Stubborn Patients

Bishop watched as Raven was being pulled away but he couldn't speak, his tongue felt useless. He sits up, and rubs his face. His chest felt tingly, but a good tingle, and felt like the imprint of two hands. He listened to someone walking in the door.

"You should really lay down, Bishop." Ann says gently, as she puts pressure on his arm.

He just sits there silently and looks at the door, expecting Raven to come in and explain, but they must have dragged her to her room.

He remembered seeing Raven's tear covered face, and her reminding him of a promise not to die. How the hells was he suppose to not die after taking four shots to the back? Then he remembered closing his eyes for he felt tired, like all the chains were pushing him down and then darkness…

He shook his head, there was no way Raven brought him back from the dead. She might be hard to kill but she couldn't have brought Bishop back from the dead! He shook his head in disbelief and got up. Ann looked up at him in worry.

"Bishop you shouldn't-"

"No, I need to do something." Bishop simply said. "And you aren't getting in my way." He pushed her lightly to the side and walked to the door. Unlike Raven, he didn't show the way he felt, bare foot, breeches, and a four shot of pain with every movement of his back. They didn't wrap his wounds up with cloth, they left it open, for they didn't expect him to live this far. Bishop felt the poison burning through his veins. He tried to ignore the pain and walked on.

As he turned the corner, he bumped into Casavir, who looked slightly shocked.

"Where is Raven?" Bishop asked.

Casavir shook his head. "She… left. She was angry about something." Bishop walks by him and out the door, determined to find her. He walked outside, pestering nurses trying to stop him, but he just roughly shoved them aside and walked out the door of the keep and into the woods.

He followed Raven's fresh tracks for some time, even with his slightly blurry vision , he was still able to track her down fine. He then accidently bumped into her back and kicked himself for it. If he wasn't so drugged up, he would have been able to see her from a mile.

She turned around. "Hey! Watch where your-. Bishop?" Raven throws her arms around his neck.

Bishop winced in pain. "Good… to see you too."

Raven took a good look at Bishop and scowled. "And they didn't even bother to bandage you up! Some great healers they are!"

Bishop raised an eyebrow. "What's your problem?"

Raven looked furious. "They just left you to die! Claimed you weren't fighting the poison as good as me! Claimed they couldn't do anything! And they just-"

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Bishop backed away with his hands up in the air. "I wanted to know what was wrong not your life's story!"

Raven shook her head. "It's just they didn't do anything to try and save you, and so I just saved you myself. It makes me so angry..."

Bishop slightly smiled at her. "Why, I didn't know you cared!"

Raven softened a bit. "Well of course I care… you're my… companion." Before Bishop speak, Raven looked him in the eye. "And haven't we been over this before, I don't die for you, you don't die for me?"

Bishop itched the back of his head, having no idea how to get out of this one. "I wouldn't say I died for you, just merely got in the way."

Raven raised an eyebrow. "Yah well… thanks for 'getting in the way'." Raven rolled her eyes. "Men…" she muttered.

"What was that ladyship?" he smiled looking down at her.

"Nothing." Raven quickly shot back. "We've best get back to Ann before quits…"


As they entered silently Ann was sobbing next to Casavir. "Why can't they just let me do my job and rest? They both never stayed still, and it's bad enough Raven held a knife to my throat once for stitching her up."

"Because we're one of kind, baby!" Raven answered back with a smile and her arms open.

Ann looked up and glared at them. "If you leave me one more time I'll straggle you both!" She softened, "But I'm glad you two are alive instead of dead."

She then began looking like a scowling mother. "Now both of you return to your rooms and go to bed, I need to get Bishop wrapped up and Raven, you need your bandage changed."

Bishop and Raven looked at each other. "Great…"


Days after that, Raven stayed at Bishop's bed side and mostly fed him food, ignoring Ann's scowling face and bickering of death. It was quite simply why, Raven didn't care. In fact that was the reason why Ann and Raven were fighting.

Bishop looked at the door as it opened, revealing Eleanee not Raven, bringing in his food. She places the tray next to Bishop and smiled at him.

"It is good to see you doing well." She simply spoke.

"Where's Raven?" He asked.

"She's fighting with Ann, so Ann asked me to bring in your food today."

Bishop nodded and looked down at his food. He listened to Eleanee's footsteps fade then got up and opened the door. He walked into the main hall to hear Raven and Ann's voices.

"Do you want to die?" Ann had her hands on her hips and shaking her head. "Think of how Bishop would feel knowing every day you died because you were too subborn? Because I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure that Bishop would blame himself for the rest of his young life!"

"Nah," Bishop spoke from the shadows, a wicked smile on his face. "I would blame Raven's stupidity."

Raven looked over at Bishop. "See, I told you he would come out here."

"Oh, go to bed, Raven and shut the elf up." Bishop rubbed his face.

Raven looked at him for a minute and then walked away, apparently heading for her room.

"And that's how you shut Raven up." Bishop smiled. He heard some one's footsteps coming back and then a glass vase being thrown at him. He dodged it but it splattered water all over him.

"You're always in the way of my aim Bishop, you should fix that." Raven says through the doorway, then going back to her room. Bishop followed.

He entered the room to see it was cold and a little dusty, since she hadn't slept there in weeks, and slept in a chair or where ever.

"Sheesh, I knew you cared in all…" He said a sarcastic smile and hands on his heart.

"Ha!" Raven barked a laughed, too exhausted to do any more. "I take care of my companions." Raven said again. She then collapsed on her bed and groaned as her muscles seemed to melt into the soft bed. Raven then forgot Bishop was in the room, and instantly fell asleep…


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