The United Pantheons

Book One: Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians Alike

Chapter 1: A Mass of Greek Characters

Author's Note/Disclaimer: Hey guys, sorry for taking so long! I just want this story to come out just right, just for you guys! So, when I originally wrote the first chapter, it was very looooooooooooooong! So, I sliced it up into little snippets and put them back together into three medium-sized chapters. So, the next chapter will be here by tommorrow, and the next one on Thursdya, and the one after that whenever I finish it. I know you guys have been anticipating this for awhile and I really hope you liked this start. SO just, leave me a review telling me how I did. Thanks! Some of these OCs were easy to work with. Others were harder. Please tell me how I did! Also, a lot of your characters weren't even mentioned in this chapter, but they will soon! Promise! Kay, enough rambling now, enjoy the chapter! Also, if you haven't read my other story, This Means War!, i suggest you do. It explains a couple of things going on in this story. I don't own anything. All credit goes to Rick Riordan and various fanfiction readers. Oh, except Ryan. He's all mine! MUHAHA!


Rachel rushed through her cave, knocking over her three-legged stool. She didn't even notice when she tripped over her fog machine, just got back up and tore the purple curtain away as she stumbled on to the hills. She ignored the weird looks the campers gave her as she ran frantically to the Big House.

"CHIRON!" Rachel practically shouted as she slammed the door open.

"What is it, Rachel?" asked Chiron, looking up from his Pinochle game.

Rachel panted and motioned for him to wait as she slowly closed the door to the Big House.

"Apollo says I'm about to mutter a new prophecy, and that I should probably run over here and tell you before I- OH CRAP!" she managed to say before she blacked out.


Percy sat next to Annabeth on a bench beside the Big House, taking in the beauty of the camp around them. It had been exactly one year since their little run-in with the other books, and frankly, Percy was glad for the peace and quiet.

"Should we be worried about how Rachel just ran frantically into the Big House like that?" asked Annabeth, interrupting his thoughts.

"Nah," said Percy. "She probably just lost the remote to her flat-screen TV again."

"Oh, okay," said Annabeth, having a major blond moment. "Wait, how come she gets a flat-screen TV but none of the cabins or even the Big House do?"

Percy shrugged. "You're the designer, remember?"

Annabeth facepalmed. "I've been having way too many blond moments lately…"


"Well, that was certainly interesting," said Chiron after hearing Rachel's prophecy. "Should we tell them?"

"No way, it's too dangerous," said Mr. D. in a monotone.

"You know, I think I may actually agree with you for once," said Chiron.

"Mhmm," grumbled Mr. D. "Don't get used to it."

"But I should at least tell Amos and Lupa," said Chiron, and went over to find a drachma.


"So," said Percy, "Today is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year."

Suddenly, a huge shadow passed over them. All the campers looked up in awe as six kids in a giant paper airplane flew over them.

"WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" they shouted as they flew off into the horizon.

"Well that was certainly strange," said Percy.

"Really?" Percy heard a voice from his left. He turned to see their old sort-of-friend from last year, Ryan, who seemed to be talking to someone invisible, as Percy couldn't see anyone else.

"I get that you like to hide Phineas and Ferb references in your stories," Ryan continued, "But this? This is just too much! I let it slip when you made a reference into a song, and even when you made an entire chapter into a reference, but this doesn't even have a hint of subtlety!"

Ryan, stop talking to the author.

"Fine," Ryan grumbled.

"Who was he talking to?" Percy asked Annabeth, trying to make sure he wasn't going crazy.

"I have no idea," said Annabeth. "That kid's always creeped me out."

"He's your brother, you know," Percy reminded her.

Annabeth shuddered.


"Hey, wait!" said Percy. "Why is your hair black again? We all know who you are, so there's no use hiding your identity. Even when we didn't know who you were, there was only like one of us who would've recognized you anyway. You know, I'm not sure why you even bothered with the whole hair-dye thing."

Ryan shrugged. "I guess I like it this way. Hopefully it doesn't fade so easily like the other hair dye."

"You'd better hope it does," said Percy. "Around here, people with black hair have a tendency to get creepily stalked by a girl named Emily."

"You have black hair," Ryan noticed.

"I'm different," said Percy. "She knows I'm taken.

He looked over at Annabeth, and Ryan walked away before they started another smooching session.


"OMG isn't Leo like sooooo hoooooot?" asked Emily.

"I guess," muttered Miranda.

"Well, he does have fire abilities," noted Bella.

They were hanging out in Emily's cabin for the moment, since it was the only emtpy one besides Erin's. Even since Emily came along, it usually was.

