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Let me just give you a bit of background on this world. They live in a world where BTR does exist but they're 21 now. In this world, guys can get pregnant just as easy as girls can so everyone has to be careful :P

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I opened my eyes slowly and yawned. Today was the day that we were all talking about; Carlos' birthday. Tonight, the guys and I were gonna go clubbing, something we didn't often do. For some reason we decided to wait till Carlos' birthday to go again.

I turned over and looked at sleeping roommate in his bed. He was mega excited about today, but then again Carlos is always mega excited. Carlos looked peaceful, opposed to always being energetic.

I got out of bed, showered and brushed my teeth before exiting Carlos and I's room. I walked past Kendall and James' room and went down swirly to reach the kitchen where Kendall and James were already working on Carlos' birthday breakfast.

"Morning guys," I said.

"Morning Logie," Kendall and James said.

"What am I making? My famous chocolate chip pancakes?"

"Yes please!" James exclaimed.

James came over to me and whispered, "Make extras for me." I nodded smirking before going over to the cabinet and pulling out pancake mix. Kendall was making eggs and bacon while James was making homemade orange and apple juice.

We finished making the breakfast and began setting the table when there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to find Mama Knight and Katie at the door.

"Morning Mama Knight! Morning Katie! Come on in," I said with a smile.

When we all turned twenty, we decided that we should have our own apartment together. We were going to move out, but Mrs. Knight insisted we stay in 2J and her and Katie moved to 2B. Now that were all 21(except for Carlos who was 22 now) BTR is still going strong. We've been a band for 5 years and hopefully that won't change soon.

"Good morning Logan! Is Carlos up yet?" Mama Knight asked.

"Nope, but he should be up any minute so were setting the table."

They walked in and we all stood around the table when we heard Carlos close our bedroom door. He came down swirly.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLOS!" We all yelled when he saw us.

"Aww... Thanks you guys!" Carlos beamed, hugging all of us.

Carlos was such a big softie.

"We made your favorite breakfast. Logan's "famous" pancakes, with eggs, bacon and juice," Kendall explained.

Carlos just beamed at us. "I love you guys!" We all sat down around the table and started digging into our plates. The apple juice that James made was amazing. There wasn't much talking due to all the eating, besides tonight was the only thing on our minds, but we didn't say anything due to Katie and Mama Knight being here.

After breakfast, We all sat around and watched a bit of TV before Katie left with Mrs. Knight so they could prepare for tonights dinner.

When they were gone, Kendall said, "Let the party begin tonight!"

"Yes! the Hollywood Super Party Kings of Hollywood will be in the building!" James yelled, giving Carlos a high five.

"Okay, so heres the rundown. We have dinner with Mama Knight, Katie, Camille, Dak, Jo, the Jennifers, Gustavo, and Kelly at six, then at about 9 we head to Le Deux night club," I said.

"Oh Logie, always being the perfect little organizer," James said.

I rolled my eyes. The guys always laugh at my organization, but one day they will appreciate it. We didn't do anything but go down to the pool all day with our friends. We went back upstairs at about 4:30 to get ready.

I practically ran to 2J so I could get in the shower first because Carlos takes forever in the shower. I hopped in the shower, scrubbed myself, and washed my hair before getting out and drying off. I walked out into the room with my towel around my waist where Carlos was texting.

"Your turn," I said.

"Oh, good," He looked up and went to the bathroom.

I undid the towel and grabbed a pair of boxers to put on. I put on my club clothes. I wore my black skinny jeans, my black shirt, with the 2 blue streaks and my leather jacket. James may not be too happy to know that I was wearing what I wore when i supposedly stolen his swagger.

I laughed at the thought as I gelled my hair. After that I went downstairs where James was already ready.

"L-Logan," James said in a warning voice.

"James, I'm not stealing your swagger," I said, reassuringly.

"How do you even still fit that?"

"I guess I stopped growing at 17."

About 10 minutes later, Kendall and Carlos came down and we all walked to 2B where we were to have dinner tonight. Katie greeted us at the door and we walked in and sat around the table where Camille, Dak, and Jo were already waiting. I figured that Gustavo was mentally preparing himself to deal with his dogs while the Jennifers liked being fashionably late.

