The Teen Titans ran down a series of hallways heading toward Mad Mod's office. Robin turned to Raven as they ran.

"Are you sure he's in there?" he asked, his face determined.

She nodded. "I'm positive. It didn't seem like he was preparing for an attack but I can't be sure."

"Well we'll just have to hope for the best and blast at anything in our way," Cyborg declared, a grin plastered on his face.

BB smiled. "Dude it is so good to have you back!"

The Titans approached the office carefully once it was in view. Robin sneaked over to the door, his hand positioned on the handle. He nodded to the rest of the Titans to check if they were ready and they nodded back in response. He hesitated a moment longer before opening the door and jumping inside.

The Titans readied themselves for the worst but nothing was there. It was completely empty like how Robin remembered it except for the mahogany desk in the center of the otherwise empty room.

"Uh…shouldn't he be here or something?" Beast Boy asked. Robin shushed him and walked cautiously over to Mod's desk. The back of the chair for the desk was facing toward them and with one solid motion he whipped the chair around. Nothing.

Suddenly the doorway sealed shut and it became a thousand times harder to breath. Everything seemed to be spinning and Robin wasn't sure if this was real or if it was just in his mind. He heard his friends groan from the nauseous feeling which confirmed his suspicions.

"Well look-y here," Mad Mod's voice echoed around the room making the whole experience even more uncomfortable than it already was. "Looks like the Teen Titans have rejoiced after all! Well now, have you learned to mind your elders?"

"Enough with the tricks Mod! You're making this harder than it needs to be!" Robin shouted, clutching his head and wincing.

"Well, I guess that answers that," Mod's voice responded disapprovingly. "You know you can't win. You'd have to find me to do that."

"Stop!" Raven groaned clutched her sides. "You sick-"

"Careful now there, wouldn't want to have to call your pop now would we?" he asked Raven, cackling.

Raven winced. "How-"

"I've been inside your mind love. In fact I've been inside all your duckies' minds beside Robbie here. That's just one tough nut to crack it is. Probably 'cuz he's so secretive all the bloody time. Besides, how else do you think I got you lot to forget?"

Everything was slowly starting to come together. Robin's troubled past. His sealed up mind. Refusing to let anyone in…mostly.

"And," Mad Mod continued. "Have I got some dirt on you chops. Take a look at robo-man over 'ere. Do think his mommy's proud of him?"

"Don't you dare talk about her!" he bellowed, then grimacing at the horrible dizziness.

"Alright then, how about the green elf? Surely he'd like to go for a dip? His mum and pop always did, mind you."

"Shut up!" Beast Boy screamed. "Shut up!"

Mod clicked his tongue and Robin could imagine him shaking his head. "You lot aren't fun at all. You're treating me like rubbish! Well I'll show you I will…Oh, what is this interesting little memory? Now I just have to share this!"

An ear shattering scream split the air. "No!" Star screamed, her voice high and shrill. "Leave me alone! Please!"

"Sorry love, can't do that. When Moddy's found something like this, he just can't let it go to waste! Let's see…a lost brother, an evil sister…sold into slavery by your own pop? This stuff just keeps getting better!"

"Please!" she shrieked. "It hurts!"

"Gordanians, huh love? They sound like a jolly good bunch!"

Robin suddenly didn't feel sick anymore. It was almost as if Mod had lost control of his mind completely. Now that he found a target to settle on that is.

"What did they do to you my sweet dove?" he continued. "Did they-"

"Leave her alone!" Robin shouted. "She's no use to you!"

"I don't think that's entirely true Robbie," his voice echoed around the room. "I don't think that's true at all."

"Please," Robin was alarmed that Star's cry had become no more than a desperate whisper.

"I'll give you my mind, in exchange for theirs!" Robin screeched, and everything seemed to stop. The four Titans lay panting on the ground, released from their torture. Cyborg and Beast Boy groaned, while Raven held her head, focusing on healing her intruded mind. A steady stream of tears flowed down Starfire's cheeks, but her eyes remained closed.

"Now how do you propose to do that?" Mad Mod asked him.

Robin winced. "I'll open my mind for you. I'll let down any barriers that are there." He concentrated for one moment. Then thought of every horrible thing that had happened to him during his lifetime. He cried out in pain as the sick feeling returned, even more powerful than before.

"My, my," Mod said impressed. "I never knew this about you Robin. Or should I say-"

"Shut up Mod," Robin groaned. "You still can't win."

"But I already have."

Raven recovered the quickest. She stretched out her mind, knowing Mod would be too focused on Robin. She searched the room with her raven, trying to locate him. It was so hard. There was nothing but emptiness! Everything was nothing! Everything but-"

"The desk," she gasped returning to her body. "Cyborg, the desk!" she fell back against the ground, her mind completely strained.

Cyborg shakily stood up. He readied his sonic blaster. "Yo, Mad Mod!" he called. "Looks like you've just been expelled!" He fired his sonic cannon into the desk engulfing it in blue light before it exploded completely. Then everything turned a bright white.


The next thing they knew, the Titans, along with Mad Mod himself had appeared right where they had fought a week ago, although everything seemed unchanged, giving the impression that the whole thing had occurred in one day.

One by one, each Titan rose, shaking his or her head, clearing it of all thoughts. Robin was the last to rise, his head still faintly pounding.

"Is everyone alright?" he asked.

"Mostly," Starfire called.

"Yeah, man," BB assured him.

"As good as I'll ever be," Cyborg responded.

