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Chapter 1 What to do.

Charlie Swan didn't know what to do any more. His Isabella, his only daughter, seemed like she was in a coma but awake. She has not been the same since Sam Uley found her in the woods. She was like a zombie all because of that boy. If Edward Cullen ever showed his face around here again he would be in a world of hurt.

Matthew Carter was so confused. His daughter Mary-Lynnette had changed since the summer ended. She didn't smile anymore, she didn't talk, and she always looked so solemn. He had no idea what to do or what could be wrong. The only thing she did anymore was school work and stargaze. He asked his wife Claudine if she had an idea and her response was she reminded her of a broken heart. But Mary-Lynnette didn't date. At least he prayed she didn't.

He wished her mother was here to give him adviceā€¦ She was so good with Mary. They were best friends, did everything together played sports, piano, and even star gazed together. Mary-Lynnete had always reminded him of her when they had first met at Forks High School. Matthew was pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of the front door opening and seeing his daughter walk past him upstairs where she would most likely stay until the sun set.

"That's it" he whispered. He got up out of the chair he'd been sitting in and walked across the kitchen to the phone. He had to do something to stop her moping. Her cousin had moved to Forks a year ago to live with her father. It was the start of the weekend maybe they could get together. They always had such fun as kids. He heard a gruff voice answer hello on the phone. "Hey Charlie how's it going."

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