The United Pantheons

Book One: Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians Alike

Chapter 13: The Quest(s) Continue...

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So, this chapter contains a reveal that involves the Demigod Diaries. If you haven't read it, it won't be much of a reveal, but it also won't spoil anything, so don't worry about it. The rest of the chapter has various references to my other stories. You may or may not understand them, depending on if you've read them or not.
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Zia raised an eyebrow. "And that's why you were afraid of that thing?"

Hazel shook her head. "I don't believe it."

"It is a little far-fetched," agreed Jason.

Annabeth's mouth dropped. "Our camp is being invaded by monsters made of darkness and other monsters that turn to stone when they see light! And you're calling that far fetched?"

The horrible creature had left already, but Percy, Annabeth, Carter, and Sadie were still a little freaked out, and the others were being very skeptic of their not-at-all-far-fetched explanation for their fear.

"If you really don't believe us, you can just ask Walt," said Sadie. "In fact, that's where we met him."

"Yeah," said Percy, "And Rachel probably hasn't forgotten that prophecy."

"What I don't get," said Carter, "Is, if we encountered each other then, then why didn't we recognize each other when we met again a year later?"

"I recognized you guys," said Annabeth.

Everyone stared at her.

"I mean, umm...," she corrected herself. "No I didn't..."

"So, like," started Piper, "Are we just gonna sit here and argue about their totally-not-true story, or actually do something about this quest?"

"Well, we don't know the first thing about it," said Annabeth. "All the prophecy said was to go south and close the doors where a battle was won. Oh, and some other stuff. That's not as important."

"Well, let's just think about it," said Frank. "Altogether we've probably won tons of battles. But how many of them were in he south?"

"Not too many," admitted Percy. "But still not few enough to be for sure. We might not have time to visit all of them before the monsters totally overtake the camp."

"Well, just standing around here isn't gonna help anyone," said Zia.

Suddenly, Hazel looked up. The leaves on the tree they were sitting under began rustling, and a large black bird flew from out of the branches.

"This way," said Hazel, getting up and walking over to her pegasus.

"Which way?" asked Percy, waking up the pegasus for her while the others began to get up as well.

Hazel pointed into the sky, where the bird began circling, almost as if waiting for them.

"Crows and ravens," said Hazel. "Symbols of death, darkness, light, luck, and wisdom. But more importantly, messangers of the gods."

"How can they be symbols of both light and darkness?" asked Jason.

"Different cultures viewed them differently," explained Hazel. "So, are we following it or what?"

Annabeth looked up at it once more. "It appears to be waiting for something. And we don't really have any other leads. I say we do it."

A hundred feet it the air, Huginn smiled. Or, he did something with his beak that resembled a smile. Exactly as planned.


"You're doing the right thing, Asia," said a male voice behind her.

"Am I really?" she asked bitterly, not turning around. "She was my friend, you know. The only one at camp."

"We don't belong with them," said the speaker. "They destroyed the Titans, perhaps permanently. If you need even more proof, you can visit your father over at the Central Park. I'm sure he'd love to see his daughter after all these years."

Asia scowled, but said nothing, not daring to face her speaker.

"They betrayed us, Asia," he continued. "The Titans could have remade an era of greatness, but they destroyed that for ever. Now, we get an opportunity to get back at them, and what do you do? You mope around, worrying about some friend that wasn't really yours."

Asia didn't believe it. She tried to bring herself to not believe it. When she'd confronted Sara, there was true pain in her eyes. And he was telling her she was acting?

Asia sighed. It was too late to go back now.

"Fine," she said. "What do I need to do next, Alabaster?"


Saige twirled an index card between her fingers, paying no mind to it. She was still waiting for a report from Alyxia, or Tristan, or any of the other guys she'd sent out for fieldwork. If it weren't for her daughter-of-Trivia Mist-controlling powers, the camp might have noticed quite a few campers had gone missing. Saige chuckled at how gullible they all were.

Suddenly, however, she noticed the shadows around her begin to move around, until they formed the shape of her good friend Alyxia Shadows.

"Saige," she said as she matterialized, "I have a... friend who wishes to speak to you?"

Saige lifted an eyebrow. "A friend?"

Alyxia nodded. "He's over at Brooklynn House. Has an offer for us."

"What kind of offer?" inquired Saige.

"One that could work in our favor," she replied. "Are you coming or what?"

"Fine," said Saige as she took Alyxia's hand and they shadow-traveled out of existense.


"And you're thinking we should team up?"

Krystal nodded. "We need to find out what those two are up to. And we need a meeting place where we can't be spied on."

