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With that in mind, Mamimi soon learned the basics of using a knife, hold it by the handle. With Vicious having to go to the syndicate building with nothing else to do, he practiced with Mamimi, seeing if she can catch him, a mere stab to the belly won't do much. After all, a bunch of bullets to the chest shadows out that.

It was almost like he was playing with her, his sick version a game, as the weeks went on, nothing of her past came back, she remember things, she didn't have a home, she loved photography and hanged out with a boy whose name was on the tip of her tongue, hell, she even forgot why she called people 'Tak-kun' it was almost like a permanent bad habit. It's not like that matter, whoever he was must have done something, something to hurt her, along with the boy she can't remember.

One things for sure, her old life with her camera and beloved lord 'Canti' sure beat the hell out of being with , who she would call Chief with her practicing.

"Mamimi, stop daydreaming." Vicious said, cutting into her thoughts, "we still need to practice."

Mamimi turned to face Vicious, his glare was serious, as always, so she never went against him. Why? Well, let's just say she got a glimpse of what would happen if someone went against him, almost like that man she heard of, Spike.

"Yes, Chief." Mamimi said, going into her battle stance, pointing the knife at Vicious, 'Don't hold back…' she thought, Vicious told her that, don't hold back when it comes to a blade in someone's body.

Mamimi charged, without making a sound, stealth, plus war cry's weren't her thing, quiet, the both of them were as Mamimi charged at Vicious, who easily dodged her move, such a sneaky bastard, quick.

"Come on Mamimi, you have to move faster than that!" Vicious growled as he easily dodged her moves, swaying his hips, almost like he was dancing with the knife.

Mamimi tried, Vicious was quick, he said he had practice with a man who was considered his equal, dodging bullets, and knifes. A spar between them meant death or a trip to the hospital.

Vicious soon found himself nearing the wall, taking a turn so that would elude the possibility of him being cornered, no, that wouldn't help her at all. She needs to strike when one is actually tring to put up a fight, atleast when they are, when there defenseless kill them.

The closest Mamimi ever gotten was right them, the tip, poking at his stomach, Vicious was impressed, but not a lot, he wants blood. To see her draw blood, it was beautiful image.

Mamimi hunched over, panting, working until fatigued, it was like that, it has now been about a week since Vicious was living with his Mamimi, he had to admit, she was doing better, but at a slower pace than his patience can tolerate. He sighed, looking at Mamimi.

In truth, she didn't like this, she didn't know what life was better, the one with so many gaps of truth or this life under the rule of this cruel man.

"Mamimi…" Vicious walked up to her, then patting her head, it was his habit, whenever she did something good he would pet her, even though it was the second time he did this, but for some reason, Mamimi was like a cat, mainly, he could see her with cat ears.


Mamimi nodded, but what Vicious told her, be full of suprises, with that, a quick jab of the knife, right through his cloths and piercing the skin on his arm, drawing blood, Vicious smiled, not taking it as betrayal, but more as something he thought of her doing.

Vicious smiled, licking away some of the blood on his fingers, looking at Mamimi, who flinched, knowing what might happen, but instead, Vicious held a finger that his blood on it, Mamimi arched an eye brow, looking at Vicious, who smiled.

"Taste it…"

Was he serious, she knew by know Vicious was demented in a way that seemed understandable, but really? His blood?

"I want you to taste my blood, only one other person did."

"Who was that?"

Vicious took his finger away and grined, "You heard his name in mine and Lin's conversations." Mamimi seemed totally oblivious to what Vicious meant, he sighed, "Spike."

Mamimi arched an eye brow, Spike, "Who was he?"

Vicious grimaced, "An old friend… don't ask about the blood thing, I don't even know anymore, but Mamimi, when you spend half of your life basking in the glorious bloodshed of others, you begin to realize how pleasubal it can be, especially tasting it." Vicious was now smiling, and pressing his finger on Mamimi's nose, leaving a little dot of blood on the tip.

"An aphrodisiac?" Mamimi asked, not knowing where that word came from. Vicious blushed, but Mamimi didn't seem to notice. Vicious took his hand away, lapping up the blood himself.

Vicious sure was fucked up, Mamimi sighed, placing the knife on the desk, thinking that she had done what Vicious wanted her to do for now. Vicious didn't seem to protest, Mamimi looked back at Vicious, who was just standing there with his arm bleeding freely.

"Arn;t you gonna fix that, Chief?" She asked Vicious nodded.

"When you have eluded death numerous times, you seem to get used to a jab in the arm, you wouldn't understand."

"May I walk around the building, Chief?"

Vicious looked at Mamimi, "I guess, I don't leave for ten minutes, find Lin while you're at it." Mamimi nodded, walking towards the door and opening it. Walking out without uttering a word to Vicious.

Vicious sighed, looking at the knife that still had his blood on it, sitting on the table with the last rays of sunlight shining off the blade and the deep red that covered it. Working fast with her progress, he was beginning to regret nothing.

Mamimi walked through the halls, Vicious left at around eight, last she checked it was seven thirty-five, she has a good few minutes, usually with the time she had she would talk to Lin, he seemed… let's just put it as not as unnerving as Vicious.

Mamimi was somewhat used to the hallways of the large building, at least she knew were Vicious office was, and the exit, nowhere else, Vicious sets limits, as if trying to keep her from seeing certain things, saying she wasn't. Mamimi was forced to wear high heals, a black skirt and custom tailored suit. She was beginning to think she was part of some fucked up cult, but vicious assured her she was in something completely different. Mamimi walked around, waiting for vicious to finish work before finding the lone girl wandering the halls, it wasn't that hard if he was able to hear the clicking of her high heels against the floors.

A sudden feel of something warm on her shoulder, Mamimi gasped, looking behind her, seeing Lin, who pulled away his hands once he realized her had scared the girl.

"My apologize Mamimi." Lin said, "I didn't mean to frighten you."

She didn't respond, Lin always did this, it became a rutine, he would do something that would be enough to tick Vicious off and apologize as if the man was right behind him. "Vicious knows you're wandering the halls?" Mamimi nodded.

"Good, you realize you leave in about fifteen minutes."

"Yes, Vicious-sama lets me wander the halls, he goes to look for me when we have to leave."

Lin arched an eyebrow at Mamimi's words, "Since when did you start calling Vicious that? All I ever hear you call Vicious is Chief or Tak-kun."

Mamimi wasn't quite sure either, being that Vicious would pull at her hair if she called him Tak-kun, he really didn't do much when she called him Chief, she shrugged her shoulders.

"Vicious is really protective of you..." Lin says, rubbing his shoulder, chuckling, "He was never like this to anyone."

Mamimi tilted his head, "Never like this to anyone?" she asked, with that said, Mamimi just seemed kinda cheerful.

"Vicious is very distant with people, even when he was friends with Spike, he was very cold hearted to others. Up until Spike left him, he just seemed…" Lin cut himself off, realizing that Mamimi was still unaware of who Spike was, or at least, knew that Spike was Vicious' friend, he sighed, "he just hates everything and everyone, hell, he even treats me like a human shield other than"

"Bombarding Mamimi with things that don't matter anymore, Lin?"

Lin gulped, Mamimi gasped and finding her place next to Vicious, "Mamimi, wait in the car."

Mamimi nodded, leaving Vicious alone with Lin.

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