Man from UNCLE: Or be that most insolvent thing

"How can you wear a custom – made suit, silk shirt, and expensive shoes while asking to borrow money from me?"

"Illyusha, please, I'm not asking for much; just enough to tide me over to payday."

"Napoleon, you are the poorest well – to – do man I have ever met!"

"It's true."

Man from UNCLE: She was like a person walking on calm water

Their hostess, Mrs. Waverly, moved serenely from one group to the next, chatting blithely and treating each person, regardless of position, as an important member of UNCLE.

"Mr. Waverly is a very lucky man; she is a calming force in the midst of our chaos."

"She is indeed, Partner Mine."

Man from UNCLE: Fitful sleep, vague, troubling dreams

"Napoleon, wake up! You were screaming, moy droog."

Rubbing his face, he said, "Sorry to wake you. Bad dreams, Illya, very bad."

"I am here if you wish to talk about them."

"I know, perhaps later. I'm glad I wasn't alone tonight."

"I am your partner awake or asleep, Napoleon."