Uniqua looked at him holding his hand

"I want to, it the least I could do" she replied standing up

"You're really sure about this" Austin asked for a sense of her being sure

"It's the least I could do" Uniqua said as Austin put his hands on one of her overall buttons as she nodded he unfastened it undoing the straps as half of her chest exposed. Uniqua unfasten the other button causing the overalls the hit the floor exposing Uniqua in only her undergarments as she noticed Austin starring at her she giggled at thought of being the center of attention as she took off his shoes

"Thanks for undressing me, I hope you forgive me" Uniqua said licking Austin's foot

"No. hard feelings" he said laughing at the feeling of Uniqua's tongue licking his foot

"I'd say it's a little unfair" Uniqua said putting her hand on Austin's leg

"How, is this unfair, it was your idea" Austin asked

"No I mean that I'm in my undies…and you're not" She said as Austin slowly removed his shirt

"That's more like it" Uniqua said in an awkward tone as she was starting to enjoy this as she removed Austin's jeans as she sat on his lap facing him wrapping her legs around him

"You really know how to get to a girl's heart" Uniqua said blushing and swaying her hips as she placed her fingers in the elastic of Austin's boxers pulling them down making his package pop out

"So that's what a boy looks like" Uniqua said gently putting her finger on it "That thing is huge" Uniqua said

"You girls don't have them, right" Austin said

"No, you boys are lucky, you can pee standing up, me and Tasha have to sit down" Uniqua said as Austin placed his palm on Uniqua crotch pulling off her panties revealing her naked crotch

"I've always wondered why boys and girls are different" Uniqua said

"I've heard my folks talk about penetration, so I would say I penetrate you with crotch with mine" Austin said

"It looks like it could fit, but I'm scared to try it" Uniqua said

"Well, no one said we have to" Austin said rubbing her leg

"But I want do it with you and no one else, I'm just scared" Uniqua said

"Well than we'll wait till were older, let's make a promise we won't do it until we do it with each other" Austin said as they put their clothes back on