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"Gwendolyn! I am ready to make an entrance."

Gwen looked up from her math book. She was trying to divide pi by the square root of 264, and so far it was progressing nicely. But she hated to be interrupted.

"What, Mary Jane?" She snapped.

Her friend curled her fingers like claws and hissed. "Somebody's catty today!"

Gwen stuck her tongue out at her. Then she noticed what her friend was wearing.


"I know!" Mary Jane tugged at the hem of the little black dress she was wearing. Emphasis on the little. It barely covered the tops of her thighs. And that could only mean one thing. Because Mary Jane always wore little black dresses when…

"Are you going out on a date?"

"Yup!" She exclaimed, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "With Harry Osborne, no less. Can you believe that? His dad is like, loaded. So he can wine and dine me!"

"Um, if I were you I'd take away the 'wine' right now," Gwen pointed out.

Mary Jane laughed. "Oh, but it's so fun to think about!"

"You've got a few years to go, sweetheart."

"Okay, darling." She turned to Gwen's full-length mirror, pursing her lips, flipping her hair over her shoulder, sighed. "I hope this goes well."

"Are you kidding?" Gwen sat up, homework forgotten. "It'll go perfectly. Harry is going to love you. Besides…" She walked over to her friend, standing beside her. "Besides, dates always go well for you."

Mary Jane smiled at their reflection. They looked so different. Their hair contrasted one another's. While Gwen's eyes were blue, Mary's were green. Gwen was a couple sizes bigger than MJ, curvier, yet she always dressed conservatively.

"I'm so glad to have you!" MJ suddenly exclaimed, turning and throwing her arms around Gwen. She pulled away, much more bubbly than before. "If this goes well, then you and I and Peter and Harry can double."

"Sure," Gwen said, though it was through gritted teeth. She didn't want to share Peter with anyone. Least of all Mary Jane.

It was still hard. Liz being gone, that was. Gwen thought of her most every day. She filled pages and pages of her diary with memories of her, regrets and conversations. It was sort of like therapy, minus the chaise lounge and the strange woman who took notes about everything Gwen said on a clipboard.

But things were better. And that's why she and Peter were hanging out more often. Most every day. This time, in her living room, doing schoolwork.

"Um…" Peter scratched at his nose, staring intently at their science textbook.

"Um," Gwen replied, teasing. "Look, Peter, it's easy. How could cell modification effect somebody? Think of all the ways." She stabbed the book with her finger, smiling at him.

Peter lowered his eyes. "Kill them?"

"That's one. But that's easy. And obvious."

He grinned. "Are you calling me stupid?"


"Okay, fine." He leaned away, closing the book. "If someone's cells were modified, they could be altered in any way. Made stronger, made weaker, made faster, made slower, made fatter, made thinner." He leaned forward, looking up at Gwen from under heavy eyelids. "Made a better kisser."

"Is that so?" She asked in her best seductive voice, which really wasn't much of one. She leaned forward. "Your cells haven't been modified just yet, though. Perhaps we need a before. And then maybe an after."

"Gladly," He murmured.

Right before their lips met the door was wrenched open and Captain Stacy stormed in, cursing under his breath. Gwen sat bolt upright, blushing madly. He didn't notice, too wrapped up in his own anger.

"That good for nothing Spider-Man!" He shouted, spewing a string of profanities. Gwen reached over and took Peter's hand, pulling them to their feet.

"Is everything okay, Dad?" She asked timidly.

"Just great and dandy," Captain Stacy replied, glaring at their front door.

"Maybe I better go," Peter whispered.

Gwen's father heard. His head snapped over to them, finally taking them in, the blush still in his daughter's cheeks.

"Did I…interrupt something?" He asked with innuendo.

"No, sir," Peter said before Gwen could, shaking his head. "Just studying."

He walked forward. "You look flushed, Gwennie."

"Oh." She waved her face with her hand. "It's…it's hot in here."

"I guess." He looked at them both suspiciously. "I'll be…in the kitchen."

As soon as he was gone, Gwen turned to Peter with an apologetic grin. "Sorry. Really sorry."

"It's okay." He grabbed his backpack and shoved the textbox deep inside. "I better get going." He started toward the door, then stopped, turning around to smile at her. "Maybe you should come over. Have dinner with us."

"Really?" Gwen twisted her hands together. "I would love to."

"Okay. I'll email you."

"Okay. Bye, Peter."

She watched with longing as he left, quietly shutting the door behind him. Then she, too, put away her unfinished homework and went to find her dad.

He was sitting at the kitchen table, just as he said he would be. His head was in his hands, shoulders rolled forward in defeat.

"Are you okay, Dad?" Gwen asked softly.

He looked up. "Huh? Yeah." Then, "I guess I should be asking you."

She cradled her messenger bag to her chest. "I'm okay."

"Good." He stood, moving to hug her. "I'm sorry, Gwennie. I really am."

She allowed herself to hug him back. "Thanks."

"It's just—" He pulled away. "This Spider-Man is hurting more than helping. I wish he'd just let it alone so we could do our jobs. Get our paychecks."

"You do do your job," Gwen assured him. "A hundred percent."

He rubbed a line between his eyes. "I need a drink. Go…do whatever."

"Okay," Gwen replied quietly. She started up the steps, then froze. Her father's voice reached her ears. He was talking to someone.

"I don't know, Harold. I guess we should put up notices. He's making people uncomfortable. I guess we should warrant his arrest."

Gwen's mouth went dry. She slowly trudged the rest of the way upstairs, slung her bag to the floor, and sat down at her computer.

And then she googled Spider-Man.