By 6:15 everyone was present and ready for dinner. We all started eating the delicious dinner that Katie and Mama Knight prepared for us, which consisted of steak, mashed potatoes, peas, corn, rice, and apple pie for dessert. We all finished our amazing dinner before asking for dessert, which was equally amazing.

I helped Katie clear the table then we all gathered around Carlos so he could open his presents. Kendall, James, and I all pitched in and got him three customized helmets. He had one that was white and had corndogs all over it (he loved that one), one with our picture on it, and one with the Jennifers on it (they were happy to be repped).

Katie and Mama Knight got him a corn dog rotator (we will probably be eating corn dogs for a long time). Camille got him a huge stuffed bear that he named Steven. Jo got him some New Town High merchandise. The Jennifers got him Jennifer merchandise. Dak got him this really cool (and expensive) mp3 player.

Carlos was really happy with all of his gifts, which in turn, made us happy. We gathered around the TV and watched The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, something that never gets old. For about the two millionth time, I laughed until it was over.

Once it was over everyone left, and we all just took a taxi to the club. We pulled and since I had the window seat, I got out first. We got in the back of the line and managed to not get recognized.

We reached the front of the line rather quickly because Le Deux was hard to get into and alot of people were declined.

"Name?" The bouncer asked without looking at us.

"Big Time Rush," Kendall said proudly.

The bouncer looked up when he heard that. He didn't hesitate any longer to let us in. We walked in and James and Carlos immediately melted into the club atmosphere. I started going around and mingling. I met a lot of people between drinks. Two hours and nine drinks later, I felt like I was on cloud nine. I was dancing with any and everyone.

I stopped dancing for a minute to go to the bathroom. I opened the bathroom door where Carlos was at the sink washing his hands.

"Hey Logie," he slurred.

I nodded before going to pee. I did my business and flushed the toilet, seeing that Carlos was still in here looking at his bloodshot eyes in the mirror. Yup, he was definitely drunk, but I probably wasn't doing much better.

I started washing my hands and Carlos starting talking about some girl that he was feeling up on. I dried my hands, still listening to his story. I don't know what happened, but I got lost in his tan skin and how cute he sounded.


I looked up and he was looking right into my eyes. My pants started to feel tight and I lost control. I locked the bathroom door and pinned Carlos against the sink and smashed my lips into his. I was kind of surprised when Carlos started moving his lips with mine and kissing me back. He moaned as I moved my tongue along his lips, asking for access which he granted. Our tongues started wrestling, but I won and mapped out his entire mouth.

I pulled away and sat him on the sink, before unbuttoning his pants and pulling down his underwear, exposing his tan member. I grabbed it and started stroking, getting a moan out of him. I didn't waste time and wrapped my mouth around his entire length, bobbing my head. Carlos moaned and I continued what I was doing. He moaned louder when I bobbed all the way to the base and pulled back up.

"Logan, I'm close," he whimpered.

I bobbed again and he exploded inside of my mouth. I swallowed it all and looked up at the panting Latino, who pulled me closer and whispered seductively,

"I want you inside of me Logan."

I didn't have to be told twice. I pulled my pants and underwear off and I wrapped Carlos legs around my waist. I put my fingers in his mouth and he sucked on them until they were coated with saliva. I inserted the first finger and he didn't seem to notice. I inserted the second one and he hissed when I started scissoring. He grabbed my member and I let out a moan at the contact.

I inserted a third finger and I knew he was relaxed when he started practically fucking my fingers. I pulled the fingers out and lined my member up with his entrance. I slowly pushed in and held it there so Carlos could get used to the intrusion.

"Just fuck me," He spat.

I did just that. I started thrusting slowly and I couldn't hold back my moans. Carlos was moaning along with me. I started thrusting faster and he moaned loudly, his head hitting the mirror.

"Aye, Papi, Yes!" Carlos moaned.

I got even more turned on by his spanish talk. I started thrusting unbelievably fast until I couldn't take it anymore. I released inside of Carlos as he released all over mine and his stomach.

We were both panting and I pulled out and we both cleaned up and got dressed before rejoining the party like nothing happened.

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