They won't frown always – some sweet Day by Emily Dickinson: Then they will hasten to the Door

Alan and Denny saw her at the same time. Both moved toward her, but Denny got there first. "Need a lawyer? I'm your man. Denny Crane!" He pointed. "Name on the door."

"I'm Reverend…," she stopped as Denny walked away.

"Please forgive him," Alan said, "He's allergic to the clergy."

Written on The Day That Mr. Leigh Hunt Left Prison by John Keats: Minion of grandeur! think you he did wait?

Alan accompanied Denny and Shirley to the Mayor's cocktail party reluctantly. He hated all the pomp and circumstance and the phonies sucking up to each other. Just as Shirley was about to introduce him to the mayor himself, he bolted.

Shirley sighed, "I told Denny this was a bad idea."

The Ballad of One – Eyed Mike by Robert Service: I vowed one day I would well repay, but the heft of his hate was strong

Charles Penard stalked by wordlessly in the courtroom hallway, refusing to acknowledge Alan Shore Crane who watched with dead fisheyes. I know you hate me, Penard, for defeating you and getting married, but trust me: One day I will pay you back for the trouble you caused Denny and me.

End of April by Phillis Levin: I looked inside: It was glistening, hollow, a perfect shell

"Alan! I thought you went to dinner with that gorgeous friend of Shirley's."

"I did, Denny, but she turned out to be the shallowest person I've ever had the displeasure of having in my company."

"So you decided to be with the most profound person you know, instead."

"Yes, indeed."