"Hmmm," Sam said as she thought. Did she know of any meeting places within the camp?

Then she remembered an old friend of hers that lived in a place no one liked to visit.

"I think I can help you there,"she said.


Erin sat, moping around in her cabin. While the rest of the Big Three had secretly broken their promises many times over, her father had only managed to do it twice. Well, thrice, if you count Jason.

And with him on the quest and Thalia off hunting, the Zeus cabin was very, very lonely.

She looked up at the statue of her father, staring dissaprovingly down at her.

"Really, Dad?" she asked it. "Was it really that much trouble to give me a few brothers and sisters that wouldn't bail on me? Or at least make this room more livable? Seriously, why would you have wanted to design it this way? As far as I know, there were many, many of your children before World War II. How'd they sleep then? Or did you have it remodeled after the war? Because either way, that was a terrible design choice. This place is not very homey. In fact, I can see why my siblings left. Yeah, thanks a lot."

Erin thought she heard a rumble of thunder, but then, it was always rumbling in there.

Suddenly the door opened, and Erin looked up to see who it was.

"Hey, Erin," said Sam, "You think me and a friend could come over and stay for a while?"

"Sure," said Erin. "It's not like I have anything better to do."

"By the way," she said as she walked in with one of the Poseidon girls following her,"You know anything about that freak storm? I mean, your dad being god of storms and all that."

"Not a thing," she admitted. "The only contact I've had with my father in the past few months has been talking endlessly to this statue, and as you can see that hasn't gotten me anywhere."

"Well, someone's a major downer," said the Poseidon girl.

"Get used to it," she muttered as the two sat down and began talking about a conspiracy or something.


"So, you notice Wisty acting wierd lately?" Esa asked her half-sister Kiara.

"Who hasn't?" answered Kiara. "Rumor has it, she touched Sherman the Lint Roller, and it's what's driving her all cookoo."

"Preposterous!" exclaimed Esa. "That thing is just a lint roller. Nothing more."

Kiara raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

As if on cue, Wisty walked in, carrying a huge button on her Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, which read, VOTE FOR SHERMAN, and holding a huge banner that said VOTE FOR SHERMAN, and wearing a huge necklace that did not say VOTE FOR SHERMAN.

"You were saying?" asked Kiara.

Esa's eyes widened. "Wisty, what are you doing?! Vote Sherman for what?"

"Why, for Supreme Ruler of the Apollo cabin, of course!" exclaimed Wisty.

"We don't have a Supreme Ruler of the Apollo cabin!" exclaimed Esa. "And if we did, we wouldn't vote for it!"

"Well, that's about to change!" said Wisty happily, going around and handing out buttons similar to hers, and waving her banner around, and not allowing people to touch her necklace.

"Come on, Wisty," said Esa, grabbing her sister by the shoulders and looking her straight in the eyes. "Snap out of it. You know, you, Emily, and Leeroy Jenkins are the reason everyone thinks the Apollo cabin is full of crazies! Do you know what it's like to have people avoid you endlessly, like you have some sort of mental disease?!"

"Hey, where is Leeroy?" asked Wisty, ignoring the second half of Esa's rant. "I haven't seen him at camp all summer."

"He never arrived this year," explained Kiara. "He's presumed dead."

There was a short silence as they absorbed the news.

"Well, it's not like we didn't see it coming," said Wisty.


"Here we are," said Zayden as Freak landed just outside a museum, "The Fifty-First Nome."

"Why the Fifty-First?" asked Seb.

"Because," Zayden replied, "Not twenty miles from here is the Cowboys Stadium, where, rumor has it, something big happened that disrupted the balance of the universe itself."

"Rumor has it right," said Angel. "Trust me. I died there."

"What?" Zayden and Seb asked at the same time.

"I mean," said Angel as she started to cough, "Is it just me, or is it getting stuffy in here?"

"We're outside," said Seb.

Angel stopped coughing and tried to look innocent.

"Anyway," said Zayden, continuing to eye her suspiciously, "It appears the monsters have gotten into the museum."

"What makes you say that?" asked Seb.

Zayden pointed at the front doors. "Because the monsters have gotten into the museum."

As the other two looked at where he was pointing, a ton of monsters were charging through the front doors, pushing each other out of the way as they struggled to get in before the sun rose.

"Wow," said Angel. "First Apophis and now this. Poor museum can't catch a break."

"Apophis?" asked Seb.

"Oh, yeah," said Zayden. "There was this big thing a few months, right before you got here. Ra was swallowed and everything."

"And I missed that, how?" asked Seb.

