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This story is told from Madelyn Swan's point of view (aka POV). Maddie is Bella's younger sister who followed her to Forks, WA. Maddie knows nothing of this place nor has she ever seen her father before. So when she arrives (at the beginning of the first book with Bella), she is at a loss. She has a heightened sense of danger due her sister's lack of one, and the rest is for you to discover.


Chapter 1

"Maddie, you really didn't have to come with me," my sister, Bella, said. I sighed, shaking my head in disbelief. This was, at least, the twentieth time she'd said that.

"Every time I let you out of my sight, you manage to get hurt. Obviously, I am obligated to come with you," I replied, placing a hand on my hip. Although this statement wasn't necessarily true, I felt a rather strong need to tease her. After all, we had already had this conversation one too many times for me to actually take it seriously anymore. Bella made a face.

"You sound older than me when you say that," she pointed out, causing me to roll my eyes. I haven't heard that one before. She was really lacking originality on this particularly gloomy day in the great state of Washington.

"You wish," I told her, coming up with a different reply this time. She looked at me in confusion and I added, "The younger one is always more responsible." Now, this was probably not true in all cases, but it just so happened to be how it turned out for us… Although, sometimes when we were together we were the pinnacle of irresponsibility. I looked away from Bella then, my eyes automatically landing on an obviously out of place policeman. He looked rather uncomfortable.

"Dad!" Bella smiled and waved at him. He began to take her bags as her words slowly processed in my mind. That was him? I hadn't known what I had expected to begin with, but it was rather… wow to see him in the flesh, even if he did happen to look like a worn-out, old guy. A sweet, old guy, mind you.

"Dad?" I questioned, glancing at Bella. This was my first time seeing him. I never did bother looking at pictures of him all that often. The only ones I'd ever seen were the ones that were old as knuckles. They were the ones that my mom kept in her photo albums. He had looked very retro in those… It was rather amusingly, honestly.

The police officer before me, however, was a completely different story. He looked haggard. He probably hadn't even bothered to shave this morning. He had a bit of a slouch to his posture, old habits died hard probably. This dude - my dad - looked like he needed about three gallons of coffee pumping through his system.

"Yeah, this is him," Bella laughed, "Dad, this is Maddie. Maddie Swan." Surprise washed over the old man's face. I didn't blame him. I don't think we ever told him I existed.

"Renee never mentioned that there were two," he began. I smiled nervously, the air suddenly becoming rather awkward. I raised my shoulders slightly in a shrug, not sure how to diffuse the bad atmosphere that was beginning to swell.

"I was an accident," I informed slowly. I quickly tucked my hands away in my pockets, my black backpack bouncing slightly with the sudden movement. I wanted to hide the fact that they were shaking. Gods, I was so nervous. I didn't even know what to do with myself. Where was I even supposed to look, much less say.

"Why didn't you ever come over before?" Charlie asked as we dragged me and Bella's stuff out to his cop car. Didn't he have another car? I wondered this, but there wasn't much point in asking the question aloud. More than likely, it would come off as just plain rude. So I sealed my lips.

"I had ballet," I replied. Bella did too, but you couldn't just leave if you were actually proficient at it. I had advanced several classes ahead of Bella by that point though. I mentally added this on as an afterthought. We were packing everything into Charlie's car like a very intense jenga game that included lots of shoving… and building as opposed to putting together.

"Every time?" Charlie asked with an eyebrow raised in disbelief. I nodded solemnly. Ballet seemed very important at the time, especially over the summer. I made the most friends in those summertime classes. Of course, they were just "summer friends", but it felt good in a way that I didn't really know how to explain.

"I was actually good," I told him while throwing a look over at my sister, "unlike some people." Bella frowned at me again. I never tired of teasing her. She was such a klutz.

"Well... there aren't any ballet studios in Forks," Charlie stated. I rolled my eyes.

"I know that. I quit this year," I sighed. I'd probably miss it... a little or a lot. I didn't know yet, not that I was particularly concerned with it. I had found that I wanted something more than just situational friends. I had nothing in common with most dance girls. They were all interested in things like makeup and dresses, which were all fine and good, but honestly a little mundane.

"She wouldn't have been able to do it this year anyway," Bella added as to insure that Charlie didn't feel bad about my loss of profession. I don't know why I thought he might, but he looked like one of those people who would worry over that sort of thing.

