kennyd45 is BACK! the sequel to Master of Nightmare is HERE! this is a story told from Inukashi's point of view. in case you don't remember, Inukashi is the first-born son of Inuyasha and Kagome, who is about as old as Kagome was when she first met Inuyasha. Kanume is Inukashi's little sister, who is about 8 in human years. she looks almost exactly like Kagome, except for her eyes, which are slightly darker than Inuysaha's (she doesn't have dog ears, but still has better hearing than humans) anyway, enjoy the beginning of A New Fight!

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I was sitting in some random tree in the forest named after my father, like I usually was. Just as I felt my eyelids start to close for a nap, I heard my mother call my name. "Inukashi!" she called. "Lunchtime!"

I wasn't hungry, so I ignored her, hoping she'd leave me alone. A few moments passed, and my eyes were almost closed when she called for me again. "Inukashi! Now!"

Groaning, I stood up and took off towards the village. Can't leave me alone, can you? It didn't help my mood at all that all of the villagers were staring at me like they were stupid.

I finally reached my hut. Or rather, my mother's hut, as everyone referred to it. Either way, when I walked in, Kanume had already started eating. "There you are!" my mother said. "Here." She tried handing me a plate with a cooked fish on it.

"Nah." I told her. "I'm good." She frowned at me and said, "You need to eat." "I already did." I replied. She gave me her 'mom' look and asked, "Oh, really? What did you eat?" Nervous, I answered, "A, uh, r-rabbit…"

My mom's most annoying trait was her quick temper. "A rabbit? Why did you eat a rabbit?" she asked me. Eyes on the floor, I answered, "It was closer than the hut…"

Kanume looked over to me and said, "Inukashi! Bunnies aren't for eating! They're so cute, why would you want to eat one?" Mom shot her a look, and she went back to her fish. Mom turned her gaze back to me.

Just as she opened her mouth to yell at me some more, my dad walked in. "Hey Kagome." he said. "What's cookin'? Smells good." Mom looked to him and said, "Fish. But our son won't eat any." Dad frowned and asked, "Why not?" Mom looked at me and said, "Why don't you tell him?" Of course.

"Well, I-" Kanume interrupted me, saying, "He ate a bunny, so now he's in trouble!" Dad laughed and said, "What, that's it? I don't see anything wrong." "Inuyasha!" Mom yelled, now angry at him too. "He shouldn't be eating rabbits when I'm cooking! Besides, that isn't setting a good example for your little sister, Inukashi."

"Well, he is part demon, remember?" Dad said. "Besides, don't dogs in your time eat rabbits anyway?" Mom stomped her foot and said, "Inuyasha! That's not the point! You're so stubborn! Sit boy!" Dad stiffened up, but other than that, nothing happened.

What? Why'd she tell Dad to 'sit?' "Uh, what's telling him 'sit' gonna do, Mom?" Kanume looked as confused as I was. Mom just said, "You're lucky I took those beads off you, Inuyasha." and went back to cooking.

She turned to look at me, and had a weird look in her eye. Uh-oh…What'd I do now? "Kagome, no!" Dad told her. "There is no way in Hell those things are going on my son!" "Your son?" Mom yelled back. "Last time I checked, he was my son too!" It's hard to believe you two are married, how much you fight.

While they were yelling at each other, me and Kanume snuck out to have some free time before we had to do chores. Chores. Boring things. I looked at my sister and said, "Kanume, do not leave the village, okay?" She nodded, and ran off somewhere. Good. Now that she's gone…

I went to Sirka's house and peered through the window. Only her mom was home, so I went to the doorway and scratched at the mat, letting them know it was me. "Come in, Inukashi!" she said.

I walked in and said, "Hey, Sango. Anyone else home?" She looked up from Kirara, whom she had been stroking, and said, "No. Miroku got called away to another village, and Mantosu and Sirka went to get some water. They'll be back any minute."

Moments after she finished, Mantosu and Sirka walked in, each carrying a bucket of water. Sirka smiled at me, and Mantosu said, "Hey, Inukashi. What's up." "Nothin' much." I told him, walking out. I heard Mantosu say, "That was weird."

Sirka followed a couple seconds later, and we walked into my Dad's forest.

yes, short chapter. another one will be up shortly. so, what d'ya think? in case u don't remember, Mantosu and Sirka are Miroku and Sango's twins that were born on the same day as Inukashi. ready for reviews! reminder: i'm open to criticism, good or bad, ur ideas, or just ur thoughts in them. laters!