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"Still alive? Hurry up and die already!"

"You can't hide forever Kyou-su-ke."

"Found you! Now die so that she will not be tainted."

"KYOUSUKE!" I woke up and was sitting on my bed. Weird, normally I see the door when I wake up, not my window. And what is that soft thing I'm feeling underneath me?

«So, why exactly do you sleep with a knife ? » Kirino asked me nervously with a forced smile. Wait, why is she in my room? And why am I straddling her on my bed? While holding a knife against her throat. What's going on here?! No, take a deep breath, relax and just trace your day back after the warehouse. After hanging out in the warehouse, I went back home, had a late dinner while ignoring my father and him ignoring me like most of the time. Then I went back to my room, finished my homework and went to bed around ten because I barely slept yesterday. And then… that dream again. It's not really a dream, but more like a memory.

"-uke! Hm, yelling his name doesn't seem to work! Then—" Kirino swung her hand in order to try and slap me. TRY being the keyword. I caught her wrist in my left hand. But wasn't my knife in that one? Ah, it fell on the floor. But still…

"Why are you in my room Kirino?" I asked her with one of my infamous glares. She cringed a bit, but didn't lose her composure.

"Well, I did try to wake you up because I wanted to show you something. But you freaked out thanks to the dream you were having and attacked me while still being half asleep, which brings us in this situation. Now will you please get off? If you don't I'll have to yell reaaalllyyyy loud and then Dad will ram that knife up your ass for attacking his little girl." She said while obviously getting agitated. I stood up and grabbed the sheath from under my pillow. Kirino just got up with a huff and walked out of my room. Well, now that that's taken care off, back to bed.

"You're coming with me, you good for nothing lazy delinquent." Kirino said angrily while taking my collar and dragging me with her. This is going to be a long, long night. Let's hope that there won't be any surprises to throw me off guard. Or that make me lose the bet.

"So, why did you wake me up and dragged me to the middle of your room?" I asked her annoyed. Well, I would've probably woken up a few minutes later if she left me alone, but she doesn't know that.

"It's about what you said in that old warehouse. Do you really accept my weird hobby just like that?" She said shyly while looking at her feet. Before I answer that, mental picture! Who knows when I get another chance to see stuff like that?

"Didn't I say it back there already? I don't care what you do in your free time as long as you can combine it with your life. Now can I please go back to my room?" I asked her, wanting to try to sleep again.

"Do you mean it?"

"Why should I lie to you?"

"A-Absolutely, really true?"

"Absolutely, surely, really, truly, true."

"I won't forgive you if it's a lie."

"Yeah, yeah whatever." I said uninterested. Kirino looked suspiciously at me for a few seconds.

"Then prove it." she said softly.

"And how exactly would I do that?" I retorted. Kirino got up and started moving her bookshelf, only to show a Japanese style closet behind it. Oh, so that's probably where she hides her games, all of them and all that…

Holy shit. I had no idea that it would be this bad. Those Star Witch something merchandise I can understand, it seems like it's targeted for girls and… little girls. But, that pile of eroge is as tall as I am. And it's all big sister related. Every. Single. Game. Oh no wait, School Days is also in it… so if it isn't incest related, it's an eroge which is known for its high amount of bloody endings. Nice to know. And this revelation of her secret collection most definitely counts as a flag.

"So… what do you think?" Kirino asked me carefully.

"I actually lost that freaking bet." I blurted out without thinking.

"Did you actually listen to me, you idiot?" She asked me with a threatening voice.



"…Maybe?" I said with a smile before bolting to the door. But Kirino launched her fist right into my face and sent me back to where I sat. That. HURT. A lot.

"Well, since your brain hasn't woken up completely yet, I'll ask again. What do you think of my collection?" she asked me with sparkling eyes. At the moment she looked like a kid with a brand new toy.

"Well, it certainly is a big collection of adult games." I admitted uneasily. What I really wanted to say is 'So you started modeling so that you could start a grand incestuous porn collection?' but let's not tempt fate.

