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Chapter 6

On Saturday, Bella went to the beach with a bunch of her friends from school. Apparently, she'd turned into Ms. Popular while I wasn't looking. Good for her. I didn't tag along or anything like some annoying younger sibling would. I had my own life, and my own things to attend to... like watching ballet performances of Swan Lake and feeling depressed because I wouldn't get to participate that year. But, I grew tired of being depressed rather quickly, and it was nice out. So I decided to go for a walk. An obviously ill fated plan for someone like me, who is rather directionally challenged, but nonetheless, I went.

I aimlessly roamed the forest, humming softly to myself, enjoying the golden patterns that trickled through the canopy of leaves overhead. The forest always had such a peaceful and beautiful appeal in my eyes. As I went along, I spotted something moving through the shadows. A large, graceful figure followed by a couple more. Much to my excitement, they looked like wolves. I didn't think they would pay me much mind, seeing as they were moving like they were tracking something, but one gazed at me for a split second.

Then, as soon as I had seen them, they were gone, flashing through the shadows of the forest at an incredible pace. The sighting had made my day, my whole year, really. I had seen real, wild wolves! I hoped their hunt went well, though it was a bit odd that they weren't howling and baying at the chase. I pondered that for a moment before stopping and really taking in my surroundings. The sun was headed toward the horizon, and I was at the edge of a small clearing, where a dark haired man and a tall, foreign looking redhead stood. I had a bad feeling that told me that I shouldn't be near them.

I didn't dare to move, but instead, stayed still in a sort of pressing silence. It was rather scary. My heart rate was accelerating, and I felt my adrenaline starting up, but I couldn't make myself move. I wouldn't make myself move. Not unless they noticed me. I couldn't hear a word of what they were saying anyway. My perfect day was hurtling downward. Fast.


Bella was frustrated. She'd told me about how she'd set up Angela and Mike. I listened silently as she poured her heart and soul out to me, but I could also tell that she was hiding something from me. It seemed she had had a sort of revelation about Edward and a nightmare a few days ago. I just didn't know how to comfort her or anything else. It had been a nice, sunny day when he wasn't at school. Apparently, the Cullens went camping, or well, vacationing, when they had the chance. A lot of people at school admired that about them.

"I don't really know what to say, Bella," I told her slowly. I wasn't going to pressure her about what she was hiding from me, since I figured she'd tell me if I needed to know, "You just have to take a leap of faith, I guess." Bella sighed, laying back onto my bed.

"It's just all so confusing. I feel so muddled up about him," she confessed.

"I'm sure he'll notice your adulation eventually," I replied with a sarcastic tone, "You're both stalkers. I'm sure it'll work out. Good job on matchmaking, by the way." Bella shot me a look, hating that I attempted to turn the conversation away from Edward. He seemed to be all she wanted to talk about at the time.

"Ugh, I'm going to bed, Maddie. See you in the morning," she said and threw my pillow at me before basically stomping out of the room.

"Night! I hope you enjoy some perverted stalker dreams!" I called after her, laughing softly to myself. The Cullens hadn't returned to school since it was sunny, and I had a feeling Bella was going to go out tomorrow.


My feeling was indeed correct. My gut was always right. That also ended up meaning I had to walk home, which I was none too pleased about. I found myself wandering toward La Push in hopes of finding Jacob or someone who could help me navigate. I was so helpless at times, it was vaguely annoying. I ended up running into Embry, which was lucky because I already knew him.

"Whoa, Maddie! Out drawing again?" he asked me. I smiled slightly, surprised that he remembered me at all. But then... how in the world did he know my name?

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