Quick A/N: I received a request from an anonymous reviewer on "Tuesday" for Soulsilvershipping (Lyra/Silver), but I actually have Soulsilver as one of the couples on my Kissing Days Challenge, so I'll combine those requests. (Author is lazy.)

This is a contest entry for a group on DeviantArt, Marowak-Fans. Enjoy.



Mommy, where are you?

I need you, Mommy. Where did you go?

I'm looking for you, but I can't find you. Are we playing hide-and-seek? I like that game. You play it with me all the time, Mommy. I'm getting really good at it. But you always let me find you. I can't find you this time.

Come out, Mommy. It's not funny anymore. I'm scared.

Did they take you, Mommy? Did they take you like they did last time? Are you going to come back? Please tell me, Mommy. Please talk to me.

What if they never let you go? They are even better at hide-and-seek than I am, and I'm a champion. I'm the best in Lavender Town. You even told me so. You were so proud of me.

I'll find you, I promise. I'll go looking for you. There is no one better than finding someone than me. I'm the very best—I might even be the best in Kanto.

And when I find you, they'll pay.

I'll make them cry the way I'm crying now.

They'll hate me.

And you'll be proud of me again.



I found you.

But you're so cold.