The United Pantheons

Book One: Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians Alike

Chapter 12: Sunrise

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"So," said Zayden as Freak circled repeatedly around the house. "What are we supposed to do?"

"Follow the monsters," said Seb for the fifth time that night. "Find out where they came from."

"Right," said Zayden. "Well, Angel's been asleep for hours, and I think that's the sun rising over there, so these monsters better do something. They haven't moved the whole time."

"Yeah," agreed Seb. "It's kind of weird."

There was a long silence, broken only by the constant beating of Freak's wings.

"You think we should land?" asked Seb.

"Uh, no," said Zayden. "As soon as we do, they'll skewer us."

"Right, right."

Another long silence. Zayden was starting to regret having come out here.

The regrets quickly disappeared, however, as the monsters began to quickly disappear. The impending sun rising from the east began to flood the entie area in a bright golden light, and the monsters were quickly retreating behind the building.

"Freak, follow them!" ordered Zayden, and Freak happily complied.

The griffin flew to the side of the building, where the monsters had gathered, safe at the moment from the imposing sunlight.

"What's going on down there?" wondered Zayden.

"Well, obviously," explained Seb, "They're staying away from the light."

"No," said Zayden, pointing downwards, "Look!"

Sure enough, something strange was happening, The creatures were all gathered at the side of the building, but they were quickly disappearing, almost as if they were being swallowed by the earth itself.

"Freak, land," ordered Zayden. The griffin floated down to the ground, landing a couple feet away from the monsters. They ignored it, however, as more of them began disappearing.

"Seb, wake up Angel," said Zayden.

"Already on it," said Seb, quickly shaking Angel roughly. When she didn't wake up, he resorted to pushing her off of the griffin.

"OW!" she yelled as she awoke. "What was that-"

"Shhh," interrupted Seb. "Look."

There was one sole lizard person left, and it looked around nervously. As its eyes landed on the magicians, it jumped in surprise and turned around, as if having not seen them. Zayden narrowed his eyes and ran towards it, Seb and Angel following closely behind.

The creature muttered something in a strange language, then quickly jumped into a hole that Zayden hadn't seen before, due to it being crowded with monsters.

As the magicians arrived at the hole, there was a flash of bright light that blinded them briefly, but it quickly faded.

"What was that about?" wondered Seb.

"I don't even know what's going on," admitted Angel.

"The monsters are leaving through this hole," explained Zayden. "But…"

Zayden stuck his hand through the hole, but it reached only a few feet before grabbing on to a bunch of dirt.

"It's a dead end," said Seb, almost as if reading his mind. "But that doesn't make sense…"

"It could be a portal," said Angel. "Who knows? These things aren't Egyptian. They might have all sorts of ways of getting to places."

"Well," said Zayden. "You know the Divine Words. Think you can open it?"

"Um…," said Angel, "No…"

Zayden sighed. "This isn't worth it. Let's just go back inside."

"No," said Seb. "You're the one who wanted to go on this thing. We are going to find out where they went. They're attacking the other Nomes, too, you know. We can take a portal to somewhere the sun hasn't risen yet and follow them there. What do you say?"

Zayden smiled. "I say you're smarter than you look."

"Thanks," said Seb. "Wait… Hey!"


Alyxia sadow-traveled to Brooklynn House, only to find she was too late.

"Schist!" she cursed under her breath, looking around. Not a single monster was left, and she still had no idea where they were coming from. Who was controlling them? And why weren't they telling her anything?

Suddenly, she was startled by a cool male voice speaking up behind her.

"Alyxia Shadows, correct?" Alyxia turned around to see a boy a few years older than her wearing all black, staring at her with unnervingly gray eyes.

"The name's Zachary Smithson. We've been… studying you for a while and would like to create… and alliance, of sorts."

This was unexpected. As he reached a hand out for her to shake, a thousand questions flew through her mind. How did this stranger know her? How had he been watching her, when she made sure all her exploits were being unwatched? Who was this "we" he spoke of? Did her hair look presentable?

As she took his hand and shook firmly, she decided to go with, "What kind of alliance?"

Zachary smiled. "I'm so glad you asked."


It was getting close to dawn, Diana could feel it. And yet, they were still chasing after their mysterious guy. They had left New York a while ago, now they appeared to be in some sort of suburb. The guy they were following kept looking around nervously, as if looking for something.

"Diana," yawned Haden, "We've been chasing this guy all night. We gonna confront him or what?"

"Or what." Diana answered, "Now quiet!"

Then, he did the unexpected, though in hindsight she should've totally expected it.

