Title: A Letter To My Hero
Characters/Pairing: Avengers
Rating: Soft R
Word Count: 2944
Disclaimer: I do not own the Avengers, though I'd love a Tony!
Warnings: Trigger (child abuse)
Summary: Thor receives a letter from a little girl asking him to save her from her abusive father

"Deer Mr Viking, I tink you are reli speshul. I watchd yor show on teh tellivson and I tink you our teh bestest. Mi dadi sez you r not adn he beets me wen I am rong. I wish I hda a sooper hero lik you to lok after me wen mi daddi gets mad at me. He hurtz me, btu he sez thats what daddis are sposed to do. I wnted to tel you how I wsh you wer mi dadi and tht I wish yuo wud sav me. Luv Jenni adn Flopi age 6"

Thor could feel the rage building through his system as he re-read the large letters written in pink crayon, with the hearts drawn by her signature. He was so angry he didn't even want to move for fear of exploding. The corner of the paper began to crumple in his shaking hand as he let out a roar of rage. He put the paper down on his desk to smooth out the creases, before walking out of the room with it clutched in his hand, as dark clouds began to gather above the tower.

Thor exploded through the door of the kitchen where Tony, Steve and Natasha were sitting around the table having coffee. He walked over and slammed the letter down on the table.
"Is this how fathers treat their offspring in Midgard?" he shouted.

The others looked at him with a mixture of confusion and fear. After a moment Tony reached over to look at the letter, while Steve and Natasha moved around to read it over their shoulder. Each of them seemed to scan it multiple times before Natasha spoke in a low tone.
"Poor little girl."

Tony looked up at Thor, "No. No it is not." His eyes were stinging.

Steve stayed silent, though his knuckles were white on the edge of the table.
"We need to call CPS..." Tony began, but as he looked up he saw Thor had already left.

Jenni sat by the window, looking out at the storm which had come on so suddenly. She gripped her toy dog with it's long ears and worn nose to her chest, resting her cheek against it's head. Her father was upstairs doing something, but she knew better than to turn on the television without his permission. Instead she happily watched the world go by. The first lightening strike made her jump, but she enjoyed watching them light up the sky. Thunder storms were unusual where she lived and she always loves seeing new things. However, when the figure of a tall, blonde man holding a huge hammer punched it's way into the front lawn she was truly taken by surprise. She heard her father shout from upstairs and the door slam as he made his way down the stairs. She tried to curl herself further into a ball hoping that he wouldn't blame this one on her.

Her father ripped open the front door to find the tall man standing in front of him, anger on his face and lightening flashing all around. He was too stupid to be intimidated.
Thor said in a slightly too calm voice, "Are you the father of Jenni?"

The man's face drew into a scowl as he disappeared for a moment, reappearing with Jenni alongside him, her wrist caught in a vice like grip being twisted painfully. She tried not to wriggle and show the pain, as that would only make things worse.
"What have you done now, you little bitch," he spat at her, holding her as if to display her to Thor. He turned to look at the God of Thunder, "I swear, if she's done anything I'll make damn sure she gets punished."
Jenni looked at Thor, and he saw the recognition flicker across her face. She couldn't stop herself from speaking.
"It's Mr Viking!" she said, excitedly. She seemed to realise her mistake instantly.

"Shut your mouth!" her father shouted, and backhanded her across the face. Her hand instantly flew to the red mark coming up on her skin and her eyes filled with tears.
"ENOUGH!" Thor bellowed, a crack of lightening hitting the car behind him, melting the rubber of the tires into the driveway. The father was so dumbfounded he released his grip on his daughter, allowing Thor to bend down and pick her up. He held her against his chest and she wrapped her arms around his neck tightly.
"I knew you would save me and Floppy," he heard, quietly.

The father's face was beginning to redden, but before he could speak Thor cut him off.

"You are not fit to call yourself a father!" he hissed at the man, his voice dripping venom and disdain. "Men like you should not have privilege of raising a child! I will not let any more harm befall this innocent."
With one last glare and a crack of lightening he was gone, leaving the man standing in his doorway staring at the sky.