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Jane's expression fell, "Oh, come on, Darcy! Please?"

"Absolutely not." Darcy had no hint of remorse in her decision. There was no way on Earth—or Asgard, for that matter—she would play hotel for the God of Mischief and Lies. There was also no possible way Jane Foster, herself, had just asked this absurd question: "Would you mind it if Loki stayed here temporarily while he's . . . recovering?"

Darcy Lewis had thought this Friday night would be like any other in her crazy—yet amazingly average—life. She would sit in her small, average one bedroom apartment with some tasty fattening ice cream and cozy socks while watching her favorite TV series she had recorded over the week. Yes, that's what she was dying for. A casual sitting without the news channels making everyone go insane over the similar-to-an-alien-apocalypse fiasco that had went down only two months ago. Things were finally starting to fall back into place.

Until, that is, Jane decided to show up with Chinese take-out and a huge smile plastered across her face. Yes. That only meant one thing: nothing good.

Darcy folded her arms across her chest, looking at Jane with raised brows as she leaned a hip against her kitchen counter. "You want me to babysit Loki? Loki as in the one that could have killed us all? Yes, because I totally get paid enough for that."

Jane had made her way in and continued on preparing separate plates for them, piling them with delicious smelling Chinese food. In the tone of her voice, Jane could tell Darcy hadn't hit a note higher or lower, but sat the same—so there was hope in that, right? "Darcy, could you at least think about it? He isn't so bad anymore. He's been living with us, I think I would know." Jane attempted a smile, but Darcy just stood there with a flat expression. "It wouldn't be for forever. Just until everyone has decided it's safe to let him be on his own."

Darcy watched Jane take their plates and make her way to the small living area where the TV played Supernatural re-runs. She followed after, continuing on, "Why can't he just zoom back to Asgard or whatever?"

Jane sat down and patted the seat next to her, gently saying, "Thor doesn't think that's such a wise idea." She paused. "Yet." Darcy took a seat and stuffed the steamed rice into her mouth, not allowing herself to budge in favor for this ridiculous request. "If Loki goes back now, he might get killed by Odin during his punishment for what he's done here. Thor believes his brother is really capable of change . . . and I think he might be too."

Darcy swallowed the small laugh that threatened to sound. Jane didn't feel that way completely, Darcy knew. Jane wanted to have hope in what Thor believed, because Thor had too much. He was desperate to see his brother on a happier note, living a happier life. It was scribbled all over his Thunder God face.

"I mean, Loki hasn't done anything unforgivable while staying at my place." Jane said, forking around her food slowly. "Thor wants Loki to stay here for a while. Get on a straighter path, you know?"

"So," Darcy gave her a skeptical look. "Why can't he stay with you anymore? Obviously there's something going on. Why else would you want to stash him here?"

Jane grew quiet a moment. "Things are getting tense between them. The brothers, I mean." She looked at Darcy with pleading eyes. "I can tell, Darcy. Loki sometimes glares at Thor. And other times it looks like Thor's about to—"

"Hammer him into next Tuesday?" Darcy joked.

Jane gaped, "It isn't funny! It gets nerve racking! Especially with only one woman there to interfere if something does happen. You know Thor . . ."

Darcy nodded with a humorous grin. "I do."

"He can be a bit dense sometimes." Jane said, almost a whisper. "And I think Loki gets a little pissed when he has to explain some things over and over and over again."

"Like we haven't all been there." Darcy rolled her eyes slightly and Jane couldn't help but crack a grin.

"I love Thor, so it's different for me. It's Loki I'm worried about. There are only so many people that push him to complete insanity. One happens to start with a 'T' and ends with an 'R'."

"Really? Could have fooled me there."

Jane gave Darcy a look and continued, "But if they didn't have to see each other every second of the day—maybe both could recover in a healthier way."