"Hey, you!" he shouted. "Yeah, you! Over here!"

Diana gave him a cold look, which he ignored, as the mysterious person walked over to them.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

Diana only glared at Haden, who said nothing. Justin was staring at the guy, brow furrowed in thought.

"Walt Stone," Justin said at last. "Eye of Anubis, correct?"

"Do I know you?" asked Walt, looking at them suspiciously.

"No," said Justin, "But we've heard a bit about you. According to my sister here, Juno sent us to meet you, or something. Said something about a prophecy."

"Hmmm," muttered Walt, apparently deep in thought. "Well, since you're here, how would you guys like to go ghost hunting?"

"Ghost hunting?" Diana wondered aloud.

"Yeah," Walt explained. "My boss, Osiris asked me to round up some spirits that had escaped. How they escaped is anyone's guess. The Greeks mentioned something about the Doors of Death, but there's no such thing in Egyptian mythology. It's really bugging us."

"Us?" asked Justin.

"He uses the royal 'we'," Haden guessed.

"Uh, no," said Walt. "I mean us, as in both of my personalities. Walt and Anubis."

"Ooooooohhh," said Justin, Haden, and Diana together.

"Here we are," said Walt, stopping in front of a large pink house with a bright colorful flower garden surrounding it, bathed in a golden light from the rising sun.

"I'm feeling a lot of dead souls in this place," Walt notified them. "Way too many, if they're trying to be inconspicuous."

"This place?" asked Diana. "It doesn't seem like a place where undead souls would hang out in. I mean, look at how pretty it is!"

"Huh? Oh, you thought I meant that house?" asked Walt. "No, I meant the one right next to it."

Diana looked to her left and saw a pretty normal-looking house, which seemed as inconspicuous as a house could get.

"No, no, the other one," said Walt, a hint of exasperation creeping into his voice.

Diana looked to her right and saw the most old and run-down house she'd ever seen in her entire life. The paint had long ago peeled off, and the roof looked like it should've collapsed years ago. Aside from a couple spiders, Diana was sure no living thing had inhabited this house in the past century.

"Th-that place?" Haden stuttered. "Are you sure that's where they are? I think I'd rather go into this pink house…"

"No, I'm sure," said Walt. "Though I sense a giant, hungry, demigod-hating monster in the pink house, so either way you wouldn't like it."

"What about the house on the left?" Haden asked.

"There's a dog in there," said Walt.

Haden shuddered.

"Haden," said Diana, "You're afraid of dogs?"

"No," denied Haden, "What makes you say that?"

"You know that dog you have back at camp?" Justin whispered to where Haden couldn't hear him, "He freaks out every time he sees it. That's why he always leaves whenever you bring it into the cabin."

"Wow," Diana whispered back, "I did not know that. And by the way, Peyton is not an it."

"If you guys are done," Walt interrupted, "You coming or what?"


Annabeth browsed the Internets, searching for something that would prove her theory. She was positive these monsters were British mutants from Forks, she just needed to find some concrete evidence so the others would believe her. However, nothing was turning up, and she was about to give up hope when Percy yawned loudly beside her.

"Well," he said, stretching his arms out, "We haven't had a POV for about two chapters now. Thanks a lot, author!"

The author just rolled his eyes.

"Annabeth," said Percy, "What are you doing?"

"Searching for a cult to support my British mutants from Forks theory," she replied. "You?"

"Uh, Annabeth," said Percy, noticing the bags under her eyes. "Did you get any sleep last night?"

"Of course," said Annabeth. "But then I woke at about three a.m. and decided, 'What the heck?'"

"How do you know it was three a.m?" wondered Percy.

"Laptop, duh."

They were interrupted by Sadie muttering, "Five more minutes…"

"Oh, so that's where he went," muttered Carter, deep within a dream.

"No, I'd rather not," muttered Zia.

"Hey, what do you think of my monkey chicken?" muttered Frank.

"Yes, I'm a natural brunette," muttered Hazel.

"No, it's made of rubber," muttered Piper.

"Yes, I do like beef on my pancakes," muttered Jason.

Their dreams were all suddenly interrupted when Annabeth looked up and saw a sight so horrifying, she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"What? What happened?" asked Sadie as soon as she woke up.

Annabeth pointed to the thing she was staring at, shuddering violently.

This was followed by three more girly screams as Percy, Carter, and Sadie recognized the abomination.

"What?" asked Zia. "What is it? You're afraid of that?"

Annabeth only nodded, unable to speak a word.

"That looks like something you'd find at a freak show in a circus," noted Jason.

"Well, if they're that scared of it, it might be dangerous," said Frank helpfully.