"No idea," replied Angel. "Come on, they're all in 's follow them and see where they go."

And with that, they walked in through the front doors, which closed ominously behind them.


"You know," said Haden, panting, "What's the point of helping you hunt ghosts, if you're the only one who they don't go straight through?"

"Because," said Walt/Anubis as he sucked in another ghost through his Ghostbuster-style underworld vaccuum cleaner. "They're not my main reason for coming out here. Their Leader's the one we really need to worry about. And he's got a body."

Haden gulped.

After passing through some more hallways, Diana began to get impatient. What was it that Juno had wanted to show her? And why?

She was interrupted by a large flah of light coming from her left. She turned to see a long corridor stretching out several feet. At the opposite end, she noticed several flashing lights and wierd shadows moving around. Several loud noises echoes off the walls.

"Uh, Walt," she said, trying to get his attention. "You think we should go over there?"

Walt powered down his vaccumm cleaner and looked in the direction of the commotion. He stood there for a while, rubbing his chin deep in thought.

"Yeah, probably," he finally said.

With that, they began walking forward.

"You ready, guys?" Diana whispered to the others.

"So ready," muttered Haden.

"Prepared for anything," Justin assured her.

They got to the end of the hallway, which opened up to a humongous room.

Diana's eyes widened as they beheld one of the most epic battles ever.

Standing in the middle of a large throne of gold and silver was a magician, symbols and heiroglyphs of many different colors floating through the air around him as he cackled wildly. Flying around the room was a red dragon with spiky hair, expertly dodging the spells and spewing bursts of fire.

"Jake?" asked Walt immediately. "Didn't expect to see you here."

"In case you can't tell," said the dragon, in the voice of a teenage boy, "I'm kind of in the middle of something here!"

"You know this guy?" asked Justin.

"More importantly," said Haden, "This guy can talk?"

"Yeah," said Walt. "He's a... special breed of dragon. Come on, he looks like he could use a hand. Or a few."

"So who is this guy?" asked Diana as she readied her firey hands.

"Setne," said Walt as he got out his wand and staff. "A powerful magician. Died a long time ago, but has never made it into the Underworld. No matter how many times we capture him, he always manages to escape before his trial, and now, because of the Doors of Death, he's been given a body, making him even more dangerous."

"And we're supposed to fight him?" Haden asked.

"Yes," answered Walt. "And kill him, preferably."

Setne looked down at them with a glow of malice in his eyes, then summoned more heiroglyphs from the air, sending them flying towards his oppenents.


"Well, duh," said Sara. "Question is, how exactly did we get here?"

"My guess?" said Simone. "Magic. While wandering through the forest, we must have unintentionally stepped through some magic invisible portal, and we ended up here."

"Okay...," said Sara. "Any idea how to get back?"

Simone shook her head.

"What do we do, then?"

Simone shrugged. "See if the locals are friendly?"

Since Sara didn't have any better ideas, they went with that and continued walking forward.

"So, um," said Sara, trying to start up a conversation. She remembered something about Simone playing an important part in the Titan War, and earning a special title as a reward. "What's it like, being the official scientist of Olympus?"

Simone shrugged. "Not much different than being the unnofficial scientist of Olympus. Athena just gave me the title without explaining what exactly an official scientist does. But I suppose, if the gods ever need any research done, they'll know who to turn to."

"But they're gods," said Sara. "Why would they need to do research?"

Simone glared at her. "Well thank you for making me feel useful."

Sara smiled weakly. "Sorry?"

They continued walking in awkward silence.

"So, what powers do you get, being the daughter of... Whose daughter are you again?" asked Simone.

Sara sighed. She hated this question. What powers do you get? The children of Zeus and Jupiter got the same powers as her, and so much more. They were better known for it, considering Aeolus barely ever has any children, and it made Sara seem redundant because of it.

"I control the winds," she said. "I can fly if I concentrate enough, and I can knock people over if I feel like it. Just the same as that one girl, only without the cool lighting-summoning or all the 'Big Three' drama."

"Hey, it's better than no powers at all, right?" asked Simone.

"I guess," Sara muttered, looking down at her feet. They didn't say anything else for a while.

"Maybe we should go back," Simone interrupted the silence.

Sara stopped. "Why?"

"This place can't be safe. Look at it. Mountains. Those are hardly ever safe. And from what I can see, the creatures here are much too big to be friendly. In fact, I'm not sure why I even suggested that."

Sara nodded and turned around, but then noticed the huge expanse of forest behind her. How long had they been walking? None of the trees looked familiar to her, and there were a LOT of them.

"Just one problem," said Sara. "Which way's back, again?"