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Chapter Four

The Next morning Hermione sat in the great hall sulking amongst her chatting friends. Luna was explaining to Ginny the theme for the next issue of her fathers magazine The Quibbler, and Ron and Harry were disscusing quiditch.

As she nibbled on a peice of toast with jam, and replayed the images of last night in her head. ' Why had he snapped so suddenly after kissing her?' She felt very distraught, and was unsure if she wanted to press the matter if he was not going too. It was obvious he had only kissed her, due to the fact that he was unsure what to do with his emotions. She assured herself that, she too would kiss someone hard if she found out they had saved her life. Suddenly making a decison. She jumped up from the breakfast table. Even though it was not ideal to her, she was going to tell Severus it was water under the bridge, he didnt need to worry about it, she wouldnt tell anyone.

" Where are you off to then?" asked Harry

" To Speak with professor Snape... I have a question about the homework" She nervously said as she avoided eye contact. She hated to lie.

" Alright then, dont forget you'd help me out with that homework tonight!" he replied.

Of course thats all he cared about. " Sure alright, see you later Harry." She rushed out of the hall.

When she arrived the door was open, obviously ready for the students to arrive. She had to make this quick, hoping to avoid all akwardness. She didnt want to make a fool of herself again. She saw him sitting at his desk writing, to get his attention she knocked. He looked up quickly, appearing unhappy to see the witch standing in his doorway.

Where had she come from? He had to admit, he was both pleased and terrifed to see Hermione. Had she come to give him a scolding? Lord knows he deserved it. She looked sad, and he knew it was his fault. His wall began to build around him, he could not let this woman in.

" What is it , classes are about to begin and YOU are not in my class until 1 pm"

She looked taken back, but spoke anyway.

" Im sorry, I just wanted to tell you that...Your right. Last night was a mistake. I understand that you were just welled up with emotion. I promise to never bring it up again, and I will not tell the Headmistress. I would not jeprodize your carreer with a silly mistake like a kiss" It was breaking her heart with every word she spoke. But she did not wan to upset him more than she already had.

" Very Well Ms. Granger, move along to you next class." He begin to write on his parchment again.

Hermione was stunned, that was it?

" Im not sure I understand ..." She mumbled

" What dont you understand ? " His black eyes boring into hers.

" Its just well..." She continued to act as baffled as she felt

" You just what? Thought that Id be on my knees, trying to convince you Ive changed my mind, that what I did was an act of, dare I say it... love? Your out of your mind , if you think that, infact your stupid. As you said, I was surprised to hear of your oh so heroic act .." He was standing up now looking smug.

Hermione face turned beat red and tears began to form in her eyes she was not expecting this reaction at all. " How dare you, who do you think you are!"

" NO, how dare you" he was now very close to her yelling. " You sturt about this school as though you own the place, you boast of your brains, and now you have decided that you , are worthy of deciding who lives and who dies, who is it that you think you are"

Where was all this comming from, why was he so angry suddenly, why was he yelling, she was the most confussed she had every been, at this point she no longer tryed to hold back tears. She said the only thing she could think of.

" So you expected me to just leave you there to die then? she yelled, and wiped the tears from her eyes.

" Yes I did" he bellowed.

Hermione stared at him stunned, opened mouth, completly unable to speak. Had he really just said this to her?

Severus stared at her, and registered shock and hurt across her face. He couldnt beleive he had just said that to her. He reacted quickly, reaching out to her...

" Hermione, please I..."

But she was already out the door and down the hall.

" I cant beleive Hermione missed class" Harry whispered to Ron

Severus had hoped to see the young witch in class and ask to speak with her after but she never showed, this worried him. However his ears perked at the conversation between the two boys. He continued to listen...

" I asked Ginny if she had seen her, and Ginny said she the last time she saw her was at breakfast." replied Ron.

" I hope she is alright. I dont think she has ever missed a class in her life" said Harry, trying to remain as quiet as possible.

This made Snapes heart sink.

" Five points from Gryffindor Potter" He sneered, throwing his pain someone elses way.

After she had a good cry and wiped her eyes in the bathroom, Hermione remained with Hagrid at his hut for the rest of the day. He was good not to report her and didnt ask many questions, so she helped him collect an odd breed of beatles from the forest. This kept her mind busy and off of Severus.

She made her way back to the castle and to the Gryffindor common room where all her friends were waiting.

" Hermione! where have you been" exclaimed Harry

" You had us worried sick!" stated Ron

" Something must have been important for you to miss class" said Ginny

" Yes well , I was helping Hagrid for the day, special oders" She said glumly, as she headed to the stairs.

" Are you serious? Why didnt we get that offer too? " bellowed the red-headed boy.

" The privleges of being Head Girl Ronald" she said nonchalontly.

" Well would you tell us next time instead of giving us all hard attacks" he said

" Sure sure, now may I head to sleep, Im very tired" she was getting annoyed.

The next day in potions class, Hermione kept her eyes down and did not go out of her way to answer questions. Severus eyed her carfully. She look tired and agaitated, and was clearly going out of her way to avoid eye contact. This agaitated him. The silly girl did not even stick around to hear him attempt an apology. Something he didnt do often. He would try one more time.

" Nice of you to join us today " he said bluntly, hoping to get a reaction out of her.

"Im sorry sir" she replied emotionless.

" here we go" Ron attempted to whisper into her ear, Hermione gave him a dirty look.

"Five points from Gryffindor , and 20 points for missing class Ms. Granger, I also expect to see you here at 5 o'clock sharp for detention!" Snape yelled

" But sir!" she replied

" She was helping Hagrid!, headgirl duties" stated Ron, trying to defend her.

" She was, was she? " Snape said, eyeing Ron, " Untill this has been cleared with the Headmistress, I expected you hear tonight, no more back talk, Everyone, turn to page 653!" he quickly saunted back to his desk.

Hermione let her head fall in frustration. This was going to be a long night.

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