"Yeah, I have a hard time believing something as ridiculous as that could be dangerous," admitted Hazel.

"Guys, what is it?" asked Piper. "That can't be what you're so afraid of. Can it…?"

Percy, Annabeth, Carter, and Sadie only nodded in fear as they stared at the abomination that, for the moment, appeared to be a reesess monkey wearing a powdered wig.


There were no more monsters. The last of them had fled before the storm was over. Now, the sun was almost completely over the horizon, and the camp was resting and healing their wounds.

"What was up with that?" wondered Ryan, walking up to her.

"No idea," Bella admitted.

"I mean, storms don't usually just come up and wipe out all the monsters in the area."

"I don't think that was a normal storm," said Bella. "Remember, it somehow got into the camp boundaries. And every time a flash of lightning hit the ground, I noticed some large object flying back into the clouds."

Ryan narrowed his creepy cat-like eyes. "Well, if you're looking for more weird things about this storm, I noticed some buff guy with a beard flying around."

Bella raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Pfft, no!" said Ryan. "Wow, sis, you are so gullible!"

And with that he got up and walked away.

Bella narrowed her slightly less creepy, color-changing eyes. "Not cool, man. Not cool."

Suddenly, one of Percy's sisters, Krystal, if she remembered correctly, walked up to her. "Hey, have you seen Sam anywhere?" she asked.

Bella shrugged. "I'm not sure. We haven't hung around much lately."

"Oh," said Krystal. "Well, thanks anyway."

Bella frowned. She and Sam hadn't hung out much recently. When was the last time she and the Invaders had had a girls' night out? She would have to talk to them about that.


They'd been walking through the forest, forever. For some reason, they still hadn't found the camp. Something wasn't right about this place. Sara and Simone had been in the forest many times, but they recognized no aspects of this place. No landmarks looked familiar, and the forest only seemed to be getting more dense as they went along.

"It's just a dream," Simone kept muttering to herself. "Soon enough, I'll wake up, and we'll be back at camp, and nothing will have changed."

Sara suddenly noticed her flashlight was starting to flicker on and off.

"Come on," she muttered, "Not now, not now…"

A few more flickers, and the flashlight turned off altogether.

"Oh, that's not good," she said.

The forest there had gotten so dense that no light whatsoever shone through the trees, and the monsters took that chance to get closer to them.

"Not good," Sara kept muttering as their glowing eyes kept crawling toward them, "Not good at all…"

And then, without warning, there was light. Bright, blinding light that produced a collective scream as the monsters were all destroyed mercilessly.

Sara looked up to see none other than what she'd gone into the forest to look for in the first place.

"Asia!" she exclaimed. "I've been looking all over for you! Why did you run off? What exactly did the Ares kids do to you?"

Asia sighed. "It wasn't the Ares kids," she admitted. "I… listen, you need to get out of here. It isn't safe- who's she?"

Sara looked over at Simone, who waved shyly.

"A girl from the Athena cabin," Sara explained. "She fell into the trees while flying on a replica of- Look, it doesn't matter! If it wasn't the Ares kids, then why'd you say it was? And… what are you doing here?"

"Listen," said Asia. "I didn't want to drag you into this. And I still don't. I can take you back to camp, but you have to promise-"

"Wait," said Sara. "You're not…"

"I can't go with you," Asia said. "I wasn't meant to be with… demigods."

"Wait," said Sara, "This is because of your parentage? Asia, these people don't care who your father is! As long as they know you're a nice person-"

"Please don't make this harder for me," Asia interrupted, a single tear beginning to pour out of her eye.

Sara stopped. What exactly was going on in this girl's mind?

Sara sighed. "Fine. If… If that's what you want… Then we'll leave. Come on, Simone."

Sara turned around, and Simone followed. Sara guessed Simone was probably slightly confused as to what just went on, but Sara didn't really care.

"That's the wrong-" Asia started, but Sara put up a hand to silence her.

Sara climbed over a fallen tree, then pulled away some plants that were in her way, then looked up to see where exactly she was headed. However, shining through some trees up ahead, Sara noticed a bright light. Narrowing her eyes, she ran towards it, and when she got out of trees, she was greeted with a surprising sight.

As soon as the trees stopped, the ground began to slope downwards, until it stopped some twenty feet below at a large valley. On the other side, a small mountain rose into the sky, and Sara saw many, much large mountains behind it, snow-capped and icy. If Sara squinted her eyes, she could see what she thought were very, very large creatures walking around the mountaintops.

"I don't think we're on Long Island anymore," Simone admitted behind her.