Alexiel was admiring the sky of the celestial world through the window when a deep, but suave voice woke her up from her daydream. « Alexiel » Her shining bronwn hair bent gracefully as she turned to face that voice. It was Uriel, the archangel of Earth.

« Oh I'm sorry Uriel, you must have been calling me for a long time now. » Uriel could not help but smiling at this vision of beauty, he had before his very dark green eyes.

« Please, don't apologise yourself to me Alexiel, I'm getting use to your sweet melancoly. » She slightly smiled at his gentle phrase and stood up from her chair. « So, what is the reason of your presence here Uriel ? »

« Your brother, Rosiel, is still searching you everywhere. It looks like he's raving more and more since you've left Eden. I'm really worry of what he could do to you if he ever find out where you are, Alexiel. »

She raised an eyebow, rearanged the strap of her dress and looked at him, with a serious but somehow snob air :

« You don't have to worry about my fate, I can cope by myself. »

She was realizing that she'd hurt him with her sharping sentence, but it was the only way to slip the sorrowful conversation on Rosiel's situation. She was aware of his misery, but didn't wanted to think of it for the moment. Too much trouble.

« Whatever » she snapped « I know you didn't came to my residence only to argue about my twin. Tell me what you REALLY want Uriel. » She got him. He was caught off guard and had to explain te real reason of his visit, wich was a sensible point.

His feelings towards her. Those yearning, yet forbidden feelings he was feedind for her. The desire to touch her, to kiss her scarlet lips, to smell her scent, to grab her and never let her go, anywhere. Just to stay forever by her side was enough. But he feared that those feelings he had, were not reciprocal. He lifted his head he had bowed since she asked the fatal question and started with difficulty : « I... »

« What a pitiful status... » A cold voice interrupted the archangel in his impulse.

Uriel turned his head and tried to see the man standing in the penumbra.

« But...Who...Wha...YOU? » He recognized the angel with horror. It was the first time he met him officially. And it was suicidal for him to come in attacking by himself.

« You should be in Hell , where you belong ! Go away, you're not welcome here ! » The high lord of Hell Lucifer looked at him with his silver eyes like an insect, but what captured his attention, was the woman behind him. A snide smile formed on his lips, framed by his raven hair.

« An annoying compagny you have here Alexiel. » growled the dark angel.

« Uriel, please, let me manage it, you can return to your courts. I'll see you later. »

Uriel stared at Alexiel surprised, then watched the Fallen, who had an expressionless face, with an anxious eye « I'll come back Alexiel. » He left Alexiel's residence uneasy.

'What a terrifying and detastable man.' He thought. 'What does a monster like him want to Alexiel ?'