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Dropping the bomb

The plan was set. Mary-Lynnette was going to go spend the weekend in Forks. Matthew hadn't told her yet bet he would tonight.

Charlie was in the process of setting up the trundle bed in Bella's bedroom when he heard someone clear their throat at the door. "What are you doing?" Bella asked in a dull voice that sounded like she couldn't be less interested in an answer.

" Your cousin is coming for the weekend." He answered shortly as he pulled the bed upto full height. "Mary-Lynnette" Bella asked. Her voice sounded slightly livelier. He grunted as the bed locked. "Yes, her father thought Mary could use an escape. So… she's coming here." He said and walked out of the room to get sheets and blankets.

"Oh" He heard her mutter. "How long has it been since you've seen her?" Charlie asked coming back into the bedroom. "Not since Aunt Karen's funeral… So five years I guess." Charlie felt a bit of pain at the mention of his late sister. "Ah" He stood up the bed made. "She should be here early tomorrow morning. "Okay" was all Bella said reverting already back to zombie form. "Dinner should be ready in five".

"Wait what?" Mary-Lynnette was shocked to say the least, Forks? she hadn't been there since she was 9. And it was not pleasant you couldn't see the stars through the constant clouds.. Not to mention the.. Rain. I hate rain. Mare thought to herself.

"I had assumed you'd jump for the chance to see Bella again" He father said hands in the air.

"It always rains there. Why would I want to go to Forks. I love Bella but come on Dad it's the middle of the school year I have studying and homework." She said standing up.

"Mary-Lynnette I have been worried sick about you. You've completely changed in the past 6 months and I don't know what else to do. Maybe a change in scenery even for just three days will make you feel better." Her father said following suit. "I have School!"

"Four day weekend sweetheart no school till Wednesday." She just glared at him.


Yeah I know Mare sound real whiney but what ya'll expect she loves the stars.