Darcy ate her tasty food and thought about things while starring intently on the nice looking guys on screen. So, it wasn't like she'd have to sit around playing stupid board games with the guy, right? He'd just stay here, sleep on the couch and eat her food. Hell, he could even help out with rent every so often. Like eleven months out of the year, maybe? Darcy unconsciously nodded to herself, a considering look across her face. She didn't even see the expression across Jane's face while she watched Darcy, praying inwardly for a positive answer.

Then again, Darcy knew this was slightly dangerous. Loki wasn't human, wasn't natural. He was from a completely different part of the universe and also had a bad reputation. Darcy didn't mind naughty boys—but this was completely different. Psychopath-naughty wasn't exactly what she was going for. No matter if the guy was semi-related to her friend's boyfriend.

"I still have school, you know." Darcy added in between bites of her steamed rice. It was her last year, and she had made sure to keep her priorities straight so graduation would come easier. After all, she only had seven more months to go and it was over. She was done. Where had the time gone? It felt like graduating high school all over again. Except with less nausea.

Jane nodded quickly, "Loki's smart! He could help."

Darcy sighed, "And my parents? They give me a good 'check in' call every few days or so. What happens when they discover I'm housing the man that wanted to take over Earth?"

"He's a god of lies, Darce." Jane gave a small laugh, "Ergo—they won't find out."

Darcy lifted a brow. "I never took you for a big liar, Mrs. Thunder."

Jane shrugged a shoulder, "I've never been friends with the government, but it's one thing we have in common."

Laughing, Darcy decided to let that one go. Then something else popped in her head. "What about dating?"

Jane had looked back at the TV, but glanced over at Darcy when she spoke. "What about it . . . ?"

"Uh, hello? I'll have some god living in my apartment for only Heaven knows how long. What happens if I get a boyfriend? It's going to look awfully strange when I take him home for some wrestling in the bedroom when another guy is eating the leftovers in the fridge! And believe me—there's this really hot nerd in my Psychology class. I was considering it."

Jane laughed and looked disbelievingly down at her food. "You're impossible!" She said, smiling. "You don't have to worry about that. Thor was actually looking around to see if any women were available at S.H.I.E.L.D.. So there's a chance Loki wouldn't be home often anyway."

Darcy tried to contain it, but the laugh boomed through her tightly closed lips. "Loki and a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent? Are you trying to set him up for disaster?"

"Oh, come on! It wasn't that bad of an idea . . ."

Darcy stopped laughing. "Was it Thor's idea?"

Jane averted her eyes. "Yes."

"Then it was a bad idea."

"Shut up!" Jane nudged Darcy slightly. "I happen to think it was a sweet idea! Thor cares a lot for Loki."

"And you also probably like the way Thor hammers you into next Tuesday." Darcy rolled her eyes and Jane grew a flushed, uncomfortable expression. "Besides the point, right? Okay. Whatever. I'll babysit the damn god of mischief and lies for you. But I want something in return."

Jane lifted a brow. "Why do I have the feeling this is going to be bad?"

"Because it is." Darcy grinned as Jane swallowed a lump in her throat, waiting to hear the worst. "I want a dinner night, next Friday."

Jane smiled brightly, "That isn't so bad—"

"I wasn't finished." Darcy said and stopped forking around her rice, catching Jane's eyes with her own. "I want a dinner night . . . and I want Thor to be the waiter—" Darcy stopped a moment, adding more suspense to the thick air, "—a waiter that only wears an apron and knee socks."

Jane's jaw hit the floor almost instantly. "What?"

"You heard me." Darcy sat back, looking as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. "That or it's a no-go."

"What . . . this . . . why? Why would you want to see something like that?"

"It's not Thor I want to see." Darcy said, snickering. "It's you. When you're uncomfortable, even depressed people laugh at you. It's something with your face. I'm not sure, it just makes everything better! Plus, it's kind of like payback for playing the guilt trip with Chinese food."

Jane glared slightly, "Gee, thanks." After a moment, she sighed. If this was the only way to get Loki out of her place—then she had no choice. "Fine. It's a deal."

Darcy grinned, satisfied. "I've always kind of wanted a roommate."