"Define okay," Raven said grumpily then pointed in front of her team leader. "Look."

Robin spun around and stared in disbelief as Mad Mod leaned against his cane, annoyed but unharmed.

"Come on you brats. Is that all you've got?" he taunted.

"Titans, Go!" Robin bellowed, and they sprang into action, intending to finish the battle from earlier that morning.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven screamed, black energy pulsing from her. Cars enveloped in her power were launched at the cackling villain. He dodged them all, but only barely. He unexpectedly charged at the last car, and broke it in half with a touch of his cane. Raven restricted his arms with a black orb and he struggled with the restraints. After a few moments she let go and Beast Boy barreled into him in the form of a mountain goat.

Mod shakily got up, now thoroughly peeved. He defended himself with his cane as best he could while BB morphed into a variety of animals. When he got a safe distance away from the green changeling, he activated the street waves once more, literally sweeping him off his feet. As Raven went to catch him, Starfire flew in, ready to attack.

She shot her eyes beams at him, forcing him to duck to the ground. She launched a series of supreme punches, landing a particularly hard one in his gut. Mad Mod wheezed, intending on saying something clever but now wasn't the time. He noticed a nearby bus and clicked his cane. The heavy automobile flew at Starfire and she put her hands up to block it. She grunted in effort but managed to throw it off. She then circled back around, picked up Cyborg and flung him at the villain, his cannon was already out.

Cyborg fired his cannon twice, the second shot hitting Mod and knocking his cane from his grasp. He grunted in pain and army crawled to his source of power but Cyborg was already there. Right when he grasped his cane, the six foot mechanical man had grabbed him by the collar and brought him eye level to his own face. Mad Mod laughed nervously, and then was thrown into a building. Before he could take the full impact he pressed his cane again and was swooped up by a chunk of the street, using it as a hovercraft.

That's when Robin came in. He used his grappling hook from his utility belt, glad that it had been restored good as new. He wrapped it around the squirming redhead and hoisted him down. He punched and kicked, but it was the roundhouse kick that brought Mod to his knees. The cane fell limply to the ground and Robin scooped it up.

Mad Mod still had the audacity to laugh though. "Silly, scallywagger. You can't win. I still know your true identity! And there's nothing that you can do abo-"

Robin had raised his eyebrows, slightly amused the whole time the British villain had been speaking. He raised Mod's cane up and cracked it in have, draining his youth, as well as his memory. He lifted the wrinkled Mod up from his knees and the old man looked around rather confused. The anger and determination from Mad Mod's had eyes drained immediately. "Where am I, sonny?" he asked him.

As the police cruisers pulled up, the Boy Wonder smiled. "Here I'll show you exactly where to go."


After he had transferred Mod's shattered cane over to the officers, Robin met back with his friends, who were still looking slightly confused.

"So wait," Beast Boy said pulling down a projector screen that had just conveniently appeared. "So Mad Mod trapped us in his sick school, and none of us except Robin remembered that we're the Teen Titans, and everyone else we saw while we were there was just another one of Mod's tricks and even though it seemed like we were there for a long time we were only there for a day and Cyborg's a Cyborg, and you called Raven ugly, and it's not really Christmas it's summer again?" he asked in one giant breath.

"Um, yeah, pretty much," Robin said scratching the back of his head.

"Dude," Cyborg said his jaw dropping. "You called Raven ugly? You are soooo busted!"

"That's what I said," Beast Boy exclaimed, high fiving his friend.

Robin noticed Raven glaring at him once again and he shook his head frantically. "No I-"

"Too late," BB interjected, turning to Cyborg. "You know, what we should do?" he asked him.

Cyborg pretended to think things over. "Uh, go out for pizza?"


"Well, all right!" Cyborg hollered running at top speed towards the pizza place.

Beast Boy grabbed Raven by her hood and towed her along with them. She grunted in annoyance but allowed a small smile to escape her lips.

And then the Boy Blunder and Starfire were left alone once again. Robin was extremely relieved at first that none of his friends seemed to remember his true identity, which he had tried so hard to protect. It was a close call with Mod, but as usual, the Teen Titans took care of it. Robin started to follow his friends when he stopped noticing the way Starfire stood. Her head was bent down, and she was studying her shoes. She wiped away any previous tears that she had shed before.

"Hey Starfire, are you okay?" he asked her in concern.

She looked up at him. "Yes, and no," she said slowly. She looked after her retreating friends. "I am most delighted that we are victorious, yet I cannot help feeling that we have not restored our current condition." Somehow he knew she wasn't talking about their battle.

He tugged as his collar. "Um yeah, listen Star, I really like you it's just that…you know we have responsibilities as heroes. As heroes we can't be distracted. We have to always be prepared and we can't just forget about that. We don't have time for…for this." Damn. Why did he have to say the exact same words he had said to her in Tokyo?

She looked up, a small smile appeared across her lips, but her eyes revealed her pain. "It is alright, Robin," she said placing a hand on his shoulder. "I understand. We must do what is best for the team…what is best for everyone, yes?"

She didn't wait for him to answer. It's not like he could have answered anyway.

"Besides," she continued, her smile growing a little bigger, more hopeful. "you still have your promise to keep. I shall look forward to the day you will reveal to me your eyes." She gingerly touched his mask, and then bent over to kiss his cheek.

Robin watched as she flew away to join their friends. He suspected the only thing enabling her to fly was his promise. He sighed before following her.

It seemed like the only thing he could keep these days was a promise.


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