Hello to whoever reads this. This story of mine is actually based around a simple idea: "What if Kirino was the older one and Kyousuke the younger sibling?"

Think about it, with an overachieving older sibling, of course there are a lot of parents that hope that the younger one will be just like him/her or even expect the younger one to be even better. Of course there are younger ones who can't handle that stress and stop caring about their parents and education. What if Kyuosuke had to meet the expectations of his dad and had to be like Kirino? How would he ultimately become personality wise?

But enough of my ranting, here's the prologue.

P.S: in this story, Kyousuke is in his third year of middle school and Kirino in her second ear of high school.


"Damn, you didn't show any mercy. Was it the usual again?" Kohei asked me, knowing my situation at home.

"Yeah, I wish they'd stop comparing me to HER." The last word of my sentence was coated in venom. Ah, I didn't introduce myself yet. I'm Kousaka Kyousuke and I'm just you're average teenager… at least, that's what I'd like to be. You see my situation at home isn't exactly an enviable one. No, my parents don't abuse me and we live in moderate luxury. I even have a great mom that gives me a good amount of freedom. No, the problem lies somewhere else. I also have an older sister, Kousaka Kirino who is in the eyes of her peers, and my dad probably as well, the perfect girl. She has beautiful looks, is kind to everyone, one of the smartest persons in her year and works part time as a model. She is just what'd every girl wants to be. The one little problem is that she's a TOTAL BITCH. Yes I know that I just called her kind, but that's only against her peers and people she can benefit from. At least that's he impression I get of her since the only way she can communicate with me is when she threatens, insults or commands me. And boy does she like to make me her target when she just feels like blowing off some steam. Normally, parents would act up and stop her but no, my dad favored her over me ever since we were little because of her overachievements. Seriously, not a day passed without hearing 'why aren't your grades better? Kirino had higher grades on your age.' or 'Kirino would've used her own money instead of asking us for some.' And my personal all time favorite: 'Why don't make something of your life like your sister?'. Naturally I snapped one day and stormed out of the house. I wandered the streets for a while until some thugs decided to pick a fight with me. That was also the day I became friends with the number one trouble maker of our school, Akagi Kouhei.

"Oi you, did you just bump into me?" a FAT delinquent asked me in a stereotypical manner. His four friends surrounded me with hideous smiles, blocking off my escape.

"Yeah, yeah I'm sorry now move." I said quite angrily. Their supposed leader got annoyed at my ( lack of ) response and straightened his back, trying to make himself look bigger.

"Do you have any idea who you're talking to?" he asked me angrily. Before I could retort, we heard a voice coming from behind us.

"No one cares Fatty McFat." An al too familiar voice yelled out. We turned around to see Akagi Kouhei standing there with a grin.

"Yo Kyousuke, finally joined my side?" Akagi asked me with a grin.

"What do you mean with your side?" I asked him. And why is he so familiar with me?

"Oh please, I recognize a walking time bomb when I see one. Let me guess, troubles at home because of who you are?" he asked with a knowing look in his eyes. I didn't need to respond since he could reach my reaction off my face, it being 'How the hell does he know?' Before any of us could say anything else, Akagi high kicked one of the delinquents in his face. We all stood there stunned by his one hit KO.

"Oi, oi Kyousuke, are you gonna help or not? Trust me, you'll feel a lot better after a good fight."

Normally I wouldn't have listened to him but I was an angry teenager who just lost his self control. Of course I would take the chance to vent some steam off.

Now looking back, that rash decision opened a new world for me. Kouhei gave me the push I needed to become who I wanted to be. The only bad side is that I got caught in his lifestyle and people started to associate me with him, ruining my meagre reputation. But before I realized we became friends and each others' wing man. In some weird way we complete each other. He is the muscle and impulsive one and I am the mind and calculating one. But there is one thing that we have in common and that is that we both fight and are interested in music. He showed me that there was more than just the sappy, thirteen in a dozen pop music. There was also music for people with a more cynical view on life that fitted me more, among the genres of punk and alternative rock. Now please don't go thinking that I became emo or something, but I just… like the way they show the insecurities of some people through music. In a way, it showed me that there were others who had similar and maybe even worse family and friends. But of course Kouhei had another intention then just letting me discover a new genre. Turns out I'm a pretty decent singer and since he plays guitar, I guess you can see where it's going. Still, it feels quite liberating.

"What're you thinking about?" asked Kouhei in a curious way.

"Just about what you made me into." I said quite bored.

"I didn't made you, I just brought your more wild side out." He said like it was something to be proud of. I just sighed and walked away.

"Don't forget about tomorrow! Practice at the usual place" he yelled at my retreating form. I just gave him a wave in acknowledgement and started to walk into the direction of my house. Sigh, I hope that I won't see dad or Kirino tonight.