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Chapter 5

The next day, after Jacob brought me home, I didn't go to school. It would be a fairly pointless escapade, seeing as I hated moving due to the low ache in my side. I flopped around in silence before finally pulling out my laptop. Renee had emailed me because she was worried about Bella, and I, the dependable sister probably knew everything that was going on.

Maddie, hon, do you know what's wrong with Bells? She seems sad about something.

I quickly clicked on the reply button with a sigh. There was always something up with Bella in those days. I was fairly boring, basically a ghost and lacking existence to the whole world.


Bella's fine. She's just a bit wrapped up with this boy. Don't worry about her. I've got it handled, kay?

Lots of Love, Maddie

After a few weeks, I returned to school. I talked to Willow a lot, since she was my only friend. I was happy with only having her as such, since a multitude of friends was always tough to deal with. Willow sat with me and lunch, and we often talked about not so girly things, such as video games and motor bikes, and Bella stopped forgetting me. I think the main reason for that was that she was in Forks, and her mind often strayed to other things.

Lately though, she often complained to me about Mike, and the other two-thirds of the three Musketeers. She never understood my humor. I listened rather apathetically to it all, growing bored of hearing basically the same thing every single day.

Then it all changed. The stalker stopped ignoring her.

"And then he tells me that it would be best that we didn't become friends! He's so confusing!" she complained.

"That's because he's stalking you. If he was your friend it would be hard for him to stalk you," I replied, point blank about my opinion. She gave me a look and one of the three Musketeers knocked on the window. I looked at him in alarm.

"Tyler?" Bella gasped, a bit bewildered more than anything else. I felt that I could safely assume he wasn't the first to approach her in that manner. He opened the car door with a ultimately cocky smile, which pissed me off so I knew Bella was a bit annoyed too.

"I heard you were going to Seattle the night of the dance, that can't be too fun," he began. I fell silent, contenting myself with being an innocent bystander.

"It will be," she replied. I snorted, knowing she hadn't even told Charlie of said plans.

"Well, I was wondering… if you'd maybe consider going with me to the dance," he said, obviously trying to be subtle with that.

"I'm sorry, Tyler, but I'm going to Seattle this weekend. By myself," Bella replied bluntly. I couldn't hold my laughter in, and fell into a fit. Tyler closed the car door, and Bella glared through the windshield. I contained myself and looked in the direction that Bella was. It was also the reason we hadn't left. Edward had strategically placed himself in the way with his car.

By the time we arrived home, it felt somewhat akin to finally returning after the ultimate doom. It was refreshing, and I immediately holed myself up in my room to work on all of my make up work. It was awfully exhausting and annoying. I worked late into the night, and by midnight, I was tired beyond what I thought to even be possible. I collapsed in bed, and barely made it to school on time the next day. Bella had to threaten to leave me multiple times.

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