"They're not just any adult games! Each and every one of these titles shows perfectly how a big sister and their younger siblings should act with each other! And they really show what the perfect big sister looks like and how she acts!"

"And how should the perfect sister act?" I asked with a hint of amusement in my tone. This is going to be entertaining.

"Quite simple. They should have long black hair, a gentle face and tone and they should always be kind towards their brother and help him to stay on the right path where they can cultivate their talents and happiness." She started to sum up. So it's actually the complete opposite of how she acts. Should I tell her or not? I wonder what'll happen if I do?

"What was that you good for nothing delinquent? Do you have a death wish or something?! I'll gladly fulfill it for you."

If I say it, it's probably instant death for me. It's best to let it slide… for now. But still, does she even realize how she just described the opposite personality of her? It almost makes it worth for me to be woken up… almost.

"Why are you grinning like that?" Kirino asked me confused. Crap, think of a lie quickly.

"It just seemed like you were really having fun, that's all." I said with a small smile. Kirino looked surprised at me before she turned around so that I couldn't see her face. Now why does she do that? It's really impolite to not face he person you're talking to.

"W-whatever, didn't you want to sleep? Get going already!" she almost yelled. I got up and went back to my room. At the door opening I looked back at Kirino. How long did she play those games in secret, without letting anybody know what she did? It must've felt good for her to be finally able to talk about it to someone, even if it was her estranged brother. *sigh* I'm gonna regret this SO much.

"Oi Kirino. If you want to… you can come and talk to me about this. I don't think that you've got any friends with who you can talk about this and since I'm the only that knows and have a lot of free time…" Kyousuke, what the flying fuck are you saying? Get your act together!

"R-really? I can just talk about it with you?" she asked me surprised. Too late. Well, might as well get through with it.

"As long as you don't wake me up in the middle of the night." I said in a tired voice. This night is dragging itself on too long. Then something happened that I would have never expected.

"Thank you Kyousuke." She said with a small smile. A real, heartfelt 100% genuine smile. I stammered a few syllables out before returning to my room. Dazed, I let myself fall on my bed. Man, today was a really weird day. Finding out about my sister's hobby, seeing her entire collection and then hearing those two words from her that I didn't expect to hear from her again.

Thank you.

"You're welcome." I said softly before falling into a dreamless sleep.

"GET YOUR ASS UP! IT'S ALREADY 7:35!" aaannd she's back to the normal Kirino that I know. I quickly rolled off the bed to dodge the book that she threw at my head.

"The hell are you doing Kirino?" I asked her angrily.

"Payback for yesterday with that knife. By the way, shouldn't you be getting ready for school?" she said with a mischievous grin. Confused , I looked at the alarm clock beside my bed. Crap, it's already 7:37! I shot up and frantically started looking for my uniform. After wasting a few precious minutes on searching it, I changed in a few seconds, ran downstairs, grabbed some bread from the table and ran like hell to school. After dodging cars, weaving through the people and a near death experience, I slowed down once I saw the school in the distance. Once I was walking at a normal pace, I felt the familiar stinging pain in my stomach whenever I run a lot. Dammit, I really should stop doing stuff like that.

"You need a painkiller? We still have time." Kouhei asked as form of greeting. Looking at his face I could see his mischievous grin. He's up to something again.

"No thanks, I'll be able to follow the classes." I said while walking past him. Even though I have a reputation as delinquent, I still try to pass my classes. And well until now I've always been able to keep my grades average, just where I like them. Kouhei just shrugged and followed me to our classroom as the bell rang.

Second period ended and I let my head fall on my desk with a sigh. Damn, normally I can keep up just fine with my lack of sleep but that old wound just had to act up again. Maybe I should just go to the infirmary and sleep there for a bit… Stay awake… screw it, I'm gonna sleep right here, I'll just catch up later.

