Don't joke with us, Roza"

"I'm not joking with you, why would I?"

"Prove it to us then" Karoline said. Reluctantly I got up and walked out the house and ran to the car. Dimitri had closed his eyes and tears were leaking down his face.

"Dimitri" I whispered. His eyes shot open and he immediately whipped the tears away.

"Hey are they ready for me?"

"Yeah come on" I knew he wouldn't tell me anything yet so I would have to wait until later.

He held my hand and we strolled up the path way. I opened the door and Dimitri had a similar greeting to mine except his was a little bit less quick. They sprayed him with holy water and Karoline scraped a silver stake on his arm. Dimitri grunted from the pain then stared at me looking for help. I let the girls work their magic and laughed. After a whole minute of asking him questions and checking to see if his eyes were red they gave him a proper greeting. They hugged him and kissed him on his cheeks. Dimitri was introduced to Zoya and Rosalie. He had tears in his eyes again. I wiped them and kissed him gently on the lips.

I was starving after the 'reunion' of sorts. When Yeva and Olena returned they were much calmer and mainly Dimitri and his mother hugged and cried.

Olena immediately started to fix up dinner whilst we all chatted and told them about our new assignment. This was how I wanted my life to be from now on.

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