Everyone knew Ryoma as someone who was cocky, arrogant, blunt, brave, and stubborn; but what no one had known, was he also was very loving when it came to his little baby Karupin.

No, this was something they found out when his little cat decided to come to tennis practice.

Eiji was shocked when he looked up and saw a cat walk onto the tennis courts. Its bright blue eyes shining as it looked around curiously.

"Oishi! Look a kitty cat!"

The teen's outburst caused everyone to look to where he was pointing.

When Ryoma looked over, he nearly fell over when he saw the cat was his little baby Karupin.

Forgetting about his match with Momo, the younger boy ran over to the cat, sounding surprised, but happy.

"Karupin! You silly kitty what are you doing here?"

The cat meowed in response, jumping into Ryoma's arms once he was close enough.

Ryoma smiled and laughed as the cat nuzzled its head agents his cheek purring.

His team mates watched as he looked ever so happy to see his cat.

"Echizen, why is your cat here?"

Ryoma just shrugged, never letting his smile die down even for a second.

"Must of got out and wandered here, she's a silly girl like that you know!"

The others were shocked, never before had they seen their younger teammate so…cute.

Walking over to the bench Ryoma sat the cat down and knelt in front of it, poking its nose happily.

"Now Karupin, you be a good little kitty and stay right here 'til I'm all done ok?"

The cat mowed a, what they guessed, yes, and licked his nose.

"Good Kitty!"

Running off Ryoma went to finish his match.

The rest of practice Karupin stayed put right where Ryoma had left her. It was a little weird how the cat did exactly as he had said, not once moving from the spot, and watching him, its head going from side to side as it watched its master.

Once practice was over, Ryoma got his stuff together and called Karupin over, who obeyed happily.

"Oi Echizen that cat of yours sure does listen to you well."

Ryoma laughed shaking his head.

"Hell I wish this little baby of mine would listen to me! But sadly I've spoiled her to much!"

Laughing he walked away, leaving his sempai-tachi to stare at him in shock.

The End.