A/N: I hope you guys didn't think that last chapter was the end! XD That would be pure evil! Loki would approve.

"It won't happen."

Tony lifted a brow at Clint, smirking. "I bet it already has."

"I give it another month." Bruce said distractedly, his eyes still skimming over the paper, a mug of coffee in his hand.

Natasha rolled her eyes, "A week—tops." She began examining her nails and sat back in her chair.

Tony chuckled and Clint challenged, "Two." He held up two gloved fingers.

"Two?" Natasha met his gaze sharply and leaned forward. "One."

"Try four." Bruce added in absently once more, taking a sip of coffee.

"All you bitches are going down!" Tony laughed.

"For heaven's sake!" cried Steve, "Can we please stop talking about whether or not Loki has committed intercourse with Miss Lewis?!" He shook his head, disgusted, and walked out to find a Bible.

"So . . . it was great—so what? I mean—things can be great and not mean anything. Puppies—puppies are great and mean nothing at all. They are animals . . . just animals . . . Oh—he fucks like an animal . . . great it was so—no!"

Darcy was forcing her hand down at her side, it wanting very much to come up and slap her hard. She sat at her desk, mumbling to herself and pretending to work. Obviously, she was failing miserably—judging by the looks Jane was constantly shooting her way. Luckily, Jane had left for a lunch break ten minutes ago and Darcy was alone.

"I am so stupid," She grumbled, resting her head down on her keyboard. So stupid, she repeated in her head. Though, it had been great. He was a just as much of a god in bed as he was walking down the street wearing one of his stupid scarves. It was mind-blowing—he was mind-blowing.

In the short moment her eyes closed, she saw fragments of the body that had brought her so high and had her feeling so low. His jaw—so smooth and perfectly sculptured. His gorgeous teeth. The muscles in his arms—flexing and changing. His back, a smooth canvas of flesh. That brow—so intense.

His body—a temple—captivating in all the best ways.

Darcy was almost lost in her thoughts when her phone began to ring loudly. Her eyes shot open and she bolted upright. "Shit," She cursed, fumbling through her large purse for the cellular device. "Hello?" She said once finding it.


"Harry?" Darcy questioned, a brow lifted.

Harry Osborn laughed in an awkward sort of way, "Yeah, me—sorry. I got your number from you mom. She had insisted I call and see if you were okay with, err, heading for dinner maybe?"

Darcy sat back in her chair and didn't take long to ponder the question. What had happened the other night shouldn't happen again, she concluded. They couldn't sleep together again. She needed a way to distract herself—distract herself from him. Loki.

"I know it's a little sudden—" Harry began laughing awkwardly again, as if he were beyond nervous.

Darcy stopped him mid-sentence, "I would love to."

Harry took a moment to respond, chuckling, "Uh, great! Sounds great! So, Friday?"

"It's a date then," Darcy smirked. "See you then.