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It was a regular morning in Titans Tower.

Beast Boy had made tofu, while Cyborg pinched his nose in disgust. Raven produced her usual herbal tea, rolling her eyes at the two morons. Starfire floated around wishing everyone a 'good gorflok' and Robin was checking the monitors for evil in the city. His eyebrows furrowed in annoyance as the kitchen steadily grew louder and louder.

"Come ON Cyborg, you know you wanna try some!" Beast Boy insisted holding out a tofu waffle, but the mechanical man slapped it away in disgust.

"BB, I mean it, keep that stuff AWAY FROM ME!"

Beast Boy shook his head. "Nuh-uh, you have to taste it first!" He picked up another waffle and shoved it in the fuming Titan's face.

Cyborg's head grew larger as his anger started to build. "MAN THERE IS NO WAY I AM TRYING THIS STANK!"

"Would you keep it down?" Robin snapped, a pulse beginning to throb from his forehead.

"Yes friends," Starfire agreed floating over to the counter with several different items in her arms. She hated when they fought and she hated it even more when Robin got angry. "Perhaps the gaming of monkeys and coins will distract you?"

They both shook their heads stubbornly.

She pulled out another game from her pile. "Then maybe the gaming of zombies?"

They repeated their gesture, their arms crossed.

Star threw a few more things to the side then pulled out a movie case. "Would you care to partake in the viewing of Wicked Scary Edition 5?"

They shook their heads yet again, their lips pouting.

Starfire sighed, threw a few more items to the side then placed the remaining one on the counter. "All that is left is this rather bulky book with strange pictures of a man that looks much like Cyborg, but I do not think-"

"Hey, that's my yearbook!" he exclaimed grabbing it from her. He plopped on the couch and BB, Star, and even Raven surrounded him. Cyborg reached his mechanical hand across the ops room and grabbed their team leader by the back collar, forcing him to sit beside him. As Robin was tugged across the room he spat out a 'Hey!' and rubbed the back of his neck, irritated once he was beside his team. However once he was there, he too could not resist the curiosity to see Cyborg's yearbook.

"This has all my memories from high school," he explained opening the book.

"Please friends, what is this school of high?" Starfire questioned.

Beast Boy and Cyborg gaped, however Robin answered her question.

"It's where people our age go to learn," he told her.

She nodded in interest her eyes wide. "We do not have such a place on my home world."

Beast Boy gasped. "You mean you don't have schools on Tamaran? LUCKY!"

Starfire cocked her head to the side. "No, everything Tamaranians need to know is on our planet or on other planets. Is school really such a terrible place?"

"To some," Raven answered. "On Azarath there isn't a school like they have here on Earth, but it's the same idea."

The bubbly Tamaranian nodded.

"Well are we gonna look or not?" Cyborg asked impatient.

The Titans peered at the pictures of a rather handsome dark skinned young man that looked exactly like Cyborg except for…well…the robot parts. In one picture he was smiling with a group of bulky, strong friends. In another he was in a football jersey being lifted up by the rest of the team. He held a trophy in his hands.

"Wow Cyborg, you were really…popular," Robin commented.

"Surprised? I was the captain of the football team and one of the jocks. Not to mention a total chick magnet." He grinned while Raven rolled her eyes.

"Big deal," Beast Boy scoffed. "Check this out." He ran at light speed to his room and back. In his hands he held a similar sized book as Cyborg's. He placed it in front of his teammates and opened it up wide.

"I was the most popular kid in school!" he bragged, his head held high.

Raven looked at one picture in particular. "Looks like it," she said sarcastically, pointing to a picture of Beast Boy getting a wedgy from a bigger boy with everyone laughing at him. His face was twisted in pain.

Cyborg burst out laughing while Robin and Star tried politely to hide their laughter.

"Oh ha-ha," the green Titan muttered, turning red and throwing the book over his shoulder.

When she was finished giggling, Starfire turned to Robin. "Robin may I ask what your high school experience was like?"

He tensed up. "It was no big deal," he answered stiffly.

"Oh, COME ON MAN, show us your yearbook!" Cyborg said.

"I can't, I lost it a long time ago," he shrugged. This was a lie. It was somewhere in his room, but he didn't want the team to know his true identity. Besides, high school was a miserable time for him. That was when his parents had recently died and in every picture he was in he had a serious and grim expression.

"Too bad," Raven spoke the same time BB said "Aw!"

"It was really nothing interesting anyway," Robin continued, "not like Cyborg."

"Yeah, high school was the bomb," he said his head swimming with memories. Then his expression turned darker. "Until I had to drop out sometime in my junior year because of my accident." He gestures to his robot body.

Starfire placed a hand comfortingly on his shoulder, making Robin twitch with unknown jealously.

"I had to drop out then too," he said quickly. "The city needed me."

Starfire gave him a sympathetic smile but other than that she didn't comfort him. Robin inwardly seethed.

"Hey that's when I dropped out because the Doom Patrol needed me!" Beast Boy burst in. "Yah! High school dropout club!" He raised his hand for a high five, his face overly happy. When they left him hanging his face sagged in annoyance.

"That was embarrassing," Raven told him, walking away with one of her books in her face. He glared at her.

As the Titans started to disperse, Star followed Robin back to the monitor. "So Robin, did you also 'magnet the chicks' like Cyborg?" she asked him.

He snorted. "No, I don't have time for girls." His eyes remained focused on the monitor screen.

"Oh." She looked away, her face pink.

"Besides, it's not like they were interested. Back then I wasn't Robin," he added.

Star stared at him with her emerald colored eyes. "I do not see how the lack of such a status makes you less appealing." She looked back at him quickly before looking away her cheeks bright read now.

Robin turned to her then, a blush steadily creeping across his cheeks as well but then the monitor started beeping.