"I hated ballet anyway. Mom always made me go," I complained, adding to the effect. Charlie smiled slightly, and pulled into his driveway beside an orange pickup truck.

"I have a surprise for you Bella, but not Maddie..." Charlie said sadly. I sighed. What did he think I expected? I didn't need to be goaded over… I was pretty grown up already, I had boobs, after all. And I clocked out on height at fourteen. I hadn't grown a millimeter in over a year.

"Psh... I don't need one," I replied, waving my hand in the air slightly as if to dismiss the thought. My eyes returned to the pick-up and realization washed over me. That... That couldn't be Bella's surprise... could it?

"Here it is," Charlie said proudly as we stepped out of the car. His arms were stretched wide before the red-orange truck. I could see the glitter in Bella's excited eyes. Her first car. She loved the ugly hunk of metal to death. I had to remind myself that although I would be seen in it, the thing was for Bella, not me. I crossed my arms over my chest in silence.

"Oh my gosh, Dad! Thank you so much! This is amazing!" she cried, hugging Charlie, "You really didn't have to do this, you know." I blinked back my initial disgust to smile with her. Charlie was smiling pretty brightly too.

"You can't get me a car though... She's 16 and I'm… not," I sighed. He might buy me a clunker too... I gave him a nervous smile, and he turned back to Bella. I couldn't drive on my own just yet. That was a very important detail to me.

"I'm glad you like it," he said. I then began dragging my suitcases inside.

Luckily, Bella and I didn't have to share a room. Mine was originally a storage room. It was dusty with hardwood floors and a bed that lacked sheets. The small closet had white, shutter doors, and I shared a bathroom with Bella. Even though the room was bland and empty, I loved it. It was my own space, and would begin to show off my personality when I began to unpack. I fell back onto the white mattress with a happy sigh. The room was quite bright and sunny.


It didn't take long for school to start. I was going into tenth grade and Bella into eleventh, and that particular morning I was slow to get ready because Bella was in the shower for thirty minutes. My unruly, wavy hair ended up thrown into a sloppy bun while I wore a hoodie and some jeans. Bella looked slightly more presentable than me, but that was due to her having the bathroom for the majority of the morning.

The two of us piled into Bella's pick-up and headed off to the high school. I was reading a book on the way there, even though it didn't take long to arrive at all (but that might have been because I was reading a captivating novel). At school, Bella wandered off while I headed straight for the office... I think. Bella had left me pretty quickly, and I was directionally challenged. Eventually though, some time in the middle of my first class, I found the office.

"Are you... Madelyn Swan?" the secretary lady asked from behind her desk.

"Yeah... Sorry, I got a bit lost on my way here," I apologized nervously. She laughed kindly and pulled out a schedule for me. Luckily enough, my first class was Algebra. I was pretty good with numbers, so missing some of that was exceptionally better than missing something like English.

"Here you go, and your class is down the hall and to your right. Try to get someone to help you navigate for a while," she told me kindly. I smiled back, feeling incredibly embarrassed and hurried down the hall to class. I hated to be late to class and I was new to the school to boot. Everyone stared at me, and I felt like I was in a spotlight, or something. I handed the teacher my late slip, and he pointed me to an empty desk by one of my fellow introverted individuals. She had long, glossy red hair and giant black glasses. Her eyes were - like - these giant oceans, and I found myself liking her already. I wanted her to be my friend.

At the end of class, I hopped up out of my seat and stood at her desk, smiling down at her like the radiant sun in Arizona. When she looked up at me, I swear she jumped five feet out of her chair. It was adorable. She was literally the cutest human being I had ever had the luck of laying my eyes on.

"Hi!" I said enthusiastically, talking to her in the only way I knew how to... slightly obnoxiously. She blushed slightly before replying.

"H-hello..." she stuttered, probably still overcoming her initial shock.

"My name is Maddie. What's yours?" I asked in an overly excited manner that most likely frightened her a little.

"My name is Willow, nice to meet you, Maddie," she replied, a small smile floating over her face. I spent the rest of the day with Willow. She proved to be very patient and fun to talk to. She even liked anime! What a wonderful human being she was. I had found a fellow Sailor Moon fangirl. Where had she been hiding all my life (in Forks, obviously, but that's beside the point)?

Later I found out that I had to walk home... by myself, and I had no idea of how to find my way there. Apparently Bella got this brilliant idea to abandon me. It sounded just like her, honestly. She was always such a scatterbrain. Just like Mom.

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