"Are you going to fall asleep here again, Kousaka-kun?" came a soft voice and slightly monotonous from beside me. I pushed myself up and turned towards to girl who just spoke to me.

"I'm quite touched that you even seem to care Gokou-san." I said with a small teasing smile while looking at Gokou Ruri. She's the girl sitting next to me in my class and is quite the anti-social person. It doesn't really help that's she into an anime such as Maschera. It's quite dark, complicated and sometimes just screams emo.

"It's not that I'm particularly concerned over what you do, it's only that your aura will disturb mine in this space if you decide to go to sleep here. I would prefer the company of that dressed buffoon you call your friend over you and your snoring habits." And she talks like she's in the anime itself. And quite vicious.

"Speaking of dressed buffoons, this one is going to do something necessary." Kouhei said with faked friendliness as he approached my desk. They never really saw eye to eye. I wonder—


I gasped for air as Kouhei hit me hard in the stomach. I slumped out of my seat and fell on the floor, trying to suck in every bit of air that I could.

"Oh no, Kyousuke, are you all right? I better get you to the infirmary." Kouhei asked in an obviously faked tone before carrying me out of the classroom. As I passed out on the way to the infirmary, I could only think of one thing;

One day I'm gonna kill that bastard.

I'm frantically running through the park, holding my hand against my bleeding stomach. I need a place to hide, quickly. This wound isn't making it any easier for me either. I fell on the ground. Everything started spinning and turning dark. Hearing footsteps, I dragged myself behind some bushes in case that it was her.

"You can't hide forever Kyou-su-ke." I heard her saying from somewhere near my position in a playful tone.

"The simple reason being that your blood will leave a trail dummy." A small giggle came afterwards. To any other person it would sound playful, calming and a bit childish but for me it was bone chilling.

"Found you! Now die so that she will not be tainted." Shit! When did she get behind me?!


I woke up scared and started lashing out at the person holding me down, still believing that I was in that dream.

"Calm down idiot, you're safe here." I heard Kouhei's calm voice. I calmed down enough to see where I was. The infirmary. Again. Great, I think that they got a bed here reserved specially for me.

"Are you alright Kyou-chan?" I heard a concerned voice to the right of me. at the right side of my bed sat Manami, an old childhood friend of mine. I've told her numerously times to stay away from me for her own safety, but still she doesn't listen to me.

"Manami, haven't I told you before not to talk to me in school? I'm a delinquent now so you can't be seen with me." I told her with a sad smile. She just shook her head.

"Kyou-chan is Kyou-chan. You're too nice to be a delinquent, even if you pretend not to be." She said with a smile. I got up with a grunt to look her in the eyes, only to see Kouhei looking at us in an expecting way.

"Why the hell are you looking like that?" I asked him annoyed. I still owe him one for that punch.

"Nothing, don't let me interrupt the sweet moment you two are having." He said in a way that clearly stated he knew what he was doing.

"Speaking of sweet moments…" I looked at him with a menacing smile. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU BASTARD!" I yelled while holding him in a headlock. Kouhei escaped from it with a grin and we started fighting playfully. Manami just looked at us awkwardly until we've calmed down and went home. I won by the way.

"The longer I look at it, the more depressed I get. But still, it was a clean cut." I said to myself. I had taken off my uniform and was looking at the scar on my stomach in the mirror of the bathroom. It started at the left thigh ,around an inch above my pants, and stopped under my lowest right rib. Normally, such a cut would be fatal to a person and he would bleed to death but mine was quite shallow. Not shallow enough to not leave a trace behind, but not deep enough to be lethal. With a sigh, I left the bathroom with my shirt slung over my shoulder. It's not like someone else is at home so don't have to dress decently or hide it. And Kouhei told me that my fit form from all the fighting and that scar gave me a 'mysterious and dangerous edge' which the ladies liked. But I don't believe it since he said it.

"What the hell?! Don't you have any—" Kirino didn't finish her sentence as I turned around instinctively at hearing her voice. And thanks to that she saw the scar across my stomach.