"I have hair samples from the three hottest guys at camp!" bragged Emily, showing them three strands of hair that were being showcased on a picture frame.

"Emily, that is so stalker-ish!" said Sam.

"Thank you!" said Emily brightly.

Before anyone else could say anything, an Apollo camper walked in.

"So hey guys, I was just-"

"ESA!" shouted Emily, rushing over and giving her a big hug. "I missed you SO MUCH!"

"I was only gone for archery class," said Esa, trying not to choke in Emily's death grip. "Which you missed, by the way."

"WHATEVAH!" shouted Emily. "Come, let me show you my hair collection!"

"Oh please don't…"


"Hey, where's Annabeth?" asked one of Simone's many siblings. "I need help on my summer homework for architecture school."

"She's having another smooching session with Percy," said Malcolm, Annabeth's second-in-command.

"Another one?" said sibling complained. "This is the third time in the past hour!"

Simone chuckled to herself and looked back to her experiment.

Uh oh… That sibling had distracted her just long enough for her concoction to overheat, and it was due to explode any second.

"TAKE COVER!" she shouted as she ducked beneath the desk.

Suddenly, there was a loud BOOM! and the entire cabin was sprayed with a bright pink liquid.

"What is this stuff?" asked another sibling as he tasted some that had landed on his finger.

"It's a little thing I've been working on," explained Simone. "It's supposed to turn you into a silly animal."

Sure enough, with a poof of pink smoke, her sibling was replaced by a blond llama with stormy gray eyes.

"Mixing science with magic?" asked Malcolm, observing the llama. "Of all the most idiotic, hair-brained ideas, that is NOT ONE OF THEM! YOU ARE A GENIUS!"

Simone sighed in relief.


"You know what's weird?" Percy asked after his smooching session was over. "That I don't remember ever having any sisters, yet now I have four, and it's as if they've always been here! But I distinctly remember I never had any, but you can't argue with the logic that they're right here! It's almost as if we're in some sort of parallel universe, one where things are mostly the same, but slightly different from the world we remember."

"Or we're just under a different author…," muttered Annabeth.


"Hey guys, so I was like-"

"WISTY!" shouted Emily, rushing over to her and giving her a big bear hug.

"Emily," said Wisty nervously, spitting some of her hair out of her face. "How nice to see you…"

People had always said Wisty was friendly, but this individual was a serious test of her friendlyness. Whoever her mother was, needed to stop raising their child so psychotically.

"So anyway," said Emily, who had stopped hugging Wisty and was talking about something else. "I'm gonna go stalk – I mean, um, observe – Ryan, now that he's here and all. Anyone wanna come with?"

"No, I need to get to my cabin," said Bella. "Because of, um… summer homework!"

"Yeah, we need to do our homework too," said Izzy, and they all darted out to their separate cabins, making sure to get as much space between themselves and Emily as possible.

"You, uh, wanna go shoot some arrows or something?" Wisty asked Esa.

"Gladly," said Esa, and they darted out as well.

"Where's Kiara?" asked Esa. "The author was supposed to introduce her in this chapter too."

"He probably felt like he was running out of room," said Wisty. "And pointless plot material."

"not to mention jokes that require everyone to act OOC," said Esa.

"That too."


"You currently have one message," said the voice of Iris, the rainbow goddess. "Please insert one drachma to receive it."

Rose fished a drachma out of her pocket and flipped it into the rainbow. The image shimmered to reveal a familiar face.

"Saige!" shouted Rose. "Long time no see!"

"Hey friend! How's it been?"

"It's been great!" said Rose, picking out a shirt from her huge closet. "Tell me, does this shirt make me look fat?"

"No, you look pretty!" said Saige. "It really brings out your eyes."

"Everything brings out my eyes," said Rose. "It comes with them being Technicolor."

"Okay, down to business," said Saige. "I need you to spy on the camp for me."

Rose sighed. "Again? Saige, I thought we went through this!"

"Listen, this one'll work, I'm sure!" said Saige. "Please, just do it for me as a friend!"

"Okay," said Rose, and swept her hand through the rainbow, cutting the connection. She was surprised to find another camper standing behind the rainbow.

"Sam!" said Rose. "How… how much of that did you hear?"

"How much of what?" asked Sam, though it was obvious by her tone that she had heard quite a lot. "You were talking to someone?"

"No, of course not," said Rose nervously. "Who is there to talk to?"

"No one, I guess," said Sam. "You seen Drew around?"

"Yeah, I think she's out by the lake."

"Kay, thanks."

Rose narrowed her eyes as Sam left out the door. How much had she heard, and who was she planning to tell? Whoever it was, Rose wouldn't let that happen.