Erec walked along the path around the fountain of the castle. He had been walking around the fountain in circles...thinking. Everything that had been happening lately was really weighing down on him. He finally sat down and sighed. He looked up and sighed again. Closing his eyes, he passed time remembering past events.

Meeting Bethany. Seeing the castle for the first time. Fighting for his mother. Meeting Jam. Finding out who some of his siblings really were. The nightmare king. Meeting Griffin. Saving Bethany from Baskania.

He opened his eyes and his vision was blurry from tears.

"...I-I just want a normal life..."

Erec felt a little guilty after saying so.

"Well, too late to go back now, huh?"


Erec turned his head around and saw Jam walking toward him. Jam walked up and sat next to him. "Pardon my bluntness, but yes it is quite too late." He then saw Erec's expression. "You are troubled, sir?"

Erec nodded.

Jam put a hand on Erec's back comfortingly. "What is wrong?"

Erec hung his head. "Do you ever have the feeling that you just want to go back to being a little kid? Carefree and without a worry in the world? When you were completely innocent?"

Jam thought. "Yes. Actually I have. But it is not because I want to go back to being innocent. I've been to old, sir, for that. But...I want to go back because I could see my parents again."