Hi everyone! So here is my first fiction on Angel Sanctuary ( and of all mangas ;P) so I hope it will please you. I'm french so don't be too harsh if I did some mistakes of grammar or things like that. I wrote in English in order that a maximum of persons can understand. Well, I think that's all. ~~Enjoy your reading! *-* ( and tell me your advice ) Chu :3


A long long time ago, when the planet humans know nowadays was still a little plot of life, when angels in heaven were still very young, ignorant and full of love for the Almighty, the latter decided to create twin brothers.

One of them would be destined to become Angel of Light, and the other, Angel of Evil.

They were named Lucifel and Michael.

They shared, not equitably, six wings together.

The two angels grew up under the protection of a non-commissioned officer, named Baal. As time passed by, their temper asserted itself and we could already guess each one's fate.

The most admired of them two was Lucifel. Everybody respected him in Heaven. Everywhere he went, angels were submerged by his powerfull and charismatic aura. It seemed that somehow, with only his cold grey eyes, he could disarmed anyone, include Michael, who despite that, loved his brother more than anything. Lucifel was shinning by his proud and glory.

Michael was the contrary of his brother. Always his red hair bristling and his two wings deployed, ready to fight or to do some foolery, to the utter dismay of Baal. He was constantly searching for his brother's attention, waiting to see some feelings for him in his look, but sadly, without issues.

Sometimes, he could found Lucifel alone in a room, only looking in the bloom,

a dead look upon his beautiful face. That used to scare him a lot.

One day, the Creator called Lucifel to appear in front of him. He told him his real role within the celestial world, which was to be the Angel of Evil, what made Lucifel furious and filled with hatred.

Days after this, he suddenly left his desperated brother, and gave up his army chief position. He reminded rumors he heard about the Organic Angel Alexiel, the most beautiful female angel ever created, emprisonned in Eden. He flew over Heaven and arrived in Eden. Where the 'new' daughter of God was supposed to rest.

He plained to kill her to get his revenge on God, but the woman known as emotionless, was finally not and pretty humiliated him for his weakness of mind. He stole her a kiss and promised her freedom.

After those events, He lost his battle against Michael, the true Angel of Light, he felt in Hell with other angels who promised him fidelity, including, Baal.

He built his own kingdom and surrounded himself with the strongest satans.

He changed his name from Lucifel to Lucifer.

His wings darkened into a deep black, and his hair, of the same color, grew longer, as his power was extending.

Years later, he came back in Eden to free Alexiel.

He reached out his hand to her, she accepted it awkwardly, and they escaped from Eden, her in his